Death Star Escape - undefeated. achievement in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Death Star Escape - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Death Star Escape - undefeated.0
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How to unlock the Death Star Escape - undefeated. achievement

  • Cheese TouchCheese Touch520,597
    23 Apr 2010 29 Apr 2010
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    There are several spots in this level where you will have a good chance of dying due to getting spammed by laser fire. It's best to do this one with one of the ghost characters. Ignore everything except getting to the end of the level and be careful of falling into the pit around the Millennium Falcon at the end.

    Also, be sure that no extras are turned on! You might want to start your "no death" runs from a fresh restart of the game. All extras are turned off by default when you launch the game.
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  • YeOldeLancerYeOldeLancer124,412
    06 Feb 2011 06 Feb 2011
    10 1 4
    I found a bug in this one. I played with 2 ghost characters active at the end. As I flipped the 4 switches at the end to raise the millenium falcon the storm troopers just walked around not noticing me. Once all the switches were flipped, you have to kill all of the storm troopers around to get the door to open to end the level. I killed everyone in the room, but the door never opened and no more would spawn. My advise is to play with 1 ghost and 1 visible character as bait and at the end be sure to kill off each wave of stormtroopers as they appear. Doing that you should have no trouble.
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    GF5 aZZSame here. I went back out the room as a visible character and let a couple of stormies chase me back in. I was on the glider buggy thing at the time so not sure if that made a difference. AI player 2 was visable too. Killed the 2 stormies and the falcon's ramp dropped. Phew
    Posted by GF5 aZZ on 04 Aug 12 at 07:51
    GF5 aZZditto :(
    Posted by GF5 aZZ on 04 Aug 12 at 07:53
    MathGuy42Thanks for this solution and the comments too. I didn't even have to totally leave the room. A couple Stormtroopers met me at the door. Killing them opened the ramp.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 12 Aug 17 at 12:23
  • Yoda ManeYoda Mane167,610
    04 Aug 2011 05 Aug 2011
    6 1 0
    In addition to the comments already posted, if you are playing with Ghost Anakin or Ghost Yoda, there are parts where you need to switch to another non-ghost character to grapple across ledges or open doors. Make sure to take care of all enemies before switching I made the mistake of quickly trying to switch to that character but got spammed with laser fire. It's not an issue with R2D2,C3PO, or other robot characters but is for Stormtroopers and the like. If there are infinite waves of enemies, know where that character you need is in your lineup to save as much time between the waves.
  • cs mestercs mester287,605
    11 May 2019 11 May 2019 11 May 2019
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    For most of the level use boba fett.When you have to grapple through in parts close the door shoot some then bulid.Stop building evade enemy fire then build again.Grapple through.Repeat.I did not use ghost characters.
  • SecondHALONICKSecondHALONICK605,134
    07 Oct 2008 06 Nov 2008
    11 10 2
    There are two ways of doing this,

    1. Try to be a tough guy and go beat this level without dieing.


    2.once you unlock one of the Ghost characters, buy and use them because they can not get hurt unless you fall off of a edge.
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