Rebel Attack - undefeated. achievement in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Rebel Attack - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Rebel Attack - undefeated.0
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How to unlock the Rebel Attack - undefeated. achievement

  • Izzy of AlbionIzzy of Albion630,461
    28 Mar 2009 28 Mar 2009 04 Mar 2011
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    This is the easiest of the vehicle-based missions to complete undefeated in my opinion. It's not too hard.


    Use the Tie Interceptor. It's fast and maneuverable, has good firepower, and is smaller than something like the X-wing, making for a smaller target (i.e you won't get hit as much).

    Concentrate on nothing but completing the level. Don't be distracted by canisters or Tie gates.

    Keep an eye on your health and try to keep it topped up. Keep your eyes peeled for hearts lying around from downed enemies etc. Destroying the blue panels on the walls is useful as they very often yield hearts too.

    Gun emplacements are a much greater threat than enemy fighters, but they have a limited range and can be taken out from middle distance without being hit. Don't stay still while shooting them though or you'll be a sitting duck for enemy fighters.

    Destroy enemy fighters when you have the opportunity, only because you don't want to have 4 or 5 attacking you at once. Don't get involved in lengthy dogfights though if you can move on to the next section and leave them behind.

    In the final section, through the trench, the above tip about gun emplacements is particularly important as they are very numerous and are the main threat. Take them out one by one before they can shoot you. This is pretty easy. Just don't get too close to them. Keep looping back every time you get close to their range. When doing this, also take the opportunity to shoot Vader's wingmen that are chasing you. You'll be able to get rid of both of them by the time you're halfway down the trench, but don't make any special effort to kill them, they don't pose much of a threat. Don't worry about Vader either - you cannot hurt him and he gets dealt with automatically anyway. Keep an eye out for hearts on the ground if you need them.

    At the end of the trench there are three groups of four gun emplacements. Deal with each group on at a time. Fly over to make them appear, retreating before they can shoot you. Take them out from beyond their range. Repeat this for all three groups of guns. When you have done this, the final target appears. Hit it with a pink orb to complete the level.

    Good luck!

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    SGT ImpalerI wonder if anyone has any opinions about using the Slave 1 ship for these levels instead of the TIE Interceptor? I have tried it using both ships and have found it tricky either way. Frankly, I think the problem is with my bad flight habits of stubbornly holding a line and trading blows with my target, which you can do when you have infinte lives! Not so much when you only get one.
    Posted by SGT Impaler on 14 Feb 11 at 14:16
    RoboChap85I had been using Slave I and really struggling, tried TIE Interceptor and got it first time, rest of the tips were very useful too re: turrets etc, good solution
    Posted by RoboChap85 on 15 Feb 12 at 18:50
    gamester2112thank you this really works
    Posted by gamester2112 on 06 Mar 13 at 20:40
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  • Finnisher JvBFinnisher JvB274,351
    13 Jun 2012 13 Jun 2012 25 Jun 2015
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    For the most part I would stick to what Ozzpot mentioned above (p.s. great solution by the way).

    The only think I did differently was for the trench part. What I found very usefull was to just hold X so you keep on firing and move/strafe from left to right quite rapidly. This way the turrets don't get the change to shot you and neither does Darth Vader or his wingman. Using this method I got through the trench without losing a single heart.

    For the final part what I did was keep firing and making circles at the start of the final part of this level. That way the chance of being shot is pretty low. I only got shot using this method once but that was because I ignored it and moved closer towards the turrets. Sometimes when you take out a turret there doesn't appear a new one, if this happens take out the other one and then fligh in a circle around the central core. That should force the turrets to pop out of there holes (atleast they did for me).

    I would say good luck, and if you don't get it in one go keep trying. It took me about 7 or 8 attempts to get it.

    WARNING: If you do this level in co-op then both you and you're partner can not be killed. If either of you dies then the achievement won't unlock!
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    kwynnYour suggestion in the trench worked perfectly for me. Thanks for that!
    Posted by kwynn on 02 Oct 17 at 20:25
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