Survivalist achievement in F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon


Complete the Campaign on any difficulty without dying.

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How to unlock the Survivalist achievement

  • Pete Rock ItPete Rock It27,237
    31 Aug 2008 31 Aug 2008
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    If you do happen to die press the guide button before you get to the loading screen and then press Y to quit to dashboard.
    Reload the game and continue from last checkpoint

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    Ultras500I got the achievement on my first run, died a few times and didn't dashboard until after the checkpoint had reloaded.
    Posted by Ultras500 on 27 Sep 14 at 15:08
    Unmet PlayerI died 5 times throughout the game and still got the achievement. Once I died, the screen turns red and I instantly dashboard. Once the Xbox guide is up on screen the game is paused, screen is still red.

    Also, during the last scene, make sure to shoot Alma in the head with the pistol. Shoot her until the screen turns white, I died 3 times at this part.
    Posted by Unmet Player on 01 Oct 17 at 04:43
    DUS SOULWOUNDworks like a charm, i dies twice to truck coming down ally way (didn't know i was supposed to back track to survive). and once against the final Arma (which i did after it reloaded the check point) and it still worked for me first time. it also works for slomo - i accidentally did that twice and still got the no juice chieve also clap
    Posted by DUS SOULWOUND on 07 Oct 17 at 10:19
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  • The Dear HunterThe Dear Hunter567,627
    29 Apr 2007 10 Mar 2010
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    Okay, while I see a bit has been covered by both a laundryman and rancid, I figured I'd pop in and lend a couple tips I found helpful when I made my Survivalist run.

    Sure, F.E.A.R. is an oldie, but it's still a goodie!

    So the obvious difficulty you're going to want to attempt this on is easy, anything higher and you're either Rambo (and thus can handle it) or you're just causing yourself unnecessary hassle. So with that being said, go ahead and start a new game on easy.

    There are only a few notable danger-points in F.E.A.R. by way of you dying.

    - You've got the obvious situation where you might be overwhelmed in general gun-play, so an good counter to this is not rushing in. Fools rush in, they always say, so be a clever one and stick back and pop heads from a distance.
    - The heavies and mech enemies. They can be a bit of a hassle if you're under-armed or, even, a little low on health. It's fortunate for you that pretty much all of the mechs in the game can be bypassed without a second look. Clearly this, itself, can be troublesome as you now have to edge past unnoticed. I find it's a good idea later in the game when mechs become more regular to keep a Type-7 on hand; a few shots do the trick on lower difficulties which makes your life easier.
    - There is one famous spot midway through the campaign where you're forced to jump across a gap in the collapsed floor. It's right after where you encounter a mech, and right before you deal with the rooftop Type-7 shooters. Look, there's no easy way to do this, just get a good run-up, don't jump too early thinking you're gonna run off the edge, and just try to clear it. Using slow-mo helps, as it gives you that little bit extra in your jump. It can be so frustrating to die here, as it literally fluffs everything but sadly it is one of the more common ways to go out in a Survivalist run!
    - And lastly, in any segment featuring Alma, especially the end of the game, be extremely cautious not to let her touch you as this results in an instant death - and let's be serious, you don't want to be a few minutes away from your goal and have it snatched away like that. She usually approaches you from your left as you enter that 'hospital lobby', so use your periphery to steer clear.

    And in the end, where she's stalking you in the corridor, just be sure to aim for the head and finish her off before she has a chance to reach you.
    If you manage to get through all that, you've definitely done well and deserve your Survivalist achievement. And as the others have said, you can be quick and dashboard it in case you die, but that's your decision. And just be sure to collect all the boosters you come across, as they will make the game that much easier.

    Alright, so good luck and go show that creepy, creepy girl. Quickly now, before they make a seq-... oh, too late. laugh
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    Lockerdown3hehe, some guy pmed me a couple days before my session for the kills and we knocked a chunk of them out, and after one I did today, I'm at least 200 into the 1000 matches.
    Posted by Lockerdown3 on 09 Sep 12 at 02:06
    Daniel HarmsenMight want to add a mentioning of the danger of explosives and the environment.
    Posted by Daniel Harmsen on 19 Nov 12 at 12:44
    Daniel HarmsenO yea, and explicitely state that you HAVE to go to dash before the load screen.
    Posted by Daniel Harmsen on 19 Nov 12 at 12:46
  • X SpectatorX Spectator159,130
    06 Aug 2010 06 Aug 2010
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    Just wanted to add some info I found missing in these other posts...

    Four things can kill you instantly: long falls, explosives, Alma, and the environment (i.e. electricity or fire bursting from a pipe). Be highly cautious. I avoided using any explosives other than an occasional frag grenade. I did not use proxy mines, the rocket launcher or the 50mm repeating cannon.

    At the end of Interval 3 (the subsection labeled 'Bad Water') there will be a proximity mine placed by enemies in the middle of a hallway. It's red and a little hard to spot it will insta-kill you if you don't notice it be careful...

    On Interval 8 while in the Slums you will have to make the infamous jump that MulletGuy mentions above. Hold 'B' to holster your weapon to move quicker and jump further.

    This achievement (along with Slow Jo and No Juice) pop at the very end of the credits which take forever so don't panic if it doesn't pop right away.
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