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Dead Rising (Xbox 360)
Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

Karate Champ achievement in DEAD RISING

Karate Champ

TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.

Karate Champ0
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How to unlock the Karate Champ achievement

  • JayBitsJayBits120,662
    23 May 2009 24 May 2009
    46 1 7
    I recommend a high level for this achievement, as you will need more skill moves and especially attack power, although all you really need is the double lariat.
    It would sound easier to get this in the maintenance tunnels, but a lot of food would be needed, so don't go there.

    I did this in Paradise Plaza; stocking up on OJ at Columbian Roastmasters.
    When you do a double lariat, make sure you have your hands free (press up on the D-Pad), otherwise you'll be throwing food all over the place.

    If you throw a zombie into other zombies, the thrown zombie will be counted as a weapon; not a barehanded kill, so if you do this you will need to kill some more after 1,000.

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    JLogan27I stand only took about 6-10 more kills and it popped. Not sure what I did to require the extra kills but knee drops and jump kicks will count.
    Posted by JLogan27 on 04 Mar 10 at 17:15
    Godfa7h3rUnlike some other achievements, this has to be done on one game play through. Any barehanded kills you may have got on other play through or game modes will not count towards the 1000 total.

    I started a new 72hr game, went to the supermarket to stock up OJ, and went to town on some zombies. It unlocked around 1,100 kills because I know I had 40 or 50 weapon kills. I used double lariat for the majority of kills,
    Posted by Godfa7h3r on 23 Mar 11 at 04:04
    Phoenix C64after getting zombie genocide i had quite some time left before the chopper came, so i did a few lesser chievos, like this one.
    i went to paradise plaza to stock up on nectar, then i entered the service tunnel (plenty of zombies there) and double lariat all the way. if i needed to drink i just used a queen then a nectar.
    Posted by Phoenix C64 on 08 Aug 11 at 18:23
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  • Clever JakeClever Jake523,247
    10 Jul 2008 16 Sep 2008
    33 0 0
    The quickest way to do this is master the Double Lariat and goto the North Plaza, there are enough zombies and if you run low on health the supermarket never runs out of food. It will take a while to get so to mix things up go and save you progress every so often.
  • TOM1013TOM101379,707
    17 Aug 2010 17 Aug 2010 17 Aug 2010
    26 0 2
    After killing Cliff you get the empty store key. In the empty store there are two books, Survivalist and Wrestling. The Wrestling book gives you a significant boost to your bare-handed attacks.
    With the book in your inventory you can kill with one drop kick. Just run around in paradise plaza drop kicking until you get the achievement. I think this is easier than the double lariat which doesn't always work when I want it to, and sometimes leads to being surrounded and chomped on.
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    Kung Fu RikiThese books helped me a lot. Thanks for the information. Also I was level 48 when I attempted.
    Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 08 Feb 11 at 23:24
    KanchanaburiThank you for the info. Helped a lot!
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 05 Sep 13 at 07:47
  • Doctor DakkaDoctor Dakka9,404
    04 Jun 2010 05 Jun 2010
    17 2 0
    Recommended Level - 40+
    However this is possible at any level, just it will take longer depending on attack strength and moves availible.

    Having just compleated this achievement using help from the other guides on this site, I find them to be correct but needing a little more advancement upon.

    The knee drop is a wonderfull tool for quickly taking out one or two zombies, you can hit multiple ones in quick proximity. As stated in the other guides if you can double lariat a group of zombies, it's a fast and efficient way to take some down, however on one or two, they can be killed faster with other techniques such as the knee drop.

    Another thing to note is at lower levels (I was 36 when I did this) if you attack zombies hand to hand in the dark (so they are stronger) the double lariat will not one shot them, this means hitting the same zombie twice, and effectively halfing the efficiency of the move while increasing the risk of being grabbed. I reccomend fighting through the dark hours with the knee drop if you are less than the ideal level.
  • KhayosKillerKhayosKiller210,978
    01 Dec 2011 01 Dec 2011
    12 0 0
    The FASTEST and Simplest way!

    I'm am not sure exactly which level you receive the move, but the only requirement is the move called Knee Drop :)

    Even with another move substituted i.e, lariat (slow and clumsy)
    this method is by far the fastest.
    The more inventory you can hold speeds this up, I wouldn't try at level 1, lol.

    I used the method where you wait the half day on the roof, and pass the missions up, giving you extra time for other cheevos after.

    Once you've entered Paradise Plaza stay there.

    1.Grab the pies from Roastmasters, then go outside.
    Back in and grab more pies, maybe repