Gunslinger achievement in The Darkness


Kill 7 enemies within 15 seconds

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How to unlock the Gunslinger achievement

  • D DingersD Dingers737,928
    29 Sep 2013 05 Oct 2013 14 Sep 2014
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    There are far too many solutions for this achievement, and they all make it harder than it needs to be. The last chapter in the mansion, the darkness takes over control
    quite a lot. You are outside and the darkness takes over once again and pulls a helicopter out of the sky, this is pretty memorable!

    - After a few flashback sequences you materialise in a hallway with a guy in front of you. Pop him in the head, and look up and shoot the light out above you.

    - Select your black hole darkness power (blue), allowing this to recharge fully. It stops once the snake heads stop drawing in power / smoke.

    - Pop your head around the corner and but dont move forward, there is a couch / sofa at the end of the short hall where there is an infinite spawn.(if you are on hard, keep in cover)

    - Wait for 2-3 seconds until and you should see two or three guys take cover behind the sofa and walls, this also allows time for several others to spawn, then throw in a black hole aiming behind the sofa.

    -....wait for it...Bam! Gunslinger & Bringing People achievements pop together.

    If you need a visual reference point, Foofighter18's video on 9m 05sec is where you should find where I mean. Just DONT run down the hall like he did...!

    EDIT for Hexa's valid comment: Don't move down the hall as there is a save point and this will 'screw up' any chance of a repeat attempt if you fail. Just restart check point if it doesnt pop first time!

    You Tube Search: The Darkness: Chapter 5 (Part 5 of 6)

    Hope this helps!

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    GH05T SN1P3R 92Do what Kanchanaburi wrote. Got it first time doing it this way.
    Posted by GH05T SN1P3R 92 on 14 Mar 18 at 22:32
    HungryNic42I need help with this achievement also
    Posted by HungryNic42 on 21 Mar 20 at 00:21
    Addicted2RPGsAdding to this solution as I tried it as stated 20+ times and didn't get it to pop. I always have a minion with me that kills the first guy (doesn't seem to count as a kill towards the 7). What i did was let him kill the guy in front of me then he gets killed by the first group of enemies that rush out. I wait about 4 seconds then shoot the first 3 with pistol headshots then dropped the black hold about 2 seconds later. This got me the achievement, so if others are struggling I hope this helps.
    Posted by Addicted2RPGs on 24 Jun 21 at 05:05
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  • MortyDiceMortyDice173,437
    29 Jan 2009 30 Jan 2009 28 Jan 2013
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    Many will agree that doing it in front of the mansion at the end of the game is the best place to do it. Now I will add a walkthrough to get it:

    1. Start from the last checkpoint before the front door.
    2. Get up the stairs until you hear someone.
    3. Get down the stairs waiting for the darkling in front of you to vanish.
    4. Get up the stairs again, use your black hole to trap 3-4 people not so far in front of you.
    5. Run until you reach the front door while you're firing at the guys pouring out.
    6. You should need one more kill, which you'll have on your left with the guy who's running towards you.
    7. Achievement unlocked.

    It took me 10-15 times before I eventually found where to make my kills, but it should be faster for you.

    I forgot to add that you should do it on easy as was commented.

    Note to negatives, one more and I'll withdraw my not-so-bad solution (compared to the other ones).
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    Zacry072Well this strategy didn't work at all for me, but at least fighting in front of the mansion was the way to go. If I could give you a neutral thumb, that's what I'd give this guide.
    Posted by Zacry072 on 03 Aug 11 at 00:54
    UNNAMEABLE 666This solution didn't work for me.

    The guards at the door were usually in the dark area behind the pillars and difficult to hit.
    Most time they killed me before I could reach the stairs in front of the door.

    So after a while of frustration I changed my strategy.

    I followed steps 1 - 4 of this solution.
    But instead of running towards the front door, I decided to try another route.

    In front of the fountain, I ran towards the left corner of the mansion where the balustrade begins.
    Behind the corner there were 4 guards, waiting to leave their hideout.
    I used my M16 to blow their heads away and then the chievo popped.
    Posted by UNNAMEABLE 666 on 28 Jan 13 at 09:37
    ForcefulOliver2Got it on my 2nd try, so damneasy to do it this way!!!how can people struggle, its really, go up the stairs, come back, when you see black smoke it means the darkling is gone, go up, throw a black hole and kee running, 2 to front door plus 3 on left side, plenty of kills, perfect solution, +1 from me
    Posted by ForcefulOliver2 on 06 Jun 14 at 00:23
  • stylecouncillerstylecounciller125,579
    13 Apr 2009 13 Apr 2009 14 Apr 2009
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    easiest place to get this is the part where you speak to roach,its quite early on in the game,bit where you go to the hideout and pretend your after drugs, go in say the password,collect the pistols of the barrels and the table,theres 2 guys near the barrels wher the guns are go behind them near to where the mesh fence is so that yourt directly behind the guy WITHOUT the shotgun get your pistols out aim at the back of the guy your looking ats head line his head up withh the guy with the shotgun bang two dead in less than a second turn left into the livingroom bit aim high at there heads take out those three then run down to roach head shot him,by this time the guy from the door should have got round to your position nail him done,i did this in 11 seconds my lass timed it,took four attempts
    and i did this on the hardest difficulty!
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    Doctor Tikithis worked great for me thanks
    Posted by Doctor Tiki on 12 Apr 12 at 23:00
    Mr AfroduckGot it on my second try with this solution. Thanks very much! I have all 1000g now :)
    Posted by Mr Afroduck on 15 Jun 12 at 18:24
    Marine1TenFast & worked for me.
    Posted by Marine1Ten on 16 Nov 13 at 22:08
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