Negotiator achievement in Saints Row (2006)


Take 50 Hostages.

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How to unlock the Negotiator achievement

  • d3nn1s99999d3nn1s999991,044,593
    15 Sep 2008 15 Mar 2009 22 Jun 2009
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    When you hijack a car that has passengers you can press Y right after getting into the car to start the Hostage minigame. You have to evade the police for a certain amount of time to earn money. Repeat this with 50 hostages to get the achievement. (you can check your progress in the stats menu)

    Tips to make it easier:
    - Try to stay on long straight roads. That way you can maintain a good speed and the cops won't be able to trap you against a wall.
    - The more people that are in a car, the longer you will have to evade the cops to win. So it's the easiest to hijack a car with only one passenger.
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  • travalanche1985travalanche1985197,332
    29 Oct 2009 25 Oct 2009
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    Ok, here's the easiest way I found to do this. Go to Humbolt Park in the Museum District. You will see on the map a big white rectangle building and a main road intersection that goes left, right and straight. When you get there, stay in the intersection area where there will be plenty of cars to hijack. You don't have to find cars with a lot of people but it will take longer if you don't. Once you have hijacked a car head directly towards the center of the north long wall of the white building. Go down a big set of steps, head left around the large statue in the middle, make a sharp right and go down a small set of steps. You should now be in the bottom section with two sets of sculptures on each end. Now all you have to do is keep making figure eights around them until the time runs out. The best part is that 99.99% of the time cops won't come down here as long as you wait to start the hostage activity until you're down the big steps. So basicly if it all goes down smoothly you take a few laps around the "race track" and it ends with no confrontation. Repeat this process and you will have the achievement in no time. Enjoy!
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    Troodon9999You have to succesfully ransom 50 hostages; each passenger you hold hostage counts as a separate one, so if you succesfully ransom a car with 3 hostages that counts as 3.
    Posted by Troodon9999 on 19 May 10 at 02:59
    Wolf718I know I’m 14 years late, but great solution. Worked perfectly, definitely recommend to look for cars with two hostages to speed it up.
    Posted by Wolf718 on 10 Dec 20 at 16:01
    FLD Marshal Z0DJust tried this and it still works a treat.
    Posted by FLD Marshal Z0D on 08 Jul at 19:01
  • austex360austex360191,173
    26 Aug 2010 26 Aug 2010
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    For this achievement, instead of driving around all speedy gonzales like the game intends you to do, when I got my hostage I stayed barely above the 'too slow' limit, and drove in circles.

    Head on over to the Saints Row Loft Crib and go a bit north to the bridge. Grab any car and park it over both the incoming lanes of traffic so cars pile up there. Scan through them to find one with an extra passenger and hijack it. Start the hostage and drive back to your crib. When you get to the circle right beside your crib, simply drive very slow (not slow enough for the hostage to jump out) and keep going around the circle. If you go slow the cops cannot screw you over very bad (i.e. terrible crash while going 9999mph). It is hard for them to knock you off course and there usually only ends up being 1 or 2 cops following you in the circle. After the negotiation is complete, head over to the bridge again and repeat. a fair while later, this achievement will unlock.
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