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Grizzled Veteran achievement in Call of Duty 3

Grizzled Veteran

Complete the Single Player Campaign on Veteran difficulty.

Grizzled Veteran-0.2
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How to unlock the Grizzled Veteran achievement

  • ZonkedAdamZonkedAdam
    07 Jul 2009 07 May 2010 18 Jul 2010
    In addition to the other posts that regard strategy and tactics, in this solution I will discuss the REAL requirements for this achievement.

    Did you finally beat that last level on veteran and not see the cheevo pop? I did, and nearly went insane. This was because about midway through my run on veteran I went back to the first few levels on easy, just to clean up a few achievements.Then continued my previous game on veteran.

    It is crucial to know that the game does NOT save the highest difficulty you completed, but rather the MOST RECENT difficulty. So if you beat a level on veteran, then went back to do it on easy before finishing the campaign, it will save as being completed on EASY.

    Good news if the achievement doesn't pop after the ending of the final level, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REPLAY THE ENTIRE GAME ON VETERAN. All you have to do is go back, re-do the levels on veteran that you went back for on easy, then you must REPLAY the final mission on veteran for it to unlock. I can confirm this because I did it myself.

    This is why I highly recommend that you play straight through the game on veteran, get the achievement, then go back to clean up the others. Don't get impatient like I did.

    The only time the achievement will ever pop is after the last level on veteran difficulty. I hope that helps those of you this happened to. If you do this, your patience will be rewarded with that glorious 150 and a great ratio.

    If you have questions feel free to comment.

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    Whats a ChundyIt's a good tip but you realistically have to play the entire game on veteran again, as most people won't know what missions they want back to do misc. on.

    That being said, most of the misc. cleanup achievements are doable on missions 1,2,3, and potentially 7.

    Edit: December 28/22. Still here. If you start the game on 360 and then play it BC on the one, you won't get the achievement no matter what. My initial playthrough on the 360 was on the hard drive, and that save merged with the cloud at a later date. I played exclusively on the XB1 BC since and did not unlock the achievement. I have completed the game from start to finish an additional 2 times only on the XB1BC. All of this was using the cloud save.

    The chapter select to replay missions is an excellent suggestion that MAY save you a huge amount of time, but it did not fix my issue specifically. I played the game an additional "fourth" time by going through each mission one by one, followed by the final mission I've become a master at. Never popped.

    I would recommend playing it on one console only, and using your hard drive to save as opposed to the cloud.
    Posted by Whats a Chundy On 26 Sep 21 at 18:17
    FoolOvFoOD38I went through the whole game on veteran and it didn’t pop do you have to do it on Xbox 360 or can you do it on Xbox one
    Posted by FoolOvFoOD38 On 23 Jan 22 at 05:57
    AHGregYou can definitely do it on the One, I just played through the whole campaign on Veteran and it unlocked on the last mission no problem.
    Posted by AHGreg On 01 Feb 22 at 22:08
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    A few hints and tips i can give, and things to expect: (Bad ones first)

    Firstly, its going to be HARD. sometimes making you so angry you want to jump out your window head first and end it right there. but thats expected, it IS veteran right? i have completed 6 CoD campaigns on veteran (all but CoD1 & 2) and this game is definitely the toughest ive come across to date! but dont worry, you will do it.

    Secondly, the checkpoints are ridiculously far apart! this will probably frustrate you most of all! all that work you;ve done and you get sent back miles into the level. Bummer. Also this game is the most glitchy game out there. you get stuck on and inbetween walls, doors, trees basically all random enviromental objects, sometimes your squad ends up glitched in stupid places and cant free themselves making you restart checkpoints etc etc. really really annoying. also sometimes, when a german is in cover, you will be blatently shooting them in the head/body and it will not register a hit, making you move out of cover to kill the dude and then some kraut pops one in the side of your head. having to start at the last checkpoint (which is most likley miles away) That window is sounding tempting now isnt it?...................

    and thirdly, friendly fire. your squad are affected by this and its hard sometimes not to kill them, why? because they are silly! You will be giving it the beans on a wall mounted MG and some numbskull will run out directly in your line of fire! and another classic, your at a front door of a house full of germans, thinking what to do, you lob a nade in there to soften them up a little before you make your entrance. and before you know it, your squad are piling in this room and get blown to bits by your grenade. so if you kill a friendly, even by accident, its yep you guessed it! back to the last checkpoint!

