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Complete the game on Expert difficulty

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How to unlock the Complete on Expert achievement

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    Expert difficulty can be played at any time, but DO NOT do it as your first playthrough. You'll need some upgraded weapons (Specifically the Pistol, M1 Garand, STG-44, or anything you prefer) to do it.

    And the difficulties DONT STACK. That means three playthroughs, so I recommend you do Expert LAST (for the reason above).

    For most of the missions, it's fairly straightforward:
    - Enemies DONT keep respawning until you move, like they do in COD.
    - Stay crouched (Click LS) during firefights
    - Take your time. If you sprint ahead, you'll just get shot.
    - You can regenerate, but only for the health bar that has a fraction still left. Some enemies drop health packs, but dont sprint for them.

    Also, for me anyway, the difficulty shifted from Expert to Normal for some reason. Don't "Continue," just select "Select Mission" and pick the next one. Even if you have NO STARS for expert (I had a few missions with 0 and still got the achievement), try selecting the mission after it on expert. If you cannot select it, you didnt beat the prior mission on expert.

    Most of the game is easy, until you get to the bridge at the end of Operation Market Garden, then the difficulty skyrockets.

    I'll list some tips for these harder sections:

    The bridge is actually pretty easy, once you get a checkpoint before you go on the bridge (you'll see a pillbox and a turret gunner). Kill the turret gunner and run to the left side of the pillbox. Kill any nearby enemies, and make a MAD SPRINT to the objective at the end of the bridge.

    Trust me, the bazooka troopers will aim DIRECTLY AT YOU, not near you. You'll probably die but you'll likely hit a checkpoint before you do. When you respawn it'll be just you and the tank you have destroy. Nice and simple.

    Then there's Operation Varsity. Not a hard mission but a pain if you ignore the snipers. They can take off 1 1/2 of your health blocks with one shot! I cant remember for sure, but I think there are about 6 snipers in this level. You can see them via the flashes of light coming from their scopes.

    The end of the mission, where you have to destroy the train, is also easy. You'll fight at least one Nazi Super Trooper (my term) with an MG42. The best way to kill him is work his face with any weapon. About 10 STG44 or 5 M1 Garand shots will take him down. Once he's down, thin out the remaining Nazi's and toss Gammon Grenades (the black round ones) into the holes on the train. Mission acomplished.

    Then comes the Flak Tower. Like Market Garden, this one isnt that tough, but you need to do it in chunks. Take out as many AA guns or artillery before dying, then respawn and get the rest. You can also use Gammon Grenades on these instead of running up and planting charges on them.

    Once you get the objective to "Get to the third floor" or something similar, the shit's about to hit the fan. This is (IMO) the hardest part in the game, phase one. If you don't have the M1 Garand at this point, pick up one. You'll be fighting at least 10 nazi's and 3 super soldiers. Move SLOWLY and stay behind the crates when you're outside the designated area.

    Once you get inside, BEFORE you climb the ladder (there's a few Nazi's and a super soldier up there), look for health packs if you need them. The super soldier is at the back of the room up top, waste him with the Garand.

    Then you take the elevator, and this is phase two. You'll see a super soldier and two nazis at the bottom. Ignore them, they won't fight you. Head left and into a lower red area, watch for the nazi up to the left.

    Go down a little more and get the Nazi uptop. Here's where it gets HARD. You have to fight 5 or 6 super soldiers. The MG42 guys. Go back to the slant where you came in this area from and hide behind a wall on the left. Select the M1 Garand and push RS to equip the grenade launcher. BLOW EM TO HELL! Be careful not to pop out of cover too long.

    Once there all dead, move up. If there's a guy you missed, get em with the STG-44. Looking ahead, there's an opening in the wall to your right. Make it through here and you're home free. But to the left, there's one more super soldier. Ignore him and make a sprint for the opening. He'll probably ignore you.

    Climb the ladder, go through the sewer, and emerge at the top, outside the tower. Pick up the Detonator and blow the tower to hell. Mission Complete, and you're 75G richer.

    Hope that helps with the harder parts of the game.

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    Posted by Cuprofen on 25 Jun 21 at 16:38
    PyramidHeadx91I beat the game on expert my first playthrough and the "normal" acheivement popped. I then proceeded to play the game on casual, I beat it tonight. Once again neither acheivement popped. I didn't want to play it on expert again just to see the acheivement is still bugged. So now I guess I won't get my acheivement even though I already beat it on expert and I spent a lot of time. So my advice is don't bother. The game was ridiculously hard and the achievement is bugged. Idk why but every other achievement popped for me but the difficulty related ones won't. Any advice for a serious acheivement hunter who feels like the game hates me???
    Posted by PyramidHeadx91 on 08 Sep 21 at 03:31
    RubberSoul1990For me most difficult points in the game can be solved with a sniper and going slow, such as the bridge in Nijmegen where you should take long shots as much as possible. You should memorise each spot so you are not surprised. If so, the campaign will go easily.

    There is some difficulty in the last mission if you do not get your loadout right, and I will share my experience here because I have not yet found a guide that deals with my specific issue of being stuck on one of the last checkpoint without the right loadout and contemplating restarting the mission.

    I took a sniper at the start and dropped onto the top, mostly a breeze until I get to the control room on level three... for this an STG or similar weapon is a must if you are to face off the infinite spawns and 6 MG42s. If like me you get stuck with a checkpoint and the wrong weapons, upon reload simple parachute to walkway on the fourth level (second from the top), walk the whole way around the room (watch out for the rocket launcher slightly below level 4 and above the control room) and you will find a side room, go down the ladder in the hole in the floor and you will find that this room has a whole supply of weapons and ammo (including rockets and STG)... you can easily take out the immediate MG42 from above with the rocket launcher, switch to the STG and take out the other on the far side of the room. Then press on using your STG... when you get close to the last of the MG42s (such as the guy that appears from the control room door) just do a rapid tap on the shoot trigger and it will cause the enemy to flinch (and cancel his shots). This formidable enemy then becomes cartoon-like as you pepper them with bullets and quickly move on. Repeat for each floor of the control room then you get the checkpoint and move to the final stage of the game.

