Locks (Co-op 3) Perfect achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Locks (Co-op 3) Perfect

Complete Co-op Campaign Mission without failing an objective, no respawns, on default or hard

Locks (Co-op 3) Perfect0
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How to unlock the Locks (Co-op 3) Perfect achievement

  • SaltyMegaBytSaltyMegaByt159,616
    08 Mar 2007 30 Jun 2011
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    If you are running solo on this one, it is best to be either a marksmen with the m107 or a grenadier. Video shows what I feel the is the best route to take through the mission.

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    oI MACCA Iogood videos pal for the walkthroughs. but i have to ask....do u have some sort of cheat on, your firing miles away from the enemy and still killing them, it looks like your firing to miss the moving cursor over them and they drop????
    Posted by oI MACCA Io on 20 Apr 12 at 16:02
    SaltyMegaBytNo cheats involved. GRAW has a terrible bullet spread system with no recoil. Makes shooting anything after the first shot almost completely random on where it will hit.
    Posted by SaltyMegaByt on 20 Apr 12 at 17:21
    Mobius EvalonThe operative thing about this map is running like hell to the south after planting that tracking device. I don't know if it's killing the wrong guys, killing them from the wrong spot, idling near the boats too long, or whatever it is, but I kept failing the secondary objective somewhere between the boat and the intel.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 13 Aug 14 at 19:19
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  • MtldMtld2,033,010
    14 Jul 2009 14 Oct 2010
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    Here are some tips:

    Start= I usually take the right path right at the start of the map and kill terrorists from there. You will be able to kill terrorists in the area near the big bus, as well as those that are behind the river, near the wooden sheds. Your teammates might want to advance from the front and left of the bus area, to surround them all. Once this section is clear, proceed to the river and get to the far end where a gap in the fence lets you reach the second section of the level. You can kill a lot of terrorists before entering the docks by staying on the opposite side of the river and shooting from afar.

    Docks= As soon as you get in, turn left, there is 1-2 guys there that are right in your face. Take them out and proceed (any way you want) through the docks. Watch out for a turret-mounted truck that will arrive once you progress through the area. You will have to reach the western part of the docks to blow up tanks. The explosion will bring fresh forces to your location, so watch out and plan your escape. From there, you also see far ahead and you can take out terrorists in the distance (e.g., on the piers).

    Boats=Further north, you will come to a wall where stairs go up or down. Terrorists often pop from the basement, so I usually take them out and go downstairs. Have friends take the upper route so they protect you while you rig the boats. If you take the upper route, make use of the long-range sight that you have in this section and take out enemies from afar (you can't rig the boats if you go there, so someone must go through the basement).

    Data= Now go to the top-right (or North-East) of the facility, where the containers are stacked, and progress slowly. Once you kill everyone, retrieve the data. This is not too though, so if you're in a big team, 1-2 players can take care of it while others clear the upcoming section for extraction.

    Extraction= Look out for the armored truck! It will get you from behind if you don't take care. I usually like to take cover in the brown hangar (between data and extraction, with containers and no walls), because from there I can take out soldiers running between the vans, and I can see the truck most of the time. Once you blow it up, proceed to the lighthouse, but watch out for enemies directly at your right when you cross the big fence.

    Good luck. It's doable with 2 players, but it's pretty rough ;)
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    SerdenNLNice one :)
    Posted by SerdenNL on 29 Jun 11 at 22:32
    Mobius EvalonThe problem with this solution is that what you're outlining is setting charges on the missile tubes of the boat, which only happens if you fail the secondary objective which also voids this achievement.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 12 Aug 14 at 19:12
  • TheSameDumasTheSameDumas101,909
    08 Sep 2016 19 Oct 2016
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    If you are doing this solo, the most important thing to remember is to clear every single enemy located BEFORE where you have to plant the tracking device on ALL sides of the map BEFORE the boat areas. Then just put the drone ABOVE the tank thing you have to blow up, set the charge and run BACK to the bridge and take the flowing river LEFT from the bridge all the way down to the side of the map you already cleared with the forklift area. Then just make your way about 20-30 feet from the stairs that lead down to where you have to plant the tracking device. STAY PUT until you see 7-9 red X enemies on the drone checking out the diversion explosion. The moment you see 7-9, it is CLEAR to RUN down the stairs onto the boat and plant the tracking device. It should then tell you objective complete and you are now clear to finish the rest of the mission with ease. If it did NOT say objective complete, you HAVE to start all over. I assure you if you do exactly as I have stated, this mission is a breeze solo and actually fun as hell because it's you against 80-100 people.
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