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How to unlock the Completionist achievement

  • MortyDiceMortyDice172,359
    22 Jan 2009 23 Jan 2009 13 Sep 2014
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    I don't mean this text as a "solution" but instead some advices which will help you not to pull out your hair with your bare hands.

    For those who want to go straight to the point:
    1. Enter these phone numbers:
    4463, 4525, 4603, 4649, 4676,
    4682, 4691, 6418, 6441, 6454,
    6503, 8164, 6713, 6799, 6892,
    8416, 8766, 8856, 8881, 8896,
    8989, 1093, 1228. 1229. 1234.
    1266. 3249. 3318. 1917. 1952.
    3429. 3440. 3452. 3492. 3495.
    3496. 3520. 5197. 3791. 3794.
    5211. 3849. 5311. 5327. 5438.
    5439. 5465. 5466. 5477. 5549.
    5569. 5595. 5619. 5709. 7467.
    7526. 7614. 7641. 7642. 7643.
    7710. 7761. 9345. 9588. 9868.
    9903. 9913. 2575. 2734. 2763.
    2764. 4336. 2941.

    2. Get into Chapter 2 (first video), find all letters (these are only obtainable by finding them). BE EXTRA CAREFUL WITH #26/28 AS THEY HAVE BEEN MISSED A COUPLE TIMES.
    3. Post them in Chapter 3, in the first letterbox you find
    4. Get to Chapter 4(second video), repeat
    5. Post them and the achievement is unlocked.

    Now for my advices to do it the long way:
    - Take it easy! People tend to think that you have to do it on one playthrough, that's not true. I was missing two items and only acquired those two on Chapter 2 during my 2nd playthrough and I unlocked the Completionist achievement (thanks to items #).
    - In any case, you have to find every letter in the "hell" world (no, it doesn't involve lesbians, sorry), so pay extra attention to these ones. They amount to 27.
    - Enjoy phone conversations, some certainly deserve your attention.

    Update: Guide confirmed.

    Edit: Two videos added by Foofighter18 for letters.

    As per Hexa's request:
    By the way if anyone is reading this allow me to try and save you the trouble. If you missed Collectible #28 or #26 you are not totally screwed. You do have to restart Chapter 2 completely from the Main Menu though. This is NOT a big deal because since it was the second time around I got back to #28 in less than a half hour.

    Obviously if you are reading this now make certain that you get these two collectibles as there is no possible way to get them in Chapter 4 (the second time you return to hell). Hopefully this will save someone else the heartache. This entire chapter takes about an hour to do so restarting it is not a huge deal.

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    Mobius EvalonYou need to find a normal post office box in the streets to mail the letters. I'm pretty sure they were the big blue ones you'd find in the United States.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 24 Apr 15 at 01:06
    Draxler Knight7ok thanks :D
    Posted by Draxler Knight7 on 24 Apr 15 at 01:08
    HungryNic42Got a problem with this achievement. I have the two last collectibles in my inventory but I can not call them on a pay phone.
    Posted by HungryNic42 on 20 Mar 20 at 05:53
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  • TVthePunisherTVthePunisher449,263
    13 Nov 2011 06 Dec 2011 06 Dec 2011
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    I originally put this together on another site, now I'm going to share it here!

    I worked together a list of all the collectables and their numbers. That's right, these are all ordered based on what # collectable they are. I'm doing this mainly because some people might be looking at their percentages and going "Huh, what am I missing? Which Phone Number...or is it a letter?", so I did a little research and thanks to a five-set video of a guy kind of enough to show off each phone number, I called each of these numbers to verify order and I ended up with the correct number for each.

    In researching this, I cross referenced a list by user "xBATTLE FIELDSx" in an thread with a video series by swordbladez. The letters themselves have a basic description (nothing special) but I provided a video series by Jamage007 that shows all the letters.

    Credit to xBATTLE FIELDSx for the compiled phone # list that I used as a basis in my research, I reordered it myself however (based on the number note that it is). Here is his original list:


    EXTRA NOTE: You do not need to find the Notes for Phone numbers, you can just sit at a payphone and enter ALL 73 NUMBERS without worry. Also, you do NOT have to enter "555" in ANY number used in the game, collectable or not.

    Credit to swordbladez for the video series.

