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Minion Multitude achievement in Overlord

Minion Multitude

Harvest a massive amount of Lifeforce

Minion Multitude+0.1
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How to unlock the Minion Multitude achievement

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    For this achievement, you don't have to have accumulated 10,000 lifeforce at any one time, you just have to have harvested 10,000 lifeforce over the course of the game. So feel free to create weapons and armor as you see fit, it won't hinder your ability to get this achievement.

    Nonetheless, this will take a lot of grinding to get. The easiest way is probably fighting Battler Beetles in the Dungeon. I was getting about 1000 lifeforce every 15 minutes that way, so defending on how much lifeforce you harvested throughout the game, you'll probably have to grind for 1.5 to 2 hours in the Dungeon for this achievement.

    *Tip from Ater Magus: If you have the Abyss DLC, equip the Harvest Helmet, which doubles the life force collected. This means you can halve your time grinding in the dungeon!

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    AndroidOdnetninI agree with Ater Magus, that's what made it somewhat bearable.
    Posted by AndroidOdnetnin on 02 Jul 09 at 23:03
    grasn reloadedyes, nice tip with the helmet. should add this to the solution!
    Posted by grasn reloaded on 29 Sep 09 at 21:15
    Damascus THQWhat I found was that if you go into the town (I forget the towns name, the one where the bridge is first blocked) There is a teleport area that has three people next to it and a set of stairs. One is a mage and the others are bums. Take browns and kills the bums. Them camp the army ontop of the dead bum. The mage will bring back the dead bum and the minions will take him out again.

    While it is doing this go and have some dinner or something. The mage will bring back both of them and your minions will take them back down. Add the DLC helmet and it goes by real fast.
    Posted by Damascus THQ on 05 Feb 10 at 19:51
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    06 Nov 2009 06 Nov 2009 20 Nov 2009
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    After Reading a FAQ on Overlord I read a VERY easy way to get the lifeforce (plus a bunch of cash) while not even playing.

    I found it from this faq :

    this is the method used:
    "-Emailed to me by Jeff: i found out a much easier way [to get money]...go to
    heavens peak city and kill the peasents near the white robed men ( clerics)
    they will revive them and they will keep dropping money. use a marker to put
    ur minions near or on the helpless peasent and the will constantly attack him.
    stand over top of his body and u will collect loads of cash and souls for
    upgrades on weapons and armor (i thinku can only do it after u beat the game...
    its near a gate....its one of the sections where u had to face kahn and there
    were sum villagers with white robbed men...)"

    I was able to send 1 brown minion on the right of the stairs that are on your left when you spawn. I than set the controller (plug n play to keep from disableing) down and watched tv and played on my other 360 while waiting to get a boatload of cash and lifeforce without doing much of anything.

    Not trying to rip off "Jeff" or the creator of the FAQ I found this in, but an attempt to help lazy others like me :D

    *Side note: When I did this I also left it run all night while I slept, because of the citizen spawning with a mug everytime it made things very laggy with 1000s of mugs on the ground. If this happens just leave your minion there and go through the portal to the tower, otherwise it might freeze up.
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    Big Dibs theDogCool - thanks for this, I dont mind long but easy solutions - that's what leaving your it running overnight is for

    ; )
    Posted by Big Dibs theDog on 26 Oct 10 at 19:31
    ZeroEqualsThis is an old game, but for anyone trying to use the method described above (which definitely works) - in order to get the lag brought on by the dropped mugs under control, try this:

    Spawn additional minions but don't place a marker for them this way you can guide them to will drink the beer when your minions kill the peasant and he drops beer mugs. If you've left the game running, they won't drink all of it at your command, but it should help some.
    Posted by ZeroEquals on 05 Mar 12 at 03:59
    City Ninjapretty late to the solution but is solution viable after you've cleared out the boss from Heaven's Peak? I seem to be unable to find the priest.

    thanks to anyone that answers this.
    Posted by City Ninja on 19 Nov 14 at 18:36
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