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Pack Rat achievement in Crackdown

Pack Rat

Complete any Stockpile mini-game in Co-op mode in fewer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Pack Rat0
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How to unlock the Pack Rat achievement

  • FauxcroftFauxcroft353,074
    20 May 2007 12 Oct 2009
    36 2 11
    This one is fairly simple and can be gotten for BOTH players as long as one has the DLC required to do it.

    Stockpile games are marked by white luminous spots and are far and few. The easiest ones are in the Los Muertos area. Use teamwork to get all the orbs, technically its a challenge to see who can get more, but if it's an achievement you are hunting for; just work together to make sure you get them all in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Any of them are easily do-able if you work together on it.

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    Kingz666Looking for a partner hmu if my profile still doesn't have it unlocked.
    Posted by Kingz666 on 03 Apr at 17:26
    iTRU BOSSpanthRLooking for partner. April 2022
    Posted by iTRU BOSSpanthR on 13 Apr at 09:48
    L1QU0RB00TIElooking for partner 08JUL22
    Posted by L1QU0RB00TIE on 09 Jul at 06:00
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  • Halodan123Halodan123662,900
    12 Aug 2013 12 Aug 2013 04 Nov 2013
    23 8 3
    Edit: Below is the link of my uploaded video to prove this is an excellent way to get this achievement, any negative votes, you clearly are catastrophically doing the challenge completely wrong as I beat the achievement time over 37 seconds!

    The best way and easiest way to get this achievement is to do the Stockpile level: Cooling Towers. This level is found in the Volk Area with the 3 big towers. (3 circles on the map: found around the centre of the map) Collecting all 100 orbs in under 2.30 is actually very possible to do with only 1 of the 2 players attempting this but both players must be at the starting position when the stockpile mini game starts for the achievement to count for both players. Reason being as I tried out the level a few times (about 3 times) on my own and started collecting the orbs from the first big tower first and then worked my way along from there and with only just a little bit of practice, I ended up completing it in approximately 2.15 as my best time, meaning 1 of the 2 players can just sit comfortably, however I strongly recommend both players attempt to get all the orbs in separate directions to make life more easier and for both players to get the achievements quicker without any struggle at all as all the orbs are in simple locations. Also to add note My agility rating was 4 star when attempting this, so I recommend both players have to have at least a 3 star agility rating if both are working together for this one to make this nice and straight forward. (Preferably, i'd recommend both players to have a 4 star agility rating for best results) Hope this helps! Good luck! smile
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    Nuka Cola CapDO NOT TE THIS AS GOSPEL! I have a max level agent and I tried helping a friend get this achievement using this method and it sux.

    You will have far more luck on the easy los murtos ones
    Posted by Nuka Cola Cap on 04 Nov 13 at 13:35
    Halodan123Well my friend you are DEFINITELY doing it all wrong if you think this solution sucks. This is a very easy and well laid out level that you can very easily get all the stock pile orbs in WAY under 2 minutes. (Certainly below 2 minutes and 30 seconds) I have now uploaded a video as proof of evidence as to show that this solution works like a charm and thrashed the achievements target time even on solo. With a friend you should easily thrash the record more. Take a look if you wish.
    Posted by Halodan123 on 04 Nov 13 at 18:12
    DELT4 UKI did it in 2.27 the first go but it didn’t unlock, on the second attempt I did it in 2.15 and it did unlock. Great solution 👍🏼
    Posted by DELT4 UK on 06 May 19 at 09:51
  • King GBFKing GBF1,083,202
    27 Jul 2011 27 Jul 2011 14 Oct 2013
    16 2 0
    In addition for all german speaking gamers:

    The german description for this achievement says that you have to complete every "Vorrat-Minispiel" in co-op in under 2.30. This is not true, you just have to complete one of them.

    I did it with two guys in a row, and I got it the first mission we finished, them as well.

    So good luck!!!
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