    Thats the bad parts out the way, now for the helpfull tips to help you get this G and an awesome ratio,

    1. Always let your squad go first. there are many times when you can sit back in cover and let them clear out a good portion of baddies before you pop your scared little head out. saving you alot of effort!

    2. Abuse the auto-aim. this little gem is a life saver. press LT to look down the sights and it snaps to the nearest enemy giving you a clear quick shot to waste them. this works best with bolt action rifles because its one shot kill, so if you perfect this you will be practically quick scoping your way through the game. combine this with standing to shoot and quickly ducking down to cover again makes you almost un-hittable. use it and abuse it!

    3. Keep moving forward. Most of the levels have infinite respawning enemies. if you dont move up once wasting a few germans, they will keep spawning all day long. the way to combat this is to cap the nearest couple (or ones that seem the most dangerous) and move on up to the next piece of cover. doing this will trigger them not to spawn. also they will seldom stop and fire apon you when THEY are running to cover. they will finish running first to wherever theyre going, then they will fire. so its a perfect time to open up on them cause they rarely fire back.

    4. Smoke grenades are your friends! if you keep finding yourself getting turned into swiss cheese by a wall of german bullets, throw smoke. it seems an obvious option but its really easy to get carried away with trying to kill as many krauts as you can while trying to move up. so throw smoke! (the auto aim trick still works through smoke nades so you can kill enemies with out even knowing where they are!

    5.Go in guns blazing! sometimes when trying to clear a house or similar area, grenades just dont do the job, neither does any of your pussy squad want to be the first one through the door. so its down to you. ive found that if you burst in to a room at speed, firing from the hip the AI kind of dont know what to do and just stand there. (only for a few seconds though, buts its enough time trust me) so its always a good option if you have run out of nades ect. just make sure you reload before doing it so you have the maximum amout of rounds to unleash when doing the deed .and if there happens to be more pesky germans in there than expected, dont waste time reloading, melee those bitches! i liked the MP40 for this job, quick, big magazine, very common gun for ammo and packs a punch close range.

    6. Watch youtube vids. i recommed a guy called "Labradoodlesrule" hes got all the levels up on there and its super handy if your stuck, and its also good to see whats lies up ahead. If you havent had a checkpoint in a while you will most likely be paranoid about moving up incase you run into 20+ fritz round the corner. But this solves that! heres a link to the playlist thanks to Pedle Zelnip:

    7. Its all in the choice of weaponry! there are some good weapons and some bad ones. picking the right one for the job makes the difference between checkpoint and dead before checkpoint. as a somewhat CoD enthusiast (more battlefield nowadays, good or bad? you decide) im partial to a good assult rifle or SMG. but i tended to stay away from these as i found i could kill alot quicker with the bolt action rifles combined with the auto-aim trick. the Lee Enfield or Kar98 where the best. along with the M1 Garand not far behind. the Tompson is horrible, so use the MP40 instead if you can for machine guns i find it alot better. The Bren gun is a heavy machine gun and i will go as far to saying this is (in my own opinion) the best gun in the game. its so devastating and its so versitile. this gun is also one shot kill, so by using the auto-aim trick and firing just one bullet from it you now have a rifle and a machine gun in one. so you can snipe away and rush rooms with the same weapon!