    The Darkness Xbox 360 Collectables Phone Calls 1/5 - YouTube

    555-9345 - #1 (Trinity Church)
    555-5465 - #2 ("Hello? Leave a message. Thanks")
    555-2941 - #3 (Robert, lost a chick named Mary)
    555-8989 - #4 (It Watches You In the Night Guy)
    555-7526 - #5 (Jim Calhoune)
    555-7710 - #6 (Frankie the Snake)
    555-1266 - #7 (Mordo)
    555-3429 - #8 (Chunky Chicken Restaurant)
    555-3520 - #9 (Indian Spice Palace Restaurant)
    555-4525 - #10 (Tyler J. Pigsbrook, PI)
    555-9868 - #11 (Daniel Le Bleu)
    555-1234 - #12 (Dr. Jill Malone)
    Collectable #13 - Letter (Chapter 2. Passed Trenches and a Tree. Shoot Wooden Hatchdoor and climb inside, next to Dead Soldier)
    Collectable #14 - Letter (Chapter 2. Alongside Trenches in Ruined Building Lined with Barbed Wire)
    Collectable #15 - Letter (Chapter 2 and maybe 4. Near undead Ally soldier playing Harmonica leading to Village)
    Collectable #16 - Letter (Chapter 2/4. On ruined building at village, right of bridge leading to Famine the Horse)
    Collectable #17 - Letter (Chapter 2. In room with water-sealing door, far right in dark area on a platform that you can reach with creeping dark or from the upper floor while jumping)
    Collectable #18 - Letter (Chapter 2. Climb several sets of stairs passed water-sealing door and you'll reach a well-lit room leading to the cannon next area. Letter is in a dark corner here)
    555-2763 - #19 (Drunk/Stoned Guy, doesn't know if the voice mail is on)
    555-8164 - #20 (Weird Guy who wants you to kill cops)
    555-5477 - #21 ("I know what you did" guy)
    555-3849 - #22 (The Angel Rocks Back and Forth guy)
    555-5466 - #23 (Vlad)
    555-3791 - #24 (Angry Russian Guy #3)
    555-3452 - #25 (Angry Russian Guy #2)
    Collectable #26 - Letter (Chapter 2. On outside of Cannon, at stairwell climb it then send creeping dark down to door, up the side of the cannon's walls and it will be on a ledge here near the top)
    Collectable #27 - Letter (Chapter 2. At large gate where Cannon is, avoid cannon and head for the door, it's on the right corner)
    Collectable #28 - Letter (Chapter 2. In hatch heading to cannon, crouch down to and look left to find it)
    555-7761 - #29 (Neufunken)
    555-1228 - #30 (Foreign Language Guy)
    Collectable #31 - Letter (On catwalk above shell needed for cannon, right path opposite of lever)
    Collectable #32 - Letter (On path to Castle, very last light on the right to the left of the light itself)
    Collectable #33 - Letter (Inside Castle, first area in a dark area to the left. Climb some rubble to find it)
    555-6418 - #34 (Emergency Call Center)
    555-1952 - #35 (Harrington's Transcedental Pet Museum)
    555-7614 - #36 (Dr. Judy Barrows)
    555-3496 - #37 (John the Fireman)
    Collectable #38 - Letter (Chapter 2. Outside of German Bunker near Trenches, need Creeping Dark)
    555-5549 - #39 (Simon Dogooder)
    555-1229 - #40 (Nepal Guy)
    555-6454 - #41 (Chen's Chinese Pizza Parlor)
    555-8766 - #42 (Sonny, the very angry guy)
    555-5327 - #43 (Best Wok Chinese Restaurant)
    555-8856 - #44 (La Bonita Videos)
    555-4336 - #45 (Amanda Accessories)
    555-6713 - #46 (Brunner & Son Laundry Cleaners)
    555-3249 - #47 (Green Olive Grove Restaurant)
    555-5595 - #48 (Craine & Extine Construction Company)
    555-7467 - #49 (Jane)
    555-7641 - #50 (Tom the Lover)
    555-4463 - #51 (The thing you carry inside Guy)
