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Dungeon Overlord achievement in Overlord

Dungeon Overlord

Defeat all the Dungeon Creatures

Dungeon Overlord0
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How to unlock the Dungeon Overlord achievement

  • Zer0eZer0e493,833
    01 Sep 2010 05 Sep 2010
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    Here is the list, how it appears on the screen in your dungeon. If you don't see a creature listed, you still need to kill it in the story.

    Battler Beetle
    Bloody Unicorn
    Boulder Beast
    Dazzler Beetle
    Dwarf Bomber
    Dwarf Crossbowman
    Dwarf Miner
    Dwarf Warrior
    Fallen Knight
    Flamer Dwarf
    Forest Troll

    Ghost Elf <-- if going for Zero Corruption, just wait til you beat the game and when continuing, return to Evernight to slay these with your Blue Minions

    Halfing Cook
    Halfing Rocklobber
    Halfing Spearman
    Halfing Swordsman
    Hulking Toad
    Magma Beetle
    Puff Beetle
    Red Priest

    Rock Giant <-- Reason I made this solution. I ran past the Giant, into the Glittering Mine, while playing the game the first time around. After beating that land, the Rock Giant does NOT respawn. At least, it didn't for me. I kept reloading the area and kept getting different layouts, none involved the Giant.

    Ruborian Bomber
    Ruborian Fighter
    Skull Boar
    Skull Rat
    Skull Stag
    White Priest
    Zombie Lord

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    MattiasAndersonDid you forget to list undead swordsman? Its after Zombie lord on my list in the game.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 01 Aug 18 at 00:44
    Zer0eMattias, I am going to assume you have the Raising Hell DLC expansion. After looking, it appears it came with 7 or so new enemies. I know I did this solution almost 8 full years ago, but I can safe confidently, I double checked what I posted and what was on my screen :)
    Posted by Zer0e on 01 Aug 18 at 21:39
    DenverMax27I'm on a Zero Corruption playthrough but had no issues getting the Ghost Elf on my list. You can fight them in the Inner Sanctum without it affecting your corruption level (presumably because they attack you once you start opening coffins, so they don't count as "innocents").
    Posted by DenverMax27 on 23 Jan at 15:24
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  • CowsMakeNoiseCowsMakeNoise326,090
    10 Sep 2009 11 Sep 2009 12 Nov 2009
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    Creatures only appear in the dungeon after you've defeated them in the main campaign, so the earliest you can get this achievement is when you've reached the Ruborian Desert (there's a couple of warriors there that get added to the Dungeon).

    D3cad3nce is on the money with most of the fights, add brown minions to the Arcanium sword, and green minions to the armour and you can win each fight without taking any minions. The only two to watch out for are Flamer Dwarfs and Battler Beetles. Battler Beetles can overwhelm you, so attack from one side of the arena and slowly work to the other - if you get surrounded they'll knack your health fast. For Flamer Dwarfs, I'd recommend taking five red minions into the area. They won't cause any damage, but they can't be damaged by the Flamers - use them as a distraction. Set them on one side of the arena with a guard point, the Flamers'll move towards them, or maybe just turn towards them. Dash over to the other side of the arena and start slashing at the Flamer's tanks from behind. Retreat if they start to turn towards you. Keep moving the minions so that the Flamers are always aiming at them, and it'll be over fast.

    Dungeon fights are a good way to get the lifeforce achievements also - you get 75 minion points for each beetle fight.
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    McGubbaloI know this is an old game, but I just started it and I'm loving it. Do you have any tips on which ratios to use when imbuing the armor set? Or do you just use 100% green? I read a general guide for the game that suggested 95% brown and 5% green for armor, but that might not apply to the Dungeon. Thanks in advance!
    Posted by McGubbalo on 20 Feb 12 at 04:32
  • D3cad3nceD3cad3nce73,472
    13 Feb 2009 22 Feb 2009
    11 4 6
    Leave this until you have full arcanium armour and weapons and you will walk through it. You dont even need to use minions for most of the creatures when you have full armour. Wich is realy usefull when going for the life force achievements
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    Doctor Mantisi just want to comment and say there are 33 total bad guys and i was missing one because i was trying to do 0% courrption and did not know i could kill ghost elves freely. i was missing that one and took me a few to figure out. hope this helps if anyone else was wondering what the total count was
    Posted by Doctor Mantis on 04 Dec 09 at 11:34
    Epsilon ThetaCould you please incorporate the comments into your solution? This would make it more concise and easier to read since your solution is lacking the information added in the comments.
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 12 Mar 10 at 15:29
    TheJimiHippieThx for the tip about ghost elves. I finished the game with zero corruption, but couldn't find any one left in the temple. However it turns out that you can just kill a ghost elver in Evernight. They can only be killed with blue minions. Target one and when a green icon is over its head you can kill it.
    Posted by TheJimiHippie on 12 Mar 10 at 15:39
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