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How to unlock the Road Warrior achievement

  • darkavenger786darkavenger786392,332
    10 Jan 2013 10 Jan 2013 23 Jul 2017
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    (Update 5th Sept 2013 - Note: I am currently working on getting the times for each race.)

    (Update 24th March 2014 - Managed to go through all the races in the game and get the times to beat. They have been added to each race in the list.)

    List taken from:

    Although all of the guides here keep going on about the insane difficulty of the Alleys of the Den race, they do not say where each race is located. I have therefore looked elsewhere online and found a complete list of the location of each race. As an added bonus, the list I found gave a few helpful tips for some of the races.

    I have also included a YouTube video link of the Alleys of the Den race being completed with the Agency Supercar. (Note: Not my video so credit goes to DuvalAK47 for creating and posting it online). Also note that the time to beat in the video is 1:32, this is incorrect as this is DuvalAK47's personal best. The correct time to beat is 1:40 and, as the video shows, there is room for error so don't be discouraged if you make some mistakes like the video shows.

    As UnrealKazu points out in the comments, you can use the Agency Race Car to make things easier however, this is a DLC car from the Getting Busy Bonus Pack.

    Also note that a trophy should pop up on the screen if you have beaten the specific time. If the trophy does not appear on screen, then you must do the race again (By trophy, I mean an actual trophy, not Playstation trophies).

    Race locations are as follows:

    1. Hillside High
    Location: Los Muertos, northern island.
    From Nearest Supply Point: A short trip northeast from Garcia Point.
    It's by Diaz's racetrack.
    Time To Beat: 5:30:00

    2. La Mugre Alleys
    Location: Los Muertos, southern island.
    From Nearest Supply Point: It's a short trip north of Hillside Housing.
    Time To Beat: 1:40:00

    3. Tour the Den
    Location: Volk, southern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: Go south from the Retreat supply point.
    Time To Beat: 1:30:00

    4. The Freeway Gauntlet
    Location: Volk, southern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: Head west from the Storage Facility supply point.
    Time To Beat: 5:20:00

    5. The Alleys of the Den
    Location: Volk, southern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: Head north up the road at Maxim's Arch.
    You'll see the race on your radar for sure. Also, I'm declaring this to be the most fucking evil race in the game. Lots of small tunnels, no room for error, and an insanely short time to run it. You'll probably go through this race a damn lot, since you pretty much need a perfect run to pull it off. Best of luck, and do try not to shoot yourself in the head out of frustration.
    Time To Beat: 1:40:00

    6. Shai-Gen Shopper's
    Location: Shai-Gen, western island
    From Nearest Supply Point: This one's south of the Bubble supply point.
    Bring your SUV to this one, as there's lots of stairs to go up and down in the beginning. Also, don't be afraid to run over people. It'll be impossible to not do so in this race, so might as well go all out, right?
    Time To Beat: 1:45:00

    7. City Park Burnout
    Location: Shai-Gen, northern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: A quick stop north of the Comfortitude, LTD. supply point. It's right next to the only pond in the park.
    Time To Beat: 1:50:00

    8. Shai-Gen Tourist
    Location: Shai-Gen, southern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: It's a small trip west from the Intellicenter. Definitely bring the Supercar.
    Time To Beat: 3:35:00

    9. Crazy Horse
    Location: Los Muertos, southern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: This race is just a little southeast of the Hillside Housing supply point.
    Time To Beat: 1:55:00

    10. The Volk Endurance Test
    Location: Volk, northern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: It's across the bridge from the Hi-Power Tower supply point.
    Time To Beat: 7:50:00

    11. The Los Muertos Endurance Test
    Location: Los Muertos, southern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: Head north from the Pacific City Bank supply point.
    Time To Beat: 6:50:00

    12. The Widowmaker
    Location: Volk, northern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: Go up the bridge by the Hi-Power Tower, and take a left. The race is down the road; you'll see it.
    Time To Beat: 1:40:00

    13. Off-Road Chaos
    Location: Los Muertos, northern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: It's right by Garcia Point. Can't miss it.
    Time To Beat: 2:40:00

    14. La Mugre Coast
    Location: Los Muertos, southern island
    From Nearest Supply Point: It'll show up on your radar when you emerge from the Royal Vista supply point. The race is behind Guerra's nightclub.
    Time To Beat: 1:30:00

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    DjshepDid the alley of the den on my 2nd try with the peacekeeper race car from the DLC and I made several errors. So worst case scenario if you're having trouble with it you can get the DLC and you should do it no problem. Good luck!
    Posted by Djshep on 26 Aug 17 at 19:57
    OptionalOwlI couldn't get Shai-Gen Shopper's with the SUV...switched to the Agency Race Car and killed the time.
    Also, The Alleys of the Den was done 1st time with the Agency Race Car in case any one is having problems.
    Posted by OptionalOwl on 04 Jul 19 at 13:06
    AxeL R GRThis guide should be updated now that the DLC is free. The Alleys of the Den becomes super easy when you do it with the race car. It's obvious that this race was designed with the race car in mind.
    Also, OptionalOwl is correct, the SUV is a terrible choice for Shai-Gen Shopper's. Get the race car. The only time when the SUV was helpful was in The Widowmaker.
    Posted by AxeL R GR on 01 Jul 20 at 23:33
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  • Rocha12Rocha12829,041
    25 Aug 2010 27 Sep 2010
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    If you're still having problems with "Alleys of the Den" there's another way which I personally found to be easier.
    You need to have the premium DLC (the one that costs MS points) or have a friend who does that can host the game.
    Then simply use the Agency Race Car as it is small enough to fit through all the tight spots, but also has very good brakes, handling and acceleration.
    I was able to do it first try this way, even with a few bad mistakes.
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    DarKenshin13mate it drives me mad when people cannot spell the name correctly, you mean the PEACEKEEPER RACE CAR , not the Agency Race Car. That's a whole different car altogether!
    Posted by DarKenshin13 on 02 May 15 at 01:27

    I don't have the game anymore to check, but this wiki calls it the same so whatever...
    Posted by Rocha12 on 02 May 15 at 09:37
    Thrawn526Great tip, not having to have nearly pixel perfect aim on some of the openings really helps finishing the race within the time limit. Now if only the AI weren't so stupid to dive in front of the speeding car...
    Posted by Thrawn526 on 15 Mar 19 at 02:31
  • HerpSlurpeeHerpSlurpee107,643
    04 Jan 2012 09 Jan 2012
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    One solution to "Alleys of the Den" which I found to be the easiest for me: This goes back to the method for the street races trick on using the supercar.

    Go back to the agency and grab yourself a supercar. Now drive the supercar to where the pylons are and park it on the other side, within the alley. Leave it there and go grab yourself either the agency peacemaker, or a coupe (they get more airtime for the first ramp, they also fit between the pylons.) Now start the race and once you fly through the pylons, hop out and into your supercar who has been waiting for you, finish the race - easy. I think my finish time was around 1:22-1:24.
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    AnemonemanThis worked brilliantly! I took the coupés that are parked in the garages in the alley the start marker is in, they handle better than those peacekeepers. Got 1:33 on my first try!
    (I'd tried speeding the supercar through the pylons a few times before so I knew the course)
    Posted by Anemoneman on 08 Dec 13 at 20:26
    WhiskeyCharlieThanks for the tip about the coupes. I used and abused those coupes until I got it as well, with about 1.5 seconds to spare. There are lots of those cars being driven around that area. I would just take one if the others didn't re-spawn at the race location.
    Posted by WhiskeyCharlie on 01 May 14 at 22:37
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