Colombian Made achievement in Saints Row (2006)

Colombian Made

Take over Los Carnales territory.

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How to unlock the Colombian Made achievement

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    This requires you to complete all paths of the Carnales section of the missions.

    That includes all MISSIONS labelled with the Carnales icon, and all STRONGHOLDS with the same. Having played through these very recently, I can assure you they're all very straightforward and more time-consuming than challenging. Use squad-members to your advantage and remember to restock on ammo before a mission.

    Once you've completed all of these (I believe there's 14 in total, so you'll need a 14X multiplier of respect), you will gain access to the final mission.

    The final mission is a bit of a pain involving stopping a plane from taking off whilst being chased and shot at by RPGs.
    My advice for this level is to use RPGs to your advantage and blow up the cars chasing you ASAP. Fire a few off at the plane every now and then, use the AK to take out RPG-launchers (you have unlimited ammo but switching between the two is imperative). When the RPGs are gone, you'll likely sail through the rest of it, leading you very close to the plane and allowing you to finish it off with 3/4 RPGs.

    It can get very frustrating and you rely on luck a lot of the time, but as long as you have a feel for the route and remember to switch between weapons, you'll be fine.

    (Upon unlocking this you also unlock a new 'crib' and a selection of cars)
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    The GlobalizerI did this using only the AK -- the key is focusing on the rocket launcher enemies. Two behind the airport (one on a building), two on boxes in front of the airport, and I believe one more on a hangar. The chasing vehicles are little more than an annoyance, but when you're not going after the rocket launchers, try to headshot the drivers of these cars (or just unload into the car itself -- the AK does a lot of damage to vehicles).

    I actually found the warehouse stronghold to be more difficult, as well was the Victor mission.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 18 Aug 09 at 02:58
    Epsilon ThetaYou can switch to your RPG to take out pursuing cars and focus on the enemy RPGs as soon as you can. They have exploding barrels next to them and it is easier to aim for the barrels in my opinion. I recommend you watch this video.
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 08 Feb 11 at 12:50
    LonesquiffUsing the AK is the way to go. Once you round the 1st corner of the airport you can put the rpg away and the cars won't give you much of a problem so you can focus on the rpgs. Once you learn where the shooters are you can take them out easily.
    Posted by Lonesquiff on 13 Nov 11 at 20:53
    Apollo BobI had the misfortune of just now getting the final mission while Stilwater was in a rainy spell, dusk even - the visibility is so poor I cannot see the rpg launchers in time until they're in my rearview shooting rockets up my ass. I know I can just wait till it's sunny to retry, but that almost feels like cheating. Apparently in my Saints Row timeline, Angelo gets away and Saints Row the Third never happens....
    Posted by Apollo Bob on 23 Nov 11 at 07:16
    WardieshireWhat in the actual f*ck is that last mission about? It's made so much harder by the fact that my driver keeps on driving back towards the rpgs instead of going for the plane like any normal person would.
    Posted by Wardieshire on 22 Aug 17 at 02:24
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