    555-5439 - #52 (Yogi "Lips" Cavallo)
    555-3318 - #53 (Drank-Too-Much-Vodka-Guy)
    555-5311 - #54 (The Demon Inside Guy)
    555-9588 - #55 (Angry Old Guy Who Hates Kids)
    555-6441 - #56 (Old Woman who can't hear well)
    555-2734 - #57 (Saito's Massage Parlor)
    555-3492 - #58 (Jody)
    555-4682 - #59 (Alex Froly's Office)
    555-7642 - #60 (Satin Movies Production Company)
    555-4649 - #61 (Someone in my house guy)
    555-8416 - #62 (Ends Times Fanatic who wants a whore...guy)
    Collectable #63 - Letter (Chapter 2. In front of Pestilance, the Birdman)
    Collectable #64 - Letter (Chapter 4. In sewers leading to village from cannon, just before village waterway sitting in front of gate)
    Collectable #65 - Letter (Chapter 2/4. At Village left of bridge leading to the Hills, hole in a building with ladder)
    Collectable #66 - Letter (Chapter 2/4. Inside shack at the Village, turn around from Trenches to find it)
    Collectable #67 - Letter (Chapter 2. Through Water-sealing door, turn left at first chance to find it)
    Collectable #68 - Letter (Chapter 2. Underneath catwalk in Cannon at the star-symbol on wall)
    555-9913 - #69 (Cancerous Growths Guy)
    555-5197 - #70 (Leave a Message After the Beep, DO IT DO IT DO IT!...guy)
    555-4691 - #71 (Pete the Feet's Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service)
    555-3794 - #72 (Christmas Carol Choir Center)
    555-6799 - #73 ("Unspeakable Green Evil" Guy)
    555-2575 - #74 (Dr. Andersson's Chocolate Factory, yes there are two S's)
    555-4676 - #75 (Cult of the Dead Stars)
    Collectable #76 - Letter (Chapter 4. Climb down ladder from cannon, turn around and it's under a stone-built catwalk of sorts)
    Collectable #77 - Letter (Chapter 4. After blowing a hole in Castle doors, head out onto the first area before some wooden planks towards the castle. A light fixture to the left has the letter on it's right corner)
    Collectable #78 - Letter (Chapter 4. Climb down into sewers from Cannon, first open area to right has the collectable facing a gate looking out at an orange sky)
    Collectable #79 - Letter (Chapter 2. At broken down house, off to the right from defined path in fireplace)
    Collectable #80 - Letter (Chapter 2. At Bunker in The Hills, off to the left from defined path)
    555-6892 - #81/82 ("Gone Fishing, Leave a Message")
    555-3495 - #81/82 (Asian Guy, can't come to phone)
    Collectable #83 - Letter (Chapter 4. After killing huge creature, in a room to your left with a metal door)
    Collectable #84 - Letter (Chapter 4. In Castle final area, just beyond a gate across from entrance reachable by hand)
    555-2764 - #85 (Mike Dorian)
    555-1917 - #86 (Mad Mickey's Used Cars)
    Collectable #87 - Letter (In Cavern leading to The Hills, to the left on second floor on platform)
    555-5619 - #88 (Chicky D's Husband Grooming Service)
    555-1093 - #89 (The Smiths)
    555-5709 - #90 (Roger's fridge, bunch of college dudes)
    555-3440 - #91 (Angry Russian Guy, Jackie talks back)
    555-4603 - #92 (Ambrosia Guy)
    555-8896 - #93 (Jim the Suicide-Jumper)
    555-6503 - #94 (Senator Wilson/Sheep Girl)
    555-5211 - #95 (Guy who doesn't want to suck blood)
    555-9903 - #96 (Blood Guy 2)
    555-5438 - #97 (Suicide hotline)
    555-7643 - #98 (The British Embassy)
    555-8881 - #99 (Jerry's Pawn Shop)
    555-5569 - #100(Grinder's Lane Abbatoir)