    As noted elsewhere, you can then ignore the first enemies once you get past the elevator by sprinting along the path of the charge wire. Once you end up in the final spot in the sewers just again go slow, nestle up in a safe spot (I found the entrance next to the gammon grenades to be fine) and the first 4 MG42s will come to you, use the same method with the STG and pepper them with shots. The final two will be waiting in tight spots (seen on the radar), just go slow and use the same pepper spray method and you are home free. Level three took me ages until I found an STG, after that I done both difficult sections in mere minutes. This is one to plan ahead to make this a breeze… or use this above method if you are really stuck. Good luck!
    Posted by RubberSoul1990 on 28 Apr at 18:51
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    Firstly, it would help if you have fully upgraded weapons from previous playthroughs as the difficultly achievements are not stackable, doing this first will not benefit you in the long term (which i found out).

    This took me around 8 hours as my first playthrough through, being patient when overwhelmed by enemies (use cover as enemies are not unlimited like on CoD) and going for headshots as well as good use of grenades and you should have no problem until you meet the storm troopers.

    The storm troopers have a ridiculously powerful weapon so, sprint at all times when they try to shoot you and get behind cover, if you can use gammon grenades do as it only takes around 2 effective placements will kill them.

    Apart from that make sure you land safely, and if you can on higher ground so you get a vantage point.
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    KILLROY 313This is some great advice! I had no idea enemies were not unlimited. I've only beaten casual, but knowing this now is giving me incentive to try expert and then normal. Thanks :) !!!
    Posted by KILLROY 313 on 12 Oct 09 at 23:16
    Bill 13As far as the storm troopers go I found you can defeat them pretty easily using the Stg44. I used it with an ACOG and if you burst fire it would stun him and before he shoots again you hit him with another burst. Even though I was behind cover, sometimes he wouldn't stun and I would get smoked but for the most part I could even be standing right in front of the guy and kill him easy. Headshots were even better. This is important right at the end of the game on Expert when they throw 5-7 in a row at you.
    Posted by Bill 13 on 22 Feb 10 at 14:38
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    This is just a tip to help with the last level on expert ( assaulting the main control room ) which can be a pain as it has alot of the MG42 buggers about and they rip through your health really quick.
    How i did it dying once in the sewers my mistake with a rebound gammon.
    Land on the roof and take out the guns then move down and clear the 5 i believe AA guns.
    Move in side and take out the 2 control stations then down to the ground to take care of the 3 armored truck dudes. when you've killed them you will get a check point, I then took the lift as soon as i got out the lift i went up all the stairs as high as you can to the Level above the Main control room. From here you can see below the Rocket launcher and the normal fella next to him kill them, then using the crates jump on them and work your way around walking on the railing till you can jump down on to the section they were on, Doing this means you only have to kill the one MG42 and 4/ 5 normal ppl in the top floor room of the control room the other 4 MG42's wont come up and as soon as you clear the room it will check point and give you the option to use the lift to go down to the demo team.
    Also for me once i had cleared the room and it check-pointed the other enemies vanished giving me a chance to re-arm and re-health.
    Hope this helps as that bit even on normal was a pain if you missed with your gammons or misjudged how far behind cover you were.
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    Shadow 00 FoxThat trick worked great for dropping down on the level above the control room! And, can you add to your solution, I discovered that when you get to the basement, as soon as you gain control of your character, you can run past the first 3 germans to the sewers--however, instead of dropping down into the sewers, I used the Garand to snipe 2 germans on my own level who were on a catwalk, I was also able to snipe one of the MG42's who camps back in the left corner. After that, I dropped down a little, and discovered I could snipe the MG42's that walk--if you stand at the right height on the broken catwalk, they'll shoot at you but can't hit you because they're hitting the pipe, and I was able to shoot them in the head. That worked for several of them, then I got some more by tossing Gammon Grenades over the pipes. I only had to take out two that made it around the end corner! Also, I would recommend, make sure you pick up the rocket launcher outside the control room or before if you would like it for the sewers.. then die on purpose if you already used the weapon chests on top of the tower or wherever else they are(I used the top ones because they are so easy to find), respawn, and fill your explosives up at the chests on top of the tower. Worked like a charm, I went into the sewers with full ammo, health, and explosives.. hardly used half of it. laugh
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 18 Nov 14 at 20:04
    Shadow 00 FoxJust completed it on Expert--a few slight changes for the last level--I recommend picking up the rocket launcher then dying on purpose after assaulting the control room, so that you can restock your explosive supplies--you just need to climb to the top of the tower to do so. In the basement while looking into the sewers, you can take out 3 germans on your own level if you look carefully, then snipe the MG42 in the back left corner. After this you'll need to drop down... but if you stand near the pipes you can unload on the approaching germans. They'll shoot at you but you should do a lot of damage. I then stood back on the corner to the right of the broken down catwalk, and hid there chucking gammon grenades and leaning out to shoot soldiers. Something EXTREMELY useful I learned also--if you keep shooting MG42's, they can't shoot as they keep flinching from your shots. I used the Stg44 with no scope on it(clicked the right stick on Control set 2 I think to remove the scope if you have it), and one full clip could take an MG42. Either way, it's not nearly as hard as it seems when you use a combination of those explosives, rocket launcher, and leaning with your Stg44...
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 22 Nov 14 at 08:49
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