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Rifle Ranger achievement in Prey (2006)

Rifle Ranger

Reached 25 Rifle kills

Rifle Ranger0
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How to unlock the Rifle Ranger achievement

  • JulianVanVelzenJulianVanVelzen
    25 Apr 2010 30 Apr 2010
    This Achievement will be unlocked after you made 25 kills using the Primary Function from the Rifle. This is the second weapon from your equipment.

    See My Solution “Toxic Overlord” for tips

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    Nurse LoraxOMG I been using the freakin yellowish shotty the whole time LOL Oh well, time to re count and get this done! lol
    Posted by Nurse Lorax On 11 Sep 13 at 04:02
    Nurse LoraxOk, well since last post I have def killed more than 25 with this gun. Yes, with primary (RT not LT zoom). Is there a glitch or something?
    Posted by Nurse Lorax On 11 Sep 13 at 05:31
    varkylfusPlayed Roadhouse and started with this weapon. I gotta stop using LT. smile
    Posted by varkylfus On 22 Dec 17 at 22:58
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  • exact0exact0
    07 May 2009 08 May 2009
    OK, on-line is dead / non-existent so boosting is probably the only way to get the on-line achievements. First, just know that all Team DM kills also count towards your DM kills. So when you are working on your weapons achievements, just make sure you are in a Team DM. Here is the fastest way to get all the on-line achievements:

    1. Set up a Party so you can chat while boosting
    2. Choose "Xbox Live"
    3. Choose "Player Match"
    4. Choose "Create Match"
    5. Game Type - Team DM
    6. Map - Any map but Roadhouse is easy
    7. Frag Limit - Set to the max of 100
    8. Time Limit - None
    9. Max Players - 2
    10. Private - 1

    This should give you and your boosting partner unlimited time to get the 25 kills with each weapon. It will take you about 2~3 rounds. I used the Roadhouse and the person getting the kills (aka "killer") sits in 1 spot (at the bar or in the basement). The other person runs to the killer, dies, hits the right-trigger to respawn quick(er), and then runs back to the "killer". While the "killer" is sitting and waiting, they can move around and gather ammo / weapons. You can trade off after each weapon achievement or just have 1 person do the full 100 kills (4 achievements). Just keep track of what weapon you use and when the achievement pops to switch to a different weapon. Use the RB/LB to cycle through the weapons.

    After boosting for the weapon achievements in Team DM you should have 225 kills (25 x 9 weapons). You can go another round and get your last 25 kills in Team DM (250 total kills) here or come back later.

    Next, host a Ranked Deathmatch. This time, set the frag limit to 5 (lowest). Have the other person search for your match and then go. Rinse and repeat 9 more times and this will get you your 10 Ranked matches achievement.
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    IvanTortugaThis says nothing about the gun you should be using. This is more of a solution for how to get online kills.
    Posted by IvanTortuga On 06 Aug 10 at 03:46
    Godfather1504Thanks for the exhaustive solution.
    Posted by Godfather1504 On 05 Mar 13 at 14:15
    zzUrbanSpacemanI have no idea what those other posters' problem is. This guide is great, and really helpful for getting ALL of the related achievements.
    Posted by zzUrbanSpaceman On 27 Oct 16 at 10:55
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