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Complete all of the Mayhem locations and levels.

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How to unlock the Vandal achievement

  • AbmaOnlineAbmaOnline130,489
    30 May 2009 01 Jun 2009 13 Jul 2009
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    Not too hard once you know the trick.

    For each item you hit, your earn a little money and increase your multiplier for the next thing you hit. When no damage is caused for some seconds, the multiplier will return to zero.

    Search the neighborhood for some fences (or terraces with chairs and tables) close to each other and drive from fence to fence (or terrace to terrace or a combination, you get the idea) while slaloming through them. This allows you to increase the multiplier and keep it, since the first fence has probably reappeared while you were knocking down the other fences. The slaloming helps to maintain your speed, so you don't stall and lose your precious multiplier.

    Once the multiplier is around 100x, every piece of fence you hit will give you loads of money, so keep going a little longer to complete the level. Completing any of the levels should be easy once you find a good spot to drive circles while constantly hitting stuff (some of my favorite spots: the fence around the airport, the terrace around the insurance fraud building in Sommerset and the sidewalk around the north east block in the museum district).

    When there are no fences around (museum district), it also works with light poles and fire hydrants. It only takes a little longer.

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    MxSvnty4This solution is the easiest and fastest way to get this achievement. It may seem that the fences are worth nothing, but once you get up to 30x+ multiplier, you collect a lot of money very fast. Just make sure once your car starts smoking, get another!
    Posted by MxSvnty4 on 28 Dec 09 at 21:11
    The Fury I84IWorks great. Thx ;)
    Posted by The Fury I84I on 15 Mar 11 at 15:41
    GsO LightDefinitely loved the fences at the Airport, thanks
    Posted by GsO Light on 24 Mar 16 at 19:43
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  • travalanche1985travalanche1985194,524
    28 Nov 2009 03 Dec 2009
    24 3 3
    Ok, this is by far the easiest way to do this. All you have to do is find/buy an exotic car like the Attrazione or the Zenith and put it in your garage. Then start the activitiy. You can get past the first few levels easily by just doing what you are supposed to. On the later levels, go to where there is a Rim Jobs in the district you are doing the activity. If there isn't, retry until there is. Once there just shoot a few things to get a little combo then go into Rim Jobs and retrive one of the exotic cars. Go outside in front of the overhead door and blow up the car, making sure the owner doesn't see you and set off the alarm. You get WAY more money if you do it with a bonus weapon but don't bother if it's a crappy one. Head back inside, repair it, and repeat. Keep this up and you should have the achievement in an hour or so. Good luck!
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    Katarn StarKiLRI have no clue how to do this method. When i blow my car up, i can't get it into the mechanics, and when i do since its BLOWN up he won't fix it.
    Posted by Katarn StarKiLR on 06 Dec 11 at 22:53
    GsO LightThis doesn't work for the Vice Kings one, the districts are always Red Light, Downtown, Museum, Projects or High End and none of them have a rim jobs
    Posted by GsO Light on 24 Mar 16 at 21:27
  • Katarn StarKiLRKatarn StarKiLR659,225
    08 Dec 2011 08 Dec 2011 08 Dec 2011
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    This is for the people who hate the fences and can't figure the garage method.

    Tips: Use the bonus items, like use this weapon or kill the certain type

    I recommend having all the health bonuses. Also do this activity last, because the bonus because pretty useless.

    I recommend have the Platinum RPG. In addition the weapons of choice are rpg, subs, and machines. Pistols and shotguns pretty bad.

    Now the method is don't care into the score zone. First get the wanted level to 5 starts. Because Helicopters are worth 30k and the vans 20k, and with the combo chain the become 50-100k. So the method is kill cops.

    Also it helps to have gangs alive so you can have an unlimited amount of guys to shoot.

    By the way, there is only one other activity you should do last, the one that lowers the police bar.
  • ShadohzShadohz59,770
    10 Oct 2019 12 Oct 2019
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    01. Call Homie (Samatha or Mr Wong are good options).
    02. Replenish ammo and repair your vehicle(s).
    03. Save.
    04. Get a sturdy vehicle.
    05. Drive to the Mayhem activity.
    06. Start the activity.
    07. Switch to one of the unlimited weapons.
    08. Start attacking random cars and objects just outside the activity zone until you build up at least 3 stars (4 if you are on Levels 6, 7, or 8).
    09. Get back to the activity starting point, cancel the activity, then immediately restart it.
    10. Jump in your vehicle and drive to the real trigger point (pay close attention because sometimes the trigger point is right where you are).
    11. Kill as normal. Use your RPGs to build up stars faster then switch to your unlimited weapon for the rest of the round.
    12. At the end of the round immediately save and reload.
    13. Repeat from Step 1 or 2 until complete.

    Note 1: It is possible to complete Mayhem with only the vanilla homies and none of the buffs from Insurance Fraud. It’s just a bit easier using specialized homies because if one goes down permanently then you can call another right away. At the very least you should have Will as a backup in case your vanilla homie dies. Pistol-wielding homies just aren’t as reliable as the others for watching your back from high damage dealing cops and gangmembers. Will is also slow like the fat vanilla homies so it increases your chance of being pulled out of your car by cops or other such mishaps. It’s more optimal to use one of the other special homies (Samatha being the least time-consuming and cost-effective).

    Note 2: If you’re doing the Rollerz turf, use the cancel and restart until they give you the Arena district. Drive until you reach the off-ramp to the arena then park just across the street (in the arena parking lot). From there you’ll get access to multiple targets from all directions. Standing behind the brick wall (that lines the main street) allows you to control the flow of the spawns.

    Note 3: Aim for the drivers. Your backup AI will sometimes attempt to remove drivers from their vehicle. Try to take out the drivers first or keep your distance from clusters and near slow moving vehicles to prevent your homies from getting in the way or attempting to jack an occupied vehicle.
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