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Ten Ranked Matches

Play ten Ranked Multiplayer Matches

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How to unlock the Ten Ranked Matches achievement

  • Dingo SaladDingo Salad386,370
    18 Feb 2010 23 Feb 2010 27 Apr 2010
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    This is even simpler and less time-consuming than the previous solutions. Get a friend, create a ranked match, and have him join your game. Use a private chat, because you cannot play against party members in a ranked match.

    1. Begin the match. There will be a few seconds of spectator mode, then the match will begin.

    2. After the game begins, marked by your exiting spectator mode, have the person not boosting the match simply leave the game; you will win and the match will end. No kills are necessary; it still counts as a played match.

    3. Repeat 9 more times, and the achievement will unlock.

    EDIT: I tested what sider pointed out, and he's correct with one minor difference: you have to both host AND be the last person in the game for this to pop for you. Eliminating one or the other of the above criteria will not net you this achievement. Thanks to 'sider inc' for pointing this out.

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    Dingo SaladGreat info! Thank you!
    Posted by Dingo Salad on 25 Apr 17 at 02:41
    HungryNic42Do people still hunt for these achievements I may be interested if so
    Posted by HungryNic42 on 07 Sep 20 at 21:08
    GeekyFruitcakeThere seems to be a problem to invite/join your friends if one of you has the physical copy and the other has the digital. Steel Buu said in one of the comments that it helps if the one with the physical copy downloads all 10 of the free DLC for the game (the demo is not required) but I still couldn't invite my boosting partner.

    So I set up a ranked game with only 5 kills to win and asked my partner to search. He could find me but for some reason I could not find his game if he did the same (maybe it was because he did't restart his game idk).

    If you cant invite each other and only one of you can search and find the other I suggest to play out the game because if you quit out the game played will only count for the one left.
    Posted by GeekyFruitcake on 08 Feb 21 at 07:28
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  • Sticky StalwartSticky Stalwart74,878
    14 Dec 2009 14 Dec 2009
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    exact0 has posted this solution, albeit a good one, for many if not all the multiplayer achievements in this game, but there are a couple of details that he left out that help immensly for particular achievements.

    For this achievement for multiplayer Ranked matches, remember it says PLAY - not WIN. The fastest way to get this one is to set the limits as low as possible. Set the kills to 5, and the time limit to 5 minutes.

    So worst case, you and your partner play all 10 matches for 5 minutes. That probably won't happen. After you both have received the achievement, go back to the menu screen and follow exact0's instructions for Team Deathmatch - the rest of the achievements will pop up in that scenario.
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    Godfather1504Thanks for the solution.
    Posted by Godfather1504 on 05 Mar 13 at 14:09
  • exact0exact0160,072
    08 May 2009 08 May 2009
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    OK, on-line is dead / non-existent so boosting is probably the only way to get the on-line achievements. First, just know that all Team DM kills also count towards your DM kills. So when you are working on your weapons achievements, just make sure you are in a Team DM. Here is the fastest way to get all the on-line achievements:

    1. Set up a Party so you can chat while boosting
    2. Choose "Xbox Live"
    3. Choose "Player Match"
    4. Choose "Create Match"
    5. Game Type - Team DM
    6. Map - Any map but Roadhouse is easy
    7. Frag Limit - Set to the max of 100
    8. Time Limit - None
    9. Max Players - 2
    10. Private - 1

    This should give you and your boosting partner unlimited time to get the 25 kills with each weapon. It will take you about 2~3 rounds. I used the Roadhouse and the person getting the kills (aka "killer") sits in 1 spot (at the bar or in the basement). The other person runs to the killer, dies, hits the right-trigger to respawn quick(er), and then runs back to the "killer". While the "killer" is sitting and waiting, they can move around and gather ammo / weapons. You can trade off after each weapon achievement or just have 1 person do the full 100 kills (4 achievements). Just keep track of what weapon you use and when the achievement pops to switch to a different weapon. Use the RB/LB to cycle through the weapons.

    After boosting for the weapon achievements in Team DM you should have 225 kills (25 x 9 weapons). You can go another round and get your last 25 kills in Team DM (250 total kills) here or come back later.

    Next, host a Ranked Deathmatch. This time, set the frag limit to 5 (lowest). Have the other person search for your match and then go. Rinse and repeat 9 more times and this will get you your 10 Ranked matches achievement.
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    RVMAny idea on the total time it takes to boost all multiplayer achs? I still need to do them all.
    Posted by RVM on 02 Jun 10 at 13:17
    exact0Not too long if you have someone who is willing to hustle through it. If you have a noob who hasn't played the game and doesn't know the map then it may take a little longer. I think I got all of them in 2~3 days but only playing an hour or two a night. Key is to keep track of what weapons / kills you have and to take turns on the match. STAND STILL so the kills are easy. :) Someone will generally only be 1 kill away b/c you will hit the match max kills before the other person can get it too. The suggested map is very small and it is the quickest and easiest to find each other. That's where you will waste time. You gotta have 1 person sit still when you are doing the killing; person being killed needs to be the one moving to the killer each time.
    Posted by exact0 on 02 Jun 10 at 15:34
    Godfather1504Thanks for the meticulous solution.
    Posted by Godfather1504 on 05 Mar 13 at 14:07
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