Pusher achievement in Saints Row (2006)


Complete all of the Drug Trafficking locations and levels.

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How to unlock the Pusher achievement

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    First, to make things easier on yourself wait to do this achievement until after you have taken over the city (without doing the epilogue of course). What this does is make it so members of the Saints are everywhere, and are likely close by to lend support during your stops. This also means that you won't have to put up with the enemy gang coming after you other than those chasing you in vehicles. Also remember you can't bring any backup with you to the mission. As soon as you hit Y to start the mission whoever you have with you will be dismissed automatically. I'm not sure if your backup carries to the next mission if you simply start the next after you finish one, since I didn't use any up through level 5, and after that I stopped and saved after each one, which I do recommend you do too.

    The Carnales dealer is a stoner who drives a painted up hippie van. You can fit two others into the van with you, but they won't be able to do anything but ride along since there are no windows for their seats, and getting out of the vehicle unless you have to to get a fresh one or to revive the dealer is a waste of precious seconds. With this dealer you shouldn't need any extra backup really since all that really comes after you are the Carnales vehicles and no Police unless you shoot the cops a lot, even in level 8. For this one really just stay in the van and shoot the Carnales in the vehicles and you should be fine. This is the easiest dealer of the three.

    The next two dealers are a different animal altogether. I would recommend finishing the Chinese hitman and the Redlight Escort first to get Mr. Wong and Samantha as homies. Wong has a SMG and she has the AK and they're both tough. You might Consider doing the Rollerz dealer Laura (in the Suburbs) as she also becomes a homie after her eight deals are done and she carries a shotgun. As I mentioned I finished the first five levels of each of these with only my player as support. Whether you do that or not I would suggest the following, ESPECIALLY at or after level 5: As soon as you are pulling up to the first stop in the mission, bring up the pause menu, go to your phone and call either Mr. Wong or Samantha (Will or Wheel Woman, who you should have unlocked already can also help if you can't get the other two, or Laura if you've finished there). The other two, Chicken Ned and Zombie Lin, are armed with melee weapons and can't help you while driving. I would try to alternate between them for each mission. These two dealers are hard in the later missions and if you save between them as I said earlier you can't bring homies into the mission from the start, so whoever you have with you will get dismissed. Sometimes the homies are finicky and they may tell you no, so try to get at least one of them. In any case, you should also try to get somebody from your gang to join you at the stop. You can add two others to your group, so a homie plus a gang member OR two gang members in the odd event you can't get either of your gun-armed homies to join you helps a lot during the mission. As others have noted in level 8 of these two dealers you will have the gang chasing after you along with the FBI who will ram and shoot you like mad, so be prepared to switch vehicles about halfway through the mission. Having the homies with you will be a big help there too.

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    a way to make the Level 8 Los Carnales Mission very easy is to make sure you get 2 Police Stars before starting the Mission.. the Police and Gangsters seem to share spawns.. so it's much easier to have 1-2 Cop Cars chasing you than multiple Los Carnales ones.. if your van is almost down make sure to get in a Police Vehicle... after failing for almost an HOUR i found this out by accident and managede to beat level 8 first try on all 3 Versions using this Method.
    Posted on 17 Nov 18 at 11:25
    Scenic Route 16Los carnales level 8 is impossible the driver is a fuck head, the enemies are always in the van’s blind spot and there is no realistic chance of reaching a F&F.
    Posted by Scenic Route 16 on 04 Oct 21 at 06:26
    Scenic Route 16Impossible shit this is. Terrible AI, slow as driver that doesn’t know how to get away from 4 enemy vehicles without doing a 5 point turn, incessant enemies with cars that seem to gain an extra gear and ram into you then proceed to orbit just behind or to your side so you can never get a clean shot through the blind spot. Los carnales is especially hard because it is so far away from any realistic F&F attempt and the route goes nowhere near.
    Posted by Scenic Route 16 on 04 Oct 21 at 06:41
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  • mrbellekmrbellek507,509
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    At the highest levels, all three drug dealers will be pursued by FBI and police cars relentlessly. While the police aren't much of a threat, the FBI will ram into your car and it won't last beyond two or three deals. Like the other guides state, hopping vehicles will help, but it's still very difficult and frustrating.

    What helped me out greatly at level 8 Drug Trafficking was this trick: you can walk through Forgive and Forget Confessionals to lose the heat! This way, you can go from deal to deal without having to waste ammo on shooting cops, instead spending money on getting them off your tail. :) I used this method for the Suburbs drug dealer only (Laura), and I found that running to the Confessional after the 3rd, 4th and 5th deal greatly lowered the difficulty. Just make sure you don't hop over any walls or fences, or the drug dealer probably won't be able to follow you. Running zig-zag through trees will help prevent the FBI/police from running you down and wasting you.
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    HamoxicillinThe tip about going through forgive & forget. Was brilliant I spent hours on the suburbs (west rollers) level 8 consistently dying after trying to hop from ride to ride. Genius tip. +1 from me.
    Posted by Hamoxicillin on 24 Nov 21 at 20:01
  • K0mradeK0mrade134,783
    02 Aug 2009
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    This may seem like a fairly simple achievement at the beginning, but it gets very difficult at the end. Up through level 6 you shouldn't have too much trouble just sitting back and keeping the transport clear of pursuing enemies. You're better off not taking out police in the early levels as they don't use heavy firepower and will get tangled up with the gang members who are better armed. The police will, essentially, act as a human shield. When taking out pursuing cars make sure to shoot for the driver. Killing the driver will disable the car and cause it, and the passengars, to be taken out of the fight.

    The later levels become more complicated. In these the police will overtake the rival gangs as your main opponent. As your car gets damaged you are able to abandon your vehicle to jump into a new vehicle that is less damaged. You're best off stealing pursuing police cars after they stop when you abandon your vehicle.

    Level 8 will be the biggest problem. A good strategy, though it will still need a massive dose of luck, is to hop from FBI cruiser to FBI cruiser. They aren't as sturdy as your starting transports but they're the best you'll find. You will be abandoning your vehicle a lot in the 8th stage. Keep on your toes and stay ready to ditch and steal, especially when you move onto the highway.
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    DA CYBER TIGERyeah grate guide bro.. ill try it thanks :)
    Posted by DA CYBER TIGER on 17 Apr 10 at 08:13
    napoearthIs it not possible to use the indestructible taxi for this?
    Posted by napoearth on 14 Feb 17 at 16:42
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