Contract Killer achievement in Saints Row (2006)

Contract Killer

Complete all of the Hitman locations.

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How to unlock the Contract Killer achievement

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    1. Mark one of the Hits for your HUD.

    2. Go search for them in the area's listed on the link. if you cant find them go and try another Activity/Mission, they should appear.

    3. The Hit-list activity in the projects area is real messed up. (so follow 1st and 2nd step for that list)


    Tip: a few of the hits wont appear at all so save the game and quit from the options menu. Load your game back up and mark the last guy you were looking for on to your HUD again and back to what you were doing.

    >Theresa: Airport-activity: might take some time to find. (Weapon: Knife)
    >Dick: Projects-activity: might also take a while to find. (weapon: Knife)

    *Chinatown Hitman list. unlocks: (platinum AS12 riot & Mr wong as a homie)
    *Projects Hitman list. unlocks: (Platinum T3K Urban)
    *Airport Hitman list. unlocks: (Golden GDHC handgun)
    *Finish all "Hitman list's" unlocks: (Platinum RPG at crib & Weapon discounts at all shops)

    (Due to the link below becoming dead this is no longer of any use as of 11/2/16. sorry guys)

    I would have added all victims,locations and weapons to the guide but the guide/link above already has everything to help you out. (Maybe i should have added them when the link worked eh..)

    I'm going to borrow a little list from another site to replace the dead-link, hope its as useful as the link itself was.

    Hitman Locations:

    JACKIE: Just call 911 on your Cellphone. About 20% of the time, she will be driving the ambulance that comes for you.
    LAN: Look either in front of the arena or around the movie theater.
    JOSE: Jose is a trucker, and can be found driving a truck down the freeways.
    CHARLES: Usually found in the suburbs walking the sidewalk near the beach north of Price’s Mansion late in the day. Careful, he has a knife.
    JUAN: This freak in red speedo's can be just about anywhere in Stilwater, but usually the Apartments.
    BUCKY: Bucky is a 6' tall hotdog found outside the arena. Very hard to miss. He has a knife, but will usually be too busy running from the grenades to attack you.
    BILL(1): Just get a wanted level of 5 and this FBI agent will come to you.

    JULIA: Can be found in the Barrio District, Charlestown and the Docks/Warehouses. Usually rides in a Betsy. There are several characters that look nearly identical to her, so use the HUD.THOMAS: Can usually be found in the Stoughton,
    Docks/Warehouse district in the early evening.
    GABRIEL: Usually walking around in Copperton Truck Yard district during the day.
    CHRIS: Chris is a mailman, so he can be found driving a mailtruck. I found him exiting the Airport area.
    THERESA: Check near the Plastic Surgeon in Cecil Park (Barrio district). She is apparently a hooker, so she can also be found around busy streets at night.
    TINA: Will always be on rollerblades, usually around the
    northern coastal road in Huntersfield (Suburbs district). She has been seen near the barrio as well.
    BILL(2): Bill has pretty much the same routine as Thomas, he's usually
    walking around in Stoughton, Docks/Warehouse district. (usually under the freeway overpass)
    JOHN: John is similar to 'Bill(1)', he's a swat agent. Simply attain a high
    wanted level and shoot him off the helicopter.

    DICK: During the day he's usually walking around Downtown. At night he can be found near the Oriental bridge and the Insurance Fraud activity building. You can sometimes find him as a client in random Escort missions.
    MARTY: Often found in the Suburbs. Drive around and look for his style of walking, he's very slow and hunched over.
    RICHARD: Can be found in Nob Hill, High End Retail.
    HENRY: Henry is a chauffer, usually driving a Status Quo (Limo) or a towncar downtown.
    BILLY BOB: Billy can be found driving his small truck around Nob Hill and Downtown.
    DON: Don drives a flashy Baron around the Harrowgate area. He sticks out pretty easily.
    HANK: Hank is a late night mail driver. He can be found in either the
    yellow 'Great Freight' truck or the similar, white, BPS truck.
    LOUISE: Louise is a meter maid. She drives a 'Quota', which is a very small, 3-wheeled car with a completely sloped front.

    Credit for this list of Hitman locations go to Monsterb0x, Maka, APerfektFIaw, CrakkedOut56 & wrog Over at

    Feel tight for doing it but hopefully it helps you guys out.

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    WardieshireJust found JUAN (last name Kerr as that is what he is) after searching for hours upon end in the Museum District in Humbolt Park, right next to the foreign car dealer. I think what spawned him was the fact that there were several joggers about (guys with short shorts and no shirts) and after hanging around that area for about 10 - 20 seconds he appeared in the crowd. Before finding him here I had looked around the apartments/chinatown area for several in game days with no success and also around the suburbs with no success.

    In short: If looking for Juan, try hanging around other jogger civilians as this seems to be what triggered Juan to spawn for me.
    Posted by Wardieshire on 23 Aug 17 at 03:39
    DELT4 UKOne tip for Hank.. If you steal a delivery truck he spawns more often
    Posted by DELT4 UK on 21 Oct 18 at 15:15
    Fable72I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this before, but If you hit Start and go to Activities and select the Hitman one you can add people to your HUD from there. Saves time driving back to the various Hitman locations on the map. This also works with Chop Shops. Lastly I found if I was searching for someone for more than 30min if I saved and loaded it I could find the hit in a few minutes. Please do not be mad if it does not work for you and was only coincidences for me.
    Posted by Fable72 on 28 May 20 at 17:12
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  • PerasnovitchPerasnovitch110,135
    09 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010
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    This isn't a solution but a heads up, you can find that information on a lot of website but I have tried it with three save files and its all correct.

    The Airport Hitman location, there is a girl named Tina, they said she can be found in barrio but after several hours she never showed up trying 1000 differents thing to make her spawn. after reading on two different website that she can be found in Museum and Suburbs, I make some new files and on three different saves file she popped 3 times out of 3 in the middle of the day in the Museum area doing roller blade.

    Hope this help a bit, just don't bother with Tina in Barrio. She is in the North Side of Stilwater in the Museum.
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    PerasnovitchNp. Yep, its annoying when you search her in Barrio and she won't ever spawn there.
    Posted by Perasnovitch on 17 Mar 11 at 09:19
    Anorexic DwarfThanks so much dude.
    Posted by Anorexic Dwarf on 07 Apr 11 at 15:29
    Epsilon ThetaI suggest leaving this as a comment rather than a stand alone solution as it only covers the requirements partially!
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 21 Aug 11 at 07:06
  • neondeceptionneondeception69,591
    02 Apr 2011 08 Jun 2011
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    What worked for me is putting someone on the HUD for a hit and searching the crowd for someone else I know I have to kill. I fill each weapon slot with the weapons needed for a few other of the hits. The game seems to load up hits other than the one you have on HUD. They also like to pop them up while you are on a mission. So if you have a non timed mission that you can drive around freely drive slow and watch the pedestrians.

    Some are in certain places like the hot dog guy near the stadium and the businessman near the high end retail places, but quite a few can be found by just starting a mission or side mission and driving around.
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