MP - Distinguished Service Cross achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne

MP - Distinguished Service Cross

Get over 1,000 kills and 500 Objective Points in ranked matches

MP - Distinguished Service Cross+1.7
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How to unlock the MP - Distinguished Service Cross achievement

  • DaShAgDaShAg249,216
    21 Feb 2011 14 Mar 2011 17 Aug 2012
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    The kills will take a few gaming sessions so my advice would be to host a session to do the weapon kills. 1 round is 10 minutes so after you guys are done with the killing ( when none of the points are captured the game goes on forever ). Then the last 2 rounds ( it's best out of 3 ) you should farm some objective points. This way you won't need to host a separate session just for the objective points.

    Get familiar with hosting matches in this game, you really should read my guide for the weapon virtuoso, I pretty much lay it all down.
    Solution for MP - Weapon Virtuoso In Medal of Honor: Airborne
    Now for the farming method.

    Game type, Objective Airborne, always Objective Airbone :)
    We liked the map Destroyed Village the most because it's small and is excellent for getting kills like I describe in my weapons guide.

    Get everybody to one of the flags. This does NOT have to be the middle flag unlike some will claim. All the flags will give the same amount of objective points. We always picked the one in the courtyard of the church. Now if you ever done King of the Hill boosting on Gears of War 2 then you'll be familiar with this method.

    Team 1 will walk up the flag to capture it, after it's captured get out of flag's zone. Then Team 2 will capture it and back out again. Rinse & Repeat. You get 1 objective points per capture and another when you neutralize it. I believe we got around 125 objective points after every weapon kills session. So when you should be done with Weapon Virtuoso you should already be very close to this achievement, might already unlocked it even.

    Important Note. The more players are capturing the faster it will go. If you have someone in your boosting crew and he already has all the objective points he need, still ask him to help and join the farming. This will save time !

    That's basically it.

    It's been a while since I did this achievement so maybe someone can send me the correct numbers about the rounds length, objective points per capture and how much you can get after a match. My estimations should be right though. It's just that there used to be a good solution here on TA but it's gone now.

    Good luck

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    Dang3R GamingI just want to point out round lengths are 10 mins and no matter how many people are capturing a flag its 1 objective point per capture/neutralize
    Posted by Dang3R Gaming on 17 Aug 12 at 11:06
    DaShAgCheers, edited my solution somewhat
    Posted by DaShAg on 17 Aug 12 at 12:00
    J ROLL 1998Up to boost all MP achievements
    Gt same as username
    Posted by J ROLL 1998 on 07 Apr at 16:54
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  • scntyboyscntyboy558,672
    21 Aug 2011 21 Aug 2011
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    there is a faster way to do everything in one match without ever having to leave. in essence it is the same as the above, with these minor corrections.

    team objective, avalanche
    2 primary players, 2 "dummy" or non-participating accounts

    round 1: allies land, capture flag by their drop zone by a couple trucks. they stay by the flag. nazis come down, walk enough in to neutralize it then back out so other team recaptures it. keep doing that for about 10 minutes and let allies win. everyone should get about 60-110 points.

    round 2: nazies capture and allies neutralize. nazis win to make tie game.

    round 3: allies land and capture flag by nazi base. nazies capture base by allies landing zone. keep those bases just like that. at end of 10 minutes, game will tie and go to sudden death. there is NO time limit in sudden death. you should have 1 active, 1 unactive person per team. basically the allies team goes to nazi spawn and spawn kills non active player. nazi goes to allies drop point and spawn kills non active player. everyone can keep doing this till someone gets bored or everyone gets all their achievements. then one team goes and neutralizes the opponents flag and game is over.
    we played for a little over a hour spawn killing and got 400+ kills
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    RobhillWhat do you mean by dummy accounts? Can I use a second live profile on my Xbox with a second controller or do I need a second Xbox/copy of the game
    Posted by Robhill on 02 Mar 13 at 23:00
    scntyboy"dummy" account= second xbox with live and another copy of game
    Posted by scntyboy on 03 Mar 13 at 02:56
  • Prolific PlutoProlific Pluto309,936
    07 May 2018 16 May 2018 05 Apr 2020
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    So with the stats resetting, going for the 1600 kills (all weapon upgrades) and 500 objectives point in 1 session is your best bet at this point.

    Having 4 accounts is required to get the online match made, I used a dummy account and had 2 other players. We went for the 500 objective points first playing on destroyed village - we met at the church ring, whoever ends up on the dummy account team would ring dance and the other 2 players would sit in the ring ( (it takes 6 seconds to cap and 9sec to break i believe). You can get about 90-102 objective points a match (3 rounds for 35mins) if your group is quick getting the hill setup. This roughly takes about 3 hours to get the 500 objective points and 3-4 hours each for the 1600 kills.

    Using an easy spawn killing method at the church seemed to get the kills at a great pace without having to move towards the end of the session. Theres a way to keep 1 account on the second floor across from the church just in front of the main entrance, while 2 players on the other team sit in the room to the left after you enter the church. The person doing the killing stays on the right side of the church inside and can see the other 2 players in the room to the left and spawn kill them across the church, watch out picking up ammo and killing at the same time, you might bounce the spawn to upstairs in the back room of the church, but just set it back up again and you'll be fine.

    Mess around with the spawn points I'm sure there's other different spawn traps but this worked for us. I wish our group found the spawn trick a little sooner... we initially would run from the back room in the church to the middle and get killed but luckily found this method out later on. Cycle through the gun classes its 320 kills with each gun class, 1600 total. It took us all day but we got through it, just beware - DO NOT CHECK LEADERBOARD, your game can crash and stats will reset. We let the timer run out at the end of the match, some have said the game stats won't count or the game may freeze so best to be safe than sorry.
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