MP - Weapon Virtuoso achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne

MP - Weapon Virtuoso

Upgrade all weapons in ranked matches

MP - Weapon Virtuoso-0.7
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How to unlock the MP - Weapon Virtuoso achievement

  • TheBlackDragonXTheBlackDragonX518,891
    25 Oct 2008 19 Feb 2010 21 Nov 2017
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    This is the hardest and longest multiplayer achievement (besides the glitched achievement) to get. To aquire this you must upgrade the 5 classes of weapons, fortunately pistols and grenades do not count. The five classes are:

    Rifle = M1 Garand or K98k
    SMG = Thompson or MP40
    Auto-Rifle = BAR or StG44
    Sniper = Springfield or Scoped G43
    Anti-tank = Recoiless Rifle or Panzershrek

    It is up to you which ones you use but it does not matter as they both work towards upgrading the weapon. You need to upgrade the classes three times, just like the single player. In the multiplayer the first upgrade requires 40 kills with the class, the second upgrade requires an additional 110 kills and the third upgrade requires a further additional 170 kills. That makes a total of 320 kills required for each class and a total of 1,600 kills for the achievement. You can get this achievement whilst going for the other online achievements and it will most likely be the last online achievement you earn. Good luck and happy shooting. :)


    Please comment with any questions.

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    Mr DopeGaming^ this was years ago. Can anyone actually confirm this comment
    Posted by Mr DopeGaming on 03 Mar 21 at 15:00
    MartyFSM@Mr DopeGaming, the issue with the server was fixed so it no longer has to be done in one session. I currently have 4 of the weapons done and doing the last tomorrow along with the objective points. All achievements have unlocked fine so far (even the glitched one) and progress has been recorded.

    I followed the advice to not press b to end match on the results screen either and to let the timer run down just to make sure
    Posted by MartyFSM on 04 Mar 21 at 23:53
    Lucy DCLXVIAddon to Marty’s comment: everything except the WW2 Victory medal currently unlocks fine in multiple sessions. One gamer I recently played with did have that one glitch, the rest save just fine. I did them all since New Years.
    Posted by Lucy DCLXVI on 08 Mar 21 at 23:33
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  • DaShAgDaShAg249,364
    21 Feb 2011 22 Feb 2011 23 Nov 2011
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    The information on the other solutions is correct, however none of them seem to explain the best way to boost this achievement. There's barely anyone playing this game anymore so boosting has become a necessity. First let me start by giving you some stats.

    Time: This achievement alone will take you around 10 hours, which isn't so bad compared to most FPS games with their ridiculous kill count achievements. Take in consideration that it will massively help if you got boosters with you who know what they are doing.
    Kills needed: 300 for each weapon type, 5 weapon types which make a total of 1500 kills.

    Ok so first thing first, for this particular achievement it's best if you boost this with 6 people including you. You can do it with 4 but 6 is the number to go with. Now by far the hardest thing about boosting this achievement is the matchmaking, it's terrible. The most important thing, to avoid wasting time on matchmaking is to host the sessions at the best time. The best time to be hosting these sessions is in the afternoon GMT Timezone. A lot of us work so if you are doing it in the evening go for 6 or 7 PM GMT.

    On to the Match Making itself. Tell your party to select Ranked Matches > Custom Match. Set the map to "Destroyed Village" and the gametype to "Objective Airborne". As the session host make sure everybody hits "search" at the same time. You'll see a message screen saying "pooling players" now just cross your fingers and hope you'll all end up in the same game. Most of the time this takes a few tries but you'll eventually end up together.

    The boosting. The method I used is probably the most safe to go with so let me explain. You'll see a timer in the right corner of the screen, don't worry about that. Just let it run out and the game will keep going in "Sudden Death" mode. As long as you DO NOT capture any flags, the game will keep going on for as long as you like. Pick 1 person on each team who will go for the kills first, word of advice, go for 50 kills before changing the player.

    1 player on the Allied time will go to the entrance of the church and stand right in front of the door, do not go into the church ( only for ammo ) because it will mess up the spawn points. The 2 players on the Axis team who are not going for the kills will run for the entrance where the player from the Allied team is waiting. Kill them through the door, while they are inside the church. Re-spawn, and repeat until you get 50 kills. Then change player.

    The player on the Axis team who is going for the kills will simply stand outside next to the church. The 2 players from the Allied team will need to steer their parachute right in front of him so he can kill them. Repeat until he reaches 50 kills.

    The 2 players that act as free kills should ask the person going for the kills what weapontype he uses, and equip it, that way he can pick up your ammo.

    When you're all done, simply capture a flag and the round will end. Capture the flags on the next round to end the match. IMPORTANT ! DO NOT close the stat screen, this is the part where your kills will be saved. Let the 30 second timer run out and as soon as your back into the main menu, your kills are saved.

    The reason I'm doing 50 kills each is because you'll be prepared if something goes wrong. If someone needs to leave all of the sudden, or if someone drops ( god forbid, it can make your kills go to waste ) then you won't have to catch up on a lot of kills to even things out.

    Important Information
    If the host will lag out, the game will end and everybody will lose his kills. So it's up to you and your party if you are going to take the risk and just stay in the same match for 2 hours. I did it like 8 times and it has never happened to me, but I've spoken with people who lost 200 kills because the host lagged out, so be warned. There is no way of telling who the host is unfortunately.
    EDIT: AceMcCloud pointed out that it is possible to tell who the host is ! It's the first person to enter the game, obviously you can tell you're the first person because you will be in an empty room, you'll see others joining.

    Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions regarding boosting this game.
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    AceMcCloudVery good solution, however HOST is the first person into the game, they'll see an empty game with just themselves, then see the other players joining. It's typically the first person who searches will be the host.
    Posted by AceMcCloud on 20 Apr 11 at 20:18
    DaShAgCheers, I'll make sure to add that
    Posted by DaShAg on 20 Apr 11 at 21:15
  • TomoyoNTomoyoN1,063,709
    15 May 2011 16 May 2011
    17 1 1
    The other solutions for getting the kills are correct and work really well but its not 50 kills 100 kills 150 kills...

    I recently boosted this and it was as follows

    40 Kills for 1st Upgrade
    110 Kills for 2nd Upgrade [150 Total]
    170 Kills for 3rd (last) Upgrade [320 Total]

    At first I thought that headshots / melee kills would speed this up like in single player but it did not affect it at all... All of the weapons took EXACTLY 320 kills
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    Necromancer2k8I just wanted to add in that 2 people in our boosting group unlocked this last night. I had 1613 kills total and the other guy was at 1604. Since we started the multiplayer in the last 2 months as a single boosting group and never played it before I will completely support the 320 kills per weapon you say.

    I ended up finishing my last gun at 149 kills when there was a visible chunk of blue already on it towards upgrading. Based on our total kills of over 1600 there is no way that it is only 300 per weapon. I figure a grenade kill or 2 and some misc. accidental pistol kills while going for assists accounted for the extra kills we had over 1600, but there was no way we had over 100 pistol & grenade kills each while strictly boosting the weapons. Thanks for this solution :)
    Posted by Necromancer2k8 on 28 May 11 at 13:27
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