    I apologize for the instructions on the letters being vague, here's a video series that helped me out for Chapter 2 and then Chapter 4. Credit to Jamage007 for posting these videos.

    The Darkness Collectable Guide Part 2 (Xbox 360, PS3) - YouTube

    The Darkness Collectables Guide Part 3 - YouTube

    The Darkness Collectables Guide Part 4 (Xbox 360 PS3) - YouTube

    I will note that both of these guys missed something in their videos. The calls video series lacks two calls, 81 and 82 so I don't know the exact number for each (I know the two phone numbers, it's just which phone number belongs to which Note is the question) And I know at least one collectable was missed in the other videos (#4, which you find in the apartment for Dana one of the people you have to help for Heart of Gold). HOWEVER, Jamage's videos do show ALL THE LETTER LOCATIONS...collectable #4 can simply have the phone number entered for it OR you could go to the location I mentioned.

    NOTE: The collectable guide does NOT include people you need to meet for Heart of Gold, just found collectables and in once case, Peter Chen (the dude outside Jenny's).
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    EarthboundXVery nice! Only guide I've seen that actually lists what collectibles are what number.

    Way better than having to dial entire every single number when you're just missing a few.

    Posted by EarthboundX on 06 Sep 17 at 09:44
    TVthePunisherGlad I could help make things easier. I figured letting people know what was better than a shot in the dark. Saves time and frustration
    Posted by TVthePunisher on 06 Sep 17 at 14:13
    My RingtonesI beat the game and missed a single thing. I had no clue what it was other then being, in chapter 4. 9903 thank God I smacked in the numbers, without knowing the chapter never would've gotten this.
    Posted by My Ringtones on 22 Jan at 23:40
  • Phil0s0pherPhil0s0pher500,663
    25 Jul 2010 25 Jul 2010
    42 9 11
    Two previews guides don't have solution on all phone numbers that can give you all not underworld collectibles and also its pretty hard to use the ign guide for letters, so i decide to unite best guides on phone numbers and letters and post them here with credits to people who made them.

    Here all the letters locations guide:

    Otherworld Part 1 - Chapter 2 in the Chapter Select Menu
    Collectibles in this level: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 26, 27, 28, 38, 63, 66, 67, 68, 79, 80, 87

    Letter #13 - When you come out of the first trench go straight ahead and you'll see a ruin of a building. It'll just be parts of the walls, the rest of it is missing/destroyed. When you get there look inside of what used to be a house and you'll see a secret door on the ground(it's wooden). Shoot the wooden door and climb down and grab the letter.

    Letter #14- From the end of the first trench, make a right and stay along the outside of the trench. You will come to a ruin of a building and the letter is in the corner on the ground, inside of the ruin. Remember, it's along side of the trench, somewhere near the middle.

    Letter #63 - This one is on the pedastal of 'Pestilence'. In case you don't know what 'Pestilence" is, it's the large birdlike creature that is tied to the cross. You can get a look at it from the binoculars inside of the trenches.

    Letter #38 - This one is located on the first German Bunker after you pass "Pestilence". To get to this one you have to get through the bunker. Upon exiting the bunker through the hole that your kamikazie darkling made, make a left and follow the outside of the bunker(the rounded part) to the otherside. Now, you'll be overlooking a cliff with the bunker on your left. On a small ledge of the bunker will be letter 38. Use Creeping Dark to get it.

    Letter #15 - After you reach the allied bunker they will point you to the sewers that lead to the Village. Once inside you'll see a solider playing a harmonica. The letter is to the right of him on the ground.

    Letter #66 - Once you climb the ladder to the Village make a right and go into the little shack to find letter 66 on the floor.

    Letter #65 - Right before you get to the bridge that leads to the Hills, make a left and climb down the ladder. This letter is on the ground in front of you.

    Letter #16 - Looking at the bridge that leads to the moutless horse('Famine'), make a right and look for a ruin of a building thats along the waterfront. Inside the ruin, on the floor is letter16. The ruin on your left going from the horse to the church.

    The Hills:
    Letter #87 - After crossing the bridge from the Village you'll be in some sort of building. This letter is on the platform thats above the Bell that blocks your path. If you're down by the Bell then you can use Creeping Dark to get it.

    Letter #80 - From the building head straight up the the man on the upside down cross. Before you get to the man, at the base of the hill there is a trench on your left. Inside the trench is letter 80.

    Letter #79 - From the man on the cross turn right roughly 45 degrees and head out onto the flat ground. On your way out you will see a ruin of a house on your left. Pass that one up and keep going in a north east direction. You will come to another ruin of a house but this one is a lot larger than the first one you saw. Inside the ruin is a fireplace and inside the fireplace is letter 79.

