Environmentalist achievement in F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon


Kill 10 enemies with barrels, fire extinguishers or fuse boxes in the Campaign or Instant Action.

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How to unlock the Environmentalist achievement

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    There are way, way more than 10 explosives throughout the campaign and many enemies to take out with them. Your first opportunity will come after you drop in from the helo with FEAR squad, you'll open the gates and make your way into the building. After the worker dies on the floor move in and melee the guy with his back to you then shoot the yellow barrel he was facing (1).

    If you want this achievement as quickly as possible or have already completed the campaign you can: Melee the first enemy from behind then kill the next enemy with the yellow barrel. Backtrack to the railing where you opened the gate and jump off until all health is lost. Rinse and repeat at this spot until the achievement unlocks.
    (Thanks to rob25X for confirming this works).

    Otherwise proceed until you drop down over the fence, shoot the guy standing then wait for the other 3 enemies to go near the fuse box and shoot it killing them (2-4).

    You'll soon come to a room with two guys standing there, quickly shoot them then a third guy will come from the right, shoot the fuse box there to kill him (3-5). Around the corner is a fire extinguisher and if you wait a second another guy will walk round (4-6).

    Proceed for quite a while until you encounter Alma in the sewers and go up a ladder and in through a door with a broken bloody window. There'll be a clone standing there if you wait he'll walk round the walkway towards the fire extinguisher (5-7).

    A little further after dropping from the grate you'll notice a fuse box on the wall, wait for the two guys to walk near it or shoot your weapon to coax them over (6-10).

    You'll reach a room with large pipes on the floor and an office on the right, go into the office and wait for the two guys who come down the ladder, either wait for them to pass by the fire extinguisher or coax them over, its on the wall on your right in the dark (7-12).

    You'll soon come to a double door leading to an outside area with around 4 enemies, there is an explosive barrel behind the box in front of you, wait for a them to go near it and shoot it (8-16).

    The next enemy encounter will put you in a room with an explosive barrel near the centre and two clones right next to it (10-18).

    Apart from these specific opportunities there are many others dotted around in the campaign and instant action maps. The key is often patience, wait for the enemy to move near a fuse box, fire extinguisher, or yellow barrel then shoot it. You can coax an enemy by firing your weapon then moving back and ambushing them.
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    rob25XSolution is not very helpful. The enemies never walk near enough to the fuse boxes, fire extinguishers or yellow barrels even on casual and when they do they rarely die from it.

    I played through all maps on Instant Action and could not find a single yellow barrel on any of them. -1
    Posted by rob25X on 29 Mar 18 at 16:34
    Not my experience mate, there are loads of opportunities purposely set up for these kills by the dev. And if they are not close then you can lure them with gunfire, works for sure.

    I literally could not be anymore helpful here, I went through the campaign and noted the exact explosive and enemy locations for you. What do you suggest?

    If you're missing them you might be shooting at the enemies too soon and losing the opportunities, be more patient and in most cases they will walk near or even gather next to explosives.

    Thanks for your feedback.
    Posted on 30 Mar 18 at 01:18
    rob25XI appreciate your solution and efforts Deevius. I try not to leave a negative without reason so solutions can be improved. I think a better solution would have been to inform people they can do it with just 1 yellow barrel (die and repeat). The very first yellow barrel on (Interval 2?) after the worker dies on the floor is the quickest and easiest. Melee the first enemy from behind then kill the next enemy with the yellow barrel. Backtrack to the railing where you opened the gate and jump off until all health is lost. Rinse and repeat at this spot until avhievement unlocks.
    Posted by rob25X on 30 Mar 18 at 11:15
    Well IMO that's a waste of time - you only need 10 and there are at least 40-50 in the campaign alone, so the best solution is to just get them as you go.

    I appreciate that some ppl may just need this achievement (possibly for an 'E' achievement for a TA community challenge for example) and so in that case a rinse and repeat would be feasible. If you can confirm that that method works I'll add it to the start of the guide.
    Posted on 30 Mar 18 at 15:50
    rob25XI can confirm rinse and repeat works as the method I mentioned is how I did it in the end.
    Posted by rob25X on 30 Mar 18 at 22:47
    Added to guide, thanks toast
    Posted on 30 Mar 18 at 23:21
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