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Kill the workers in the tunnel

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How to unlock the Roadkill achievement

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    This is arguably the hardest achievement in the game as it is known to be glitched for some. I thought it was too for me but refused to believe it, and I am pretty sure I discovered the problem.

    There are approximately 10 guys in the tunnel when you are in the car that you must pop with the shotgun. Make sure you go into settings and turn your senstivity all the way up and autoaim on full. The achievement description says you have to kill all the workers in the tunnel. However, many have reported it after getting it on their 5th or 6th and others.

    The way this achievement works: When you kill one worker once, the achievement registers that you killed that worker. So if you kill worker # 1 on the first runthrough, you technically don't need to worry about him on your next run through.

    There are a few that are tricky to hit, once you get he hang of their positions, and finally hit them as well the achievement should unlock.

    You will get frustrated very quickly, as you will have to watch the opening cutscene repeatedly. Take your time and you will eventually get it. It is not unattainable for anyone. It just unlocks in a very strange manner. Good Luck

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    SK DiabolicI don't think anybody has mentioned this but the second group of workers can contain an extra guy on the left sometimes, so some playthroughs there is 11 workers to kill instead of 10.
    Posted by SK Diabolic on 03 Mar 15 at 10:53
    EarthboundXTook me two tries, turning on autoaim and sensitivity to the max seems to do the trick, I was killing some that weren't even close to my aim cursor.

    Games Master is right, just spam shots in the general direction and it's pretty simple.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 04 Sep 17 at 07:44
    sssssThx did this one first try.
    Posted by sssss#8809 on 02 May at 23:05
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    This success is rather difficult, but if you follow this video correctly this should actually be easier, especially put out the same parameters, after a few tries you should get there;) :
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    Billservo@xMidgetFuryx same here, I followed the other video on and off but this one is a little better done and got my the achievement after two tries on the same save. Just play the video along with the game and pause after each kill to line up your shot for the next set of workers.
    Posted by Billservo on 08 Aug 12 at 05:07
    boldfoxrdThat is a great video. I was using it for spotting where the workers are and seemed to hit the exact same ones :)
    Posted by boldfoxrd on 13 Dec 13 at 22:47
    APB PlaysGot it first try with this video and sensitivity/auto aim both on full.
    Posted by APB Plays on 02 Jun 15 at 03:02
  • tornprince2012tornprince2012816,400
    16 Aug 2013 05 Dec 2014 24 Jan 2015
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    Hey, guys!

    This achievement is tricky, frustrating and glitchy sometimes. I will try to save some of that post-frustration raging.
    Apparently, kills are being registered randomly so you need to know a few things before starting the game :

    - Put the sensitivity to the maximum, it helps tremendously!
    - Fire away at your pleasure since you have unlimited ammo and don't need to reload your shotgun!
    - Prepare to restart the game a few times ( took me 4 tries ) and to watch a lengthy opening cutscene. Some of the kills in a random way will be saved.
    - You either need to kill 10 workers in the tunnel or to kill everyone of them at least once, can be random as well, so don't panic if you don't get it on your first or second try.
    - Once the driving sequence is finished and the achievement didn't pop, just restart the game and repeat again, eventually you'll get it.

    The video is mine.
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    BulgyDragonZordIt might be worth mentioning that in this sequence your Shotgun has unlimited ammo and doesn't require reloading. Other than that good solution and good video.
    Posted by BulgyDragonZord on 23 Jan 15 at 18:26
    tornprince2012Bulgy, what would I do without you! Thanks, edited!
    Posted by tornprince2012 on 23 Jan 15 at 19:51
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