    Letter #28 - After you get back from the Hills and talk to Anthony(2nd time) he will point you into a secret door that leads to the sewers. After you enter the sewers you will see a small archway in front of you. As soon as you go past the archway the letter is on your left on the ground.

    Letter #17 - When you get into the sewers you'll come to a door that you can't open because you need to drain the water. Go up the 2 flights of stairs and make a right. It's a dark dead end but there will be a railing there. Jump over the railing and on the landing is number 17. You most likley won't be able to see it so just believe me and jump over the railing.

    Letter #67 - After you drain the water you'll be able to open the door downstairs. Open the door and instead of going straight at the intersection make a left, go into the big room and it's on the ground to your left.

    Letter #18 - It's in the last room in the sewers just before you go outside to the train/canon. If you are looking at the door that leads outside it's in the back left corner on the floor.

    Letter #27 - When you come out of the sewers you'll see the big train/canon. Just go straight, passing the train, until you get to a large gate. It's on the right hand side of the large gate, on the ground.

    Letter #26 - This one is on the outside of the train/canon. Climb to the top of the canon, standing with your back to the hatch that goes to the operating room of the canon. Now use your Creeping Dark and slither along the right side of the canon and go to the top. From here look down and the letter is sitting on a little ledge below you. (This one is a little hard to explain so if you have any questions feel free to ask).

    Letter #68 - Go inside the train and into the second room on the bottom floor. The letter is towards the front of the train underneath the catwalk. Use your Creeping Dark to get it.

    This concludes part 1 of the "Otherworld".

    Otherworld Part II - Chapter 4 in the Chapter Select Menu
    Collectibles in this level - 31, 32, 33, 64, 76, 77, 78, 83, 84

    Letter #76 - As soon as you climb off of the train this letter in underneath the raised platform behind the ladder that you just climbed down.

    Letter #78 - Head towards the back of the train and follow the path to the right that goes to the building that leads to the Village. Once inside, climb down the ladder. Facing the ladder you just climbed down, turn left and walk to the end of the sewer pipe. It's on the ground at the end.

    Letter #64 - Inside the sewer pipe that leads into the Village. It's right in front of the metal grate that you have to move to get in the Village.

    Tank ride:
    Letter #83 - After the tank ride and after you shoot the face off of that Monster he will drop the tank. When you get up there will be a room to the left with letter 83 in it.

    Canon Shell Room:
    Letter #31 - Once you're inside the room with the canon shell go up the two flights of stairs. Follow the catwalk untill you get to a tee. The left path leads to the lever to open the gates and the right path leads to the letter.

    Letter #77 - Back at the canon, again. Walk to the front of the canon and down to the wooden bridge that leads to the Castle. You'll see a pair of lights, one on the right and one on the left. The letter is to the right of the light on your left side if you're facing the Castle.

    Letter #32 - Cross the wooden bridge to the Castle entrance. This time there will be three pairs of light before you get to the Castle gate, three on each side. The letter is on the left of the light closest to the Castle entrance, on the right side.

    Letter #33 - Enter the castle and walk straight to the back. On your left is an archway with a pile of dirt under it. On to of the pile of dirt is letter 33.

    Letter #84 - In the last room in the Castle where you take control of The Darkness is a gate. It's straight ahead from where you entered this room. Look on the ground next to the gate.

    This concludes all of the letters found in the "Otherworld".

    Credits goes to: Crimzen dragon from

    Here all the phone numbers:


    Credits goes to: Amazon XD from and he gives the credits to alien8d on Xbox hackers.

    Basically its no matter have you complete game or not, most important like its was said in first solution you need to collect and send all letters from underworld chapters first, then you don't need to collect all phone numbers, just call on each one and it will count in.
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    HandydarknessYou forgot 65 in the village. . .
    Posted by Handydarkness on 30 Jul 12 at 10:43
    Q u 4 lK eWell, you still get negative. Same as gamerguy45. Don't say blah, blah, blah I did it, JUST FIX IT. It's not hard. Christ.
    Posted by Q u 4 lK e on 21 Oct 12 at 05:51
    GodLike499An easy way to describe were #26 is, is that it's on the top of the mount for the left side mount for the cannon, where the cannon barrel is mounted to the train chassis. It's on your right side while you're back is to the operator hatch and you're facing back along the train towards the mount.
    Posted by GodLike499 on 13 Jun 18 at 14:01
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