Ruthless achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2


Get a total of 500 kills in Team or Solo matches with at least 5 gamertags in the room

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How to unlock the Ruthless achievement

  • GuinIceWizardGuinIceWizard776,978
    09 Jan 2011 11 Jan 2011
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    This is a fairly easy achievement to get by simply kill boosting. Here is the recommended method.

    Players: 5 minimum, 6 works well.
    Map: Headquarters
    Teams: 2

    Team layout: 1 on Blue Team, 4 (or 5) on yellow team.
    Match Setup: Team Elimination, Custom Mode
    Setup the custom mode as follows, Infinite Respawns, Match ends at Time, 10 Minute Matches

    For each ten minute match the player on blue team kills the players on yellow team. You have the full 10 minutes to rack up as many kills as possible. Blue team player moves to yellow teams spawn to reduce time for players to run back. After each ten minute match swap players on blue team. 6 players at 10 minutes a player should mean one hour for each round.

    Recommended Guns: Sniper if you need sniper kills, M36 SAW if you do not. Because the M36 SAW carries so much ammo it reduces the amount of time spent changing weapons for the blue player. To increase effectiveness yellow should all carry the same gun that blue is using so he can easily pick up a replacement when he needs more ammunition.

    Average Kill Count: 150 - 180 kills per 10 minute match with the M36 SAW. 100 - 120 with a sniper rifle. This means that well organized players can get all weapon kill and kill count achievements in 3 matches, one with a sniper rifle and 2 with the M36 SAW.

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    spxyu02Great solution. Players being killed will have a 5 second spawn shield, but they can void it by firing when they spawn in.
    Posted by spxyu02 on 25 Aug 13 at 22:47
    NEO CRIMS0NGrenade launcher kills do not count,! These kills must be done with bullets!
    Posted by NEO CRIMS0N on 07 Aug 14 at 07:55
    EMBICKyou can idle this as the maps are really small instead of everyone actually playing
    Posted by EMBICK on 21 Dec 21 at 02:21
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  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon538,466
    14 Aug 2014 14 Aug 2014 15 Aug 2014
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    The good news about this game is that all player, private, and custom match types count for each achievement, as long as you meet the gamertag requirement stated in the achievement text (5 or more in nearly all cases). In addition, any amount of gamertags signed in to splitscreen on the same Xbox count, but Guests do not. You can easily complete a session with only 2 people if you have 5 gamertags among you.

    All that aside, the 500 kills can be gained easily using the Team Territory mode. When in the lobby, select the game type (the second option from the top) and then Create Custom Type. Set the options to the following:
    Respawns: infinite
    Zone: blind
    Zone control: occupy
    Helicopters: off
    Victory: time
    Then hit A button to save this type to Custom 01. Set the Time to 10 or 15 minutes, and place the guy whose turn it is alone on Gold team. Everyone else goes to Blue team.

    When the match starts, the point that Blue team will spawn at is randomly selected, but is marked with a giant Blue box on the killer's screen. All the guy on Gold team must do now is move to the spawn area and camp just outside of it, and the enemy team will continue spawning inside the flares. Ideally, the cannon fodder will immediately fire their gun after spawning to disable the 5 second spawn shield, and the enemies always spawn facing in the same direction so it should be easy enough for the killer to find a safe spot to crouch/go prone to allow them to fire off a round.

    Using Team Territory is much more beneficial than Team Elimination because there is no need for everyone to run to the guy on the opposite team following their semi-random spawns. Unfortunately, there is no way to force everyone to spawn faster than 10 seconds each death so the cannon fodder must hit A to spawn in the interest of time and efficiency. At the very least, the cannon fodder can turbo the A button which takes all of the work out of being gunned down.

    Be aware that all manner of explosives do not seem to count toward this achievement. You must kill the enemy players with bullets.
  • z0rrofoxz0rrofox377,952
    31 Mar 2008 08 Oct 2008
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    Really straight forward, just get 500 kills online. It doesn't take that long.

    If you are just starting out, watch where other people go and how they lean etc. to learn all the tricks.

    I personally preferred sniping which means i also got the 100 sniper kills on the way to doing this.

    You can check the status of your achievements on the main menu in multiplayer.
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    Tm5kAnyone know if kills of A.I. Support characters in the Team Battle game mode count toward this?
    Posted by Tm5k on 31 May 10 at 19:30
    Tm5kI'd recommend finding a good spot to go prone with a marksman or an automatic rifleman class. I can never seem to kill people well when I'm trying to run 'n gun like they do. Also, if you think someone's going to be around a corner, start shooting a bit before you go around the corner.
    Posted by Tm5k on 31 May 10 at 19:32
    Tm5kJust played a few 4v4 Team Battle matches and can verify that kills of A.I. Support DOES NOT COUNT toward this achievement. I had 27, 21 and 12 kills in each of the three matches and only went from 385 to 400 kills out of 500 for the achievement, so only kills of other human players or their guests count toward this achievement.
    Posted by Tm5k on 31 May 10 at 20:17
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