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Repo Man

Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles

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How to unlock the Repo Man achievement

  • snake42069snake420691,212,529
    11 Jan 2009 11 Jan 2009
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    I used Timbol Time trial for this. You must defeat a boss before you can do their time trial. Time trial is accessed from the main menu. When you choose timbol, a infinite amount of cars will spawn, just jack one, then get out after the door closes, then run away as the gang will shoot you. DONT SHOOT BACK. if you do the gang members in cars will get out before you can jack them. The members in the car you jacked as well as any gang cars near you, will get out to hurt you, but if your run down the street, they will ignore you, and you should run into another car as your running away from the first one, letting you gain another jack count.

    Or, there is a quicker way, which is detailed in the video below. Its the Diaz Time Trial from the Los Muertos boss's. When you run out of cars to jack, kill yourself or kill diaz, and start over. Eventually youll get the achievement.

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    Szakal oOtimbol is a loooot better great guide ; o
    Posted by Szakal oO on 06 Sep 11 at 13:31
    InterracialTimbol time trial works great for this achievement. Thanks for the guide!
    Posted by Interracial on 07 Sep 19 at 11:37
    brooza664I used the Timbol guide and it took me almost exactly 30 minutes
    Posted by brooza664 on 29 Apr 20 at 17:02
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  • Removed Gamer
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    Rafael Diaz is your friend.

    Go to Time Trial mode and pick Diaz as your boss. You'll go inside of his little stadium and a bunch of guys will go after you. Not to mention a bunch of guys driving cars.

    Just yank them out of the car and go in. Drive for a second and get out. Do this as many times as you can (it'll be different every time, since gang members will not hesitate to shoot at their allies in the car while you are trying to get to them. Not to mention blow the car up).
    After you can't steal any more gang-controlled cars, kill Diaz and start anew.
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    jochtaSimpler than restarting is once you've commandeered as many cars as you can, run out of the arena entrance turn left and then first right until you hit a blue wall. Turn around and run back into the arena and everything will have respawned.
    Posted by jochta on 11 Sep 08 at 13:52
    GrossitYan easier way is to just run around any town and as long as you dont kill any gang members you can take their cars and they wont all come after you. much easier then restarting the mission after 5 mins. and 5 cars later.
    Posted by GrossitY on 19 Sep 08 at 21:29
    dunnidI completely agree with GrossitY. If you wait until the gang member symbol on the top right of your screen disappears then the bad guys won't chase you. This also means they won't get out their cars as soon as you get near them. So you can just do this by running around town in the campaign mode going up to cars then taking them. Just don't kill anyone (including the guys you pull out of the car) and they still won't come after you. They don't seem to mind you stealing their cars too much.
    Posted by dunnid on 25 Sep 08 at 09:17
  • Zer0eZer0e573,563
    14 May 2010 14 May 2010
    25 1 4
    Diaz is a good method, I prefer to do it without the bullets flying and needing to constantly restart though. Not to say it's hard, just annoying. When I was going for this achievement last night, I was also doing Confiscator at the same time.

    The key, is to NOT fire a single bullet or even run over a gang member. Just yank them out and drive for a second (was paranoid that not driving for that second doesn't count towards achievement), get out and repeat. The passenger will fire on you of course, but unless another car/gang member is really close, no one else will.

    I've actually jacked one car, drove for my second and got out to another one right away. As if the second car didn't even notice the jack.

    Again, don't fire a shot and bring attention to yourself. Kind of hard to jack cars when the enemy gets out as soon as they see you from a distance.
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    GidyupIs this all in one sitting or does it count up over all of the car jacks. It just seems like I've been doing this one forever. :)
    Posted by Gidyup on 23 Jul 10 at 14:17
    Zer0eIt's definitly over time. When I got mine, I got back into the game after a good year and a half. I just did what I did about 30-40 times it seemed.
    Posted by Zer0e on 23 Jul 10 at 14:48
    BikerlemonYou have to pull em out of their vehicles or else it doesn't count. I have tried to take this with the Roadkill King achievement and I tried to just ram their vehicle just a little bit and when they get out, I run them over. Done this for more than a hundred times so I've realise that you should actually take them out of their vehicles to count as a stolen car. If they are already out of their car...don't bother.
    Posted by Bikerlemon on 03 Sep 13 at 11:33
  • Hexa FoxHexa Fox1,138,289
    06 Aug 2012 06 Aug 2012 16 Aug 2012
    22 1 4
    Okay guys listen up you have to make sure you are jacking "Gang Controlled Vehicles". This simply means that the car you are after has to have a gang icon above it. So when you are in the big "Durby Room" with Diaz only the three cars count. As they are the only ones with the icon above them. The big tow like looking trucks (about four of them) do not count towards the achievement.

    Go under Shai-Gen after you beat Timbol, and use her trail. This is ten times easier here. Basically you start out on the road with the notoriety meter locked at zero. Which means the gang members will pay little or absolutely no attention to you.

    Just as all the other guides state do not shoot or kill anyone and you should be fine. The only time the other gang members noticed me is when I was stealing one of there buddies vehicles right in front of them. In which case they would get out and shoot at me. Easily fixed by driving a little way away; then, finding the next car to steal on the way.
  • taximiketaximike373,538
    04 Apr 2021 04 Apr 2021 04 Apr 2021
    1 0 0
    Time Trial: Timbol

    Keep running around and jacking cars with enemies in them without shooting anything.

    Took me around 30 minutes for 75.

  • B8TINGUB8TINGU557,871
    06 Sep 2015 06 Sep 2015
    3 4 0
    Or you could simply just run around during the normal course of game play as your going for orbs or vehicles and everytime you see a vehicle, any vehicle with the gang symbol above it (not the blue ones) those are police. If you really want you can even just grind this by jacking a vehicle (you don't have to drive it) if your seen by another car of the gang they will jump out and start shooting you. Don't shoot back, or if you do you'll just have to wait/hide out until the gang symbol in the top right screen goes green. Then just rinse and repeat around every street there is always one or more if these cars. I was grinding these and it only took me about half an hour and I didn't have to reset or die.
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