Mission accomplished achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Mission accomplished

Complete all the secondary objectives in 'Campaign mode' or in 'Quick Mission mode'

Mission accomplished0
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How to unlock the Mission accomplished achievement

  • SaltyMegaBytSaltyMegaByt159,648
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    There are 11 secondary objectives to complete in all missions. Missions Unpleasant Surprise, On Your Own, Failure is NOT and Option, and Just Shut Up and Do Your Job do not have any secondary objectives to complete. If you need to check if you completed the secondaries, load up quick mission mode and read the mission description. At the end it will say Secondary Objective Completed if you have done so. Video show all objectives

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    Americano xXDo you need to complete the entire mission for it to count that you have done the secondary objectives or can you just quit out once you have done them?

    Btw, I don't know why he is complaining about the video it's the best guide for this achievement in my opinion.

    +1 toast
    Posted by Americano xX on 10 Nov 13 at 13:05
    TuschiI can confirm that this guide is correct. Got the achievement after Chapter 11 and didn't have to blow up the helicopters (shooting the guy on the MG is enough)
    Posted by Tuschi on 09 Sep 16 at 16:08
    EthigyOn Price of Peace, you can destroy the helicopters before they start fleeing and it still counts, makes it a little easier. Destroyed the right helicopter with an LMG before it started fleeing then targeted the second.
    Posted by Ethigy on 29 Feb 20 at 01:07
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  • GadellaaGadellaa429,251
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    Credit to http://www.ign.com/faqs/2007/tom-clancys-ghost-recon-advance...

    The secondary objectives are all vehicle (fleeing vehicle) related. If you
    want to play it safe, destroy all enemy vehicles. Worried about ammo? Don't
    forget that you can pick up and use enemy weapons for the job. Also, use
    your team as often as possible. The best way to stop the trucks is to get
    a good angle on the driver, and take them out. Then you can destroy the
    vehicle whenever you get a chance. Just remember, if it must be destroyed,
    you have to do it before the next major mission objective, or it won't
    count. If you are just doing this for the achievement and you miss it, but
    don't want to play through the whole thing again, then you can frag
    yourself. It will reload you at the last checkpoint.

    Mission 1 - Cajones
    Take a grenadier and if you want, overkill with Kamikaze (rocket guy).
    However, if you start with the LMG or an EGLM rifle, you should be able to
    take out the trucks with help of the grenadier.

    The secondary objectives are the trucks that appear on the bridge after the
    two artillery guns are down. If enough explosives or gunfire is employed, the
    trucks sometimes stop. Set the team to aggressive and charge onto the roadbed
    and empty everything on the truck or anything else that doesn't look as
    American as the AVN awards. The resulting explosion should erase any rogue
    elements of this insurgency and clear the objective.

    Mission 2 - Knock 'Em Dead
    This one is moderately hard since the objective shows up before the team
    arrives at the rally point. You definitely need the 'Quick Mission' version of
    the MULE, which gives you the ability to change your weapons kit any time.
    Clear the area to the enemy camp (a.k.a., the construction pit). Without
    alerting anyone in the pit, take out the ZEUS from the MULE and use the UAV to
    scan for trucks. Prioritize the trucks in the pit and you will meet this

    Mission 3 - Unpleasant Surprise
    The gunrides you can do on almost any difficulty but easy makes the targets
    more vulnerable. Not sure where this objective is, but when your UH60 orbits
    the enemy camp, make sure nothing leaves (except the objective convoy, which
    you need to blast anyway) and you'll cover this objective. Anything marked
    red, dies.

    Mission 4 - Inferno
    The objective seems to be in the last firefight (at the marketplace). Since
    there are three tanks you have to deal with, you might need to take an anti-
    armor soldier and let the air support deal with the tanks. The truck (just
    one) will come into the marketplace plaza from the direction of the tanks.
    Simalcrum discovered this by sheer accident when readying for the tanks and
    experimenting with the anti-armor soldier. If you and the team are in the wide
    plaza taking on the tanks, etc., the truck's presence will be quit visible (to
    the left in the 'shooting gallery').

    Mission 5 - Inserted Solo
    There are three vehicles to destroy for the objective. The first two are the
    trucks that come down the hill after getting off the rooftops. Use the
    destructive pack satchel to destroy one truck (several retries at the
    checkpoint will show you where to place one) and hose the second truck down
    with automatic fire -- the MRC-LW-SD can do that only on the easiest

    The final truck you need to destroy is in the area with the snipers (right
    after getting the MULE). Before you approach the final zone where the
    extraction is, you have to pass by a street with some soldiers. A truck will
    come out from a side street and dump enemies off before driving away. Use
    the 'Quick Mission' MULE to get a ZEUS. Fire a round of your secondary to
    alert the enemies and the truck will appear. Zoom in and dust the truck before
    it drives off and you get the objective.

    Mission 6 - Price of Peace
    This is a tough one. After holding off the tanks at the stadium, go to the
    Oshkosh and grab the anti-armor soldier and equip your own character with a
    ZEUS. You need to have several rocket launchers since there are three choppers
    dumping soldiers and there's a lot of automatic gun fire. This makes your own
    progression from the stadium to the extraction point hard since you need to
    rely on a secondary (no scope) PDW and SMG to drop enemies. Take the gunner
    with you so your team can hose enemies.

    As you near the extraction point, take out your ZEUS (so you can checkpoint
    it), and send the team to follow you. Set them down away from the merry-go-
    round and kinda covering one side of the park. You must take on the other
    chopper. Who ever has more life (kamikaze or you) will need to take down the
    final chopper (not the gunship that blows the merry-go-round) and you should
    be successful. Ditch the ZEUS, take a G-36 or what's available, meet the kill
    quota and extract by jeep.

    Mission 7 - On Your Own
    On 'Quick Mission' this is easy. Select an EGLM rifle and blast the mo'fo
    truck from the insertion point. Afterwards, be sure to follow up with multiple
    ZEUS missiles on the choppers until they drop.

    Mission 8 - Failure Is Not An Option
    This is a gunride, and the secondary is probably making sure all three APCs in
    the salvage convoy survive the ride back to the exit. An easy task regardless
    of difficulty. Just blast all the enemy vehicles and there'll be no 'fleeing'

    Mission 9 - Get Rosen
    There's a truck at the northern camp (after blasting the wreckage) that
    doesn't move, and it may not count, but destroy it anyway since you ain't
    usin' it. Rally at the Oshkosh and choose a guy who can take out trucks
    (grenadier or anti-armor) and take the destructive pack. At the hacienda, the
    hostage is in the southwest structure, so clear it (but do not approach the
    hostage). Instead, locate the big fat main entrance (Spanish curve style) and
    place a satchel on the side of the entrance you can't cover from the roof on
    Rosen's building. If you have access to an LMG and brought that along, you can
    skip the formalities and hose the trucks down. Blow the satchels on the trucks
    and it'll be over fast.

    Mission 10 - Who The Hell
    A tricky one. You'd miss it if it weren't for the incredible detail of the tac-
    map. First off, destroy all the trucks at the hotel. If you happen to have
    Kamikaze or simply an MG21 from one of the AA areas, you're set (on easy).
    Expect to spend more ammo on medium. Now the cruicial part -- since you need
    to destroy all 'fleeing vehicles', you need to know there're two trucks hidden
    in a part of the map you need to backtrack to after the Oshkosh rally.

    After defending the front of the hotel, you meet a tank and chopper near the
    Oshkosh. Use this chance to take on a ZEUS (your A.I. team is too unreliable
    for this and you also have a chopper). Once you loadout, look for some stairs
    to the right and behind the tank. It'll be next a building and appear to lead
    nowhere (or back to the secured blue zone). Quickly go up onto the roof and
    get the chopper to you. ZEUS the first truck and that will create a traffic
    jam and allow an easy kill on the second truck. If you want, you can use the
    chopper to take out the first truck and use whatever weapons you have to take
    out the second truck, giving the luxury of using another weapon kit.

    Big fat thanks to elio_q on IGN's Ghost Recon board for telling everyone about
    this one.

    Mission 11 - Codename Farallon
    Although you want to take a marksman here, the anti-tank soldier Kamikaze is
    best for the boss and secondary objective. After clearing out the city, head
    to the water treatment plants. Take out one of the plants and choppers will
    appear in the middle area (near the three treatment silos at the parking lot)
    and drop off people. Use soldiers to team-blast for the objective.

    Mission 12 - Shaddap and Do The Job
    This is a hard one since you have to skip out on the marksman and medic.
    Select the anti-armor soldier and slowly get up and over the hill. If you are
    sure of yourself, you can take a ZEUS and use a PDW and the allied marksman
    instead. As you descend the hill to the toll booth, an enemy APC will appear
    past the gate and give you about 5 seconds to drop it. If you leave it be --
    or aren't fast enough -- the APC roars off and you screwed yourself. Good
    luck. The Oshkosh after the bridge fight will let you replenish supplies.
    There're still trucks and all that while having a tank and chopper around, but
    take out the two anti-armor enemies and your vehicles rule the roost.
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    Mobius EvalonYeah, a lot of them are wrong. That plus the fact the solution has not changed since 2009 is why I downvoted it. Problem is that the other solutions just post someone else's work as well, so none of the solutions deserve top spot in this instance.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 07 Sep 14 at 21:43
    FrizbogFYI, if anyone is interested, the achievement popped in-game for me, when I got the last one, along with Single Player Master.
    Posted by Frizbog on 08 Sep 16 at 18:11
    Paul Laserbeamwhere in the goddamn is this "third" helicopter on Price of Peace?
    Posted by Paul Laserbeam on 04 May 19 at 15:26
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    Found this shorter version on the xbox360achievements page

    ===> Send all of your credits to NL SuPeR TK <===

    Need Your Cojones, Son.
    - You won't miss this one. It's a truck on the bridge in the last section.

    Knock'em Dead.
    - When you come to the wide open space where you get a team. A truck will drive away just in front of you.

    Unpleasant Surprise.
    - I didn't manage to see any secondary objectives, but at the end it said I did 1 secondary objective. So just make sure you destroy every vehicle and you will probably get it.

    This Place Is An Infierno.
    - When you have to destroy the tank look for a little car just next to it. This one will drive away, shortly after you fired your missile at the tank.

    You'll Be Inserted Solo.
    - After you reach a checkpoint at the end of the first section there will be driving two trucks your way and after the soldiers get out of the trucks, the trucks will flee.
    - The next one is after you get the mule. Get to the plaza and just shoot one guy. After a few seconds the third truck will drive away.

    The Price Of Peace.
    - At the end of the mission when your helicopter is destroyed and you have to hold your position and wait for extraction. There will be two helicopters dropping soldiers and after that they fly away.

    On Your Own.
    - ?

    Failure Is NOT An Option!
    - Make sure you destroy all vehicles and you will probably have the secondary objective complete.

    Get Me Rosen.
    - After you got to Rosen, soldiers will attack. Go to the roof and you will see two trucks, slightly from the right, driving your way and soldiers come out of the truck. Just blow up the trucks.

    Who The Hell Are These Guys?
    - After holding the position, resuplying at the rallypoint and getting the tank and helicopter turn right. You will see a walkway to the roof, go up there. You should now see the purple indicator for two fleeing trucks.

    Codenamed Farallon.
    - After you came in the second section and did the first of the two objectives(the one at the edge of the map), there will come a helicopter dropping another bunch of soldiers. After the dropping he will try to flee.

    Just Shut Up And Do Your Job.
    - ?

    PS.. When a vehicle becomes purple let your team attack it and shoot yourself. It doesn't need to be destroyed. You need to shoot it untill the purple square goes away and a little message says: "All fleeing vehicles have been destroyed". I got my achievement while a helicopter flew away.

    PSS.. If you don't know which level you got the secondary objectives, go to quick mission, select a mission (don't push "A") and read the briefing of that mission. When you allready did the secondary objectives in that level once, it will say: "Secondary objectives completed".
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    Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me. Your PSS has put me on the right path...thanks.
    Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 14 Oct 11 at 05:22
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