    All in all its really not as hard as i make out. you just have to have patience. its key in this game! if you get frustrated. put it down and come back another day. (but remember to save!) if you follow and combine these simple tips im sure you will bash through the levels in no time! have fun!

    hope my info helps out as much as possible, and good luck to all!
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    Pedle ZelnipLink to the video playlist:
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip On 07 Jan 13 at 03:47
    RSDAYi doubt anyone will see this, but i have a tip that would have saved me a lot of time

    i was using the video playlist provided (Lab's) but did not find it to be any help during the mortar section of "the forest." after many attempts at blindly firing into smoke grenade cover, i looked up another veteran playthrough video where no smoke was used. i noted the times when he shot the 3 obstacles (the 2 trucks and the hedgehog barriers nearest to the player) and simply copied his angles. i was able to hit each of the 3 with minimal trial and error and complete the level very easily.
    Posted by RSDAY On 10 Dec 13 at 04:55
    SaintSkyeJust a trick that occasionally saved me, for the rare few that might still consult this guide, The hitboxes on cover are a little off for many objects in the game. This can be bad, As there were several times that I was killed even though I was "completely" in cover, especially when taking cover near low walls and such, as the outer edge of some cover does not actually stop bullets. You might notice several such places throughout the game where you are taking damage even though you can't see the enemy and are in cover, this is why, so prone and move lower or towards the center of the object. There are several other spots I've noticed where enemies are actually able to shoot you even though they are totally obscured, the top of the bunker at the very end of the Island level, there are two enemies who were able to shoot me from behind the boxes. I ended up using a smoke and rushing them, but not before many aggravating deaths.

    However, this can also be used to your advantage in certain places, such as the very end of Mayenne bridge when you pass under the bridge and need to assault the top and help the Sgt. defuse the bombs. I was having a lot of trouble going up the stairs to reach the bridge, since you are taking fire from the bridge on the right and the town on your left, until I noticed if I inched up the stairs and looked left while hugging the stone wall, I could see the red reticle, and auto-aiming and shooting the reticle would kill the enemy without ever exposing myself. This has worked several other times throughout the game.

    I went into so much detail because I was unable to find any videos to corroborate this trick and wanted to be sure to detail it here. Rule of thumb, if you can auto-aim and the reticle is red, you can kill the enemy. It also seems to work better on vertical cover when peeking over rather then peeking to the side of covers. So try that before popping out of cover if you know enemies are there.
    Posted by SaintSkye On 15 Nov 15 at 07:31
  • Duderonomy420Duderonomy420
    01 Jul 2009 02 Jul 2009
    The GameFAQs page certainly helped me a lot, as did this IGN site:

    Screen shots help you to know where you are in comparison to the guide and some solid advice as well.

    Be persistent.
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    Duderonomy420Absolutely. The checkpoint system in this game is very frustrating. I've noticed COD 4 checkpoints glitch a little bit too, but not as much as in COD 3.

    And not only do they glitch, some of the programmed gaps between checkpoints are huge. And you often have to watch a previous cut-scene that you've seen 15-20 times at this point before you can reload at your most recent checkpoint.

    I found it best to be very slow and deliberate at all times. First, you need to make great use of cover and not run blindly into any room/area. Second, I feel the game may catch up to you every once in a while and give you a checkpoint if you slowly work your way through, as opposed to possibly skipping a checkpoint if you are flying through the stage. I have no physical data or proof to back this notion up, it's just something I feel is a trend in this and other COD games.

    That being said, it is very satisfying once you finally pass a difficult checkpoint/complete the game on veteran. As frustrating as it can be (and it's VERY frustrating at times), it's a great sense of accomplishment afterward.
    Posted by Duderonomy420 On 05 Apr 10 at 03:16
    System of a DomBe persistent. Very, very persistent. :/

    I will get there in the end!
    Posted by System of a Dom On 07 Jan 11 at 13:42
    Tha dumb g00seSUCH an annoying achievement. Time consuming and frustrating... I don't know if it's just me, but somehow I'm getting shot through logs and walls -.-
    Posted by Tha dumb g00se On 26 Feb 11 at 02:58
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