MP - Silver Star achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne

MP - Silver Star

Get over 20 first place finishes in ranked matches

MP - Silver Star0
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How to unlock the MP - Silver Star achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox659,407
    28 Nov 2014 28 Nov 2014 28 Nov 2014
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    There is an extremely easy way to boost this if you have 4 players. Each win should take about 2-3 minutes including loading times once you get going.

    I believe my group of ShimmeringCube, Two Names06, Manb3arSquirrel, and myself discovered this on 11/28/2014... 7 years after production. smile

    Have everyone search Custom Match, Destroyed Village, Objective Airborne, about the same time. You can try having the person going for the win start searching just a bit sooner if you want.

    The CRITICAL thing to look for is whoever has a message show up on the loading dialog where it normally shows"Pooling Players" once you start searching.
    Watch very carefully for it to say any of 3 messages, any of which mean you ARE the host. One message looks something like this: "match found, creating 4 player game", then "selecting players", then the other message will say something about "bandwidth". If you see those messages, you ARE the host.

    Once you know who the host is, the host just needs to get one or two kills, then the other team quits out. This should award a win to the host. You can easily double-check by looking at the stats screen, the 1st place finishes, to make sure they are counting. If they haven't counted, have the host capture one flag as well to make sure.
    You can also capture a flag if you're not sure whether the person who needs the win is the host or the teammate.

    Potential problems:
    There might be a problem if you have poor connections or NAT issues!!!
    If you get the common problem of "no connection to EA servers", immediately start by rebooting your router and testing your connection. We lost hours with the EA server problem.

    If you run into randoms, try searching more at the same time, and/or if the host is the random or on the randoms team, then you can still get a win, just make sure to capture a flag and get at least 1 kill before having the other team quit out.

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    Two Names06smile
    Posted by Two Names06 on 28 Nov 14 at 21:03
    Leandro KW6amigo minhas estaticas nao salvam eu nao sei porque sabe oque se poder ajudar estarei grato
    Posted by Leandro KW6 on 27 Mar 18 at 22:35
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  • IIIKesoIIIIIIKesoIII657,652
    03 Dec 2012 11 Nov 2012 11 Nov 2012
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    You can easily get the wins just by backing out of the game.

    First of all U have to check who is the host of the game, because only the host can get the win with backing out method.

    Host is always first player on scoreboard.

    So the host just need to get one point by killing somebody or just capturing the flag.

    When the host gets his point, everybody else just back out except the host.

    After that the host will automatically get the win

    We tried this on two accounts and it worked

    Hope it helps
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    oHIGHxINxAxBOXoas of feb 19 2018 this did not work
    Posted by oHIGHxINxAxBOXo on 19 Feb 18 at 23:45
    EthigyConfirming this seems to no longer work.
    Posted by Ethigy on 19 Feb 20 at 23:12
  • SkarviTSkarviT198,973
    22 Jan 2020 12 May 2020 12 May 2020
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    The fastest method for this achievement is to play the Airborne Objective mode which consists of capturing flags, something similar to the Domination of Call of Duty, there are 3 flags, 2 that can be captured alone and one that is usually in the middle that needs your ally to be captured, there are 2 rounds to be won, what you must do is capture 5 flags with your ally and capture one alone, that way you will win the match with a few points more than your ally. By doing this method you can unlock the following achievements:
    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - Bronze StarSkarviTThe MP - Bronze Star achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 0 pointsGet over 20 top three finishes in ranked matches

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - World War II Victory MedalSkarviTThe MP - World War II Victory Medal achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 0 pointsCome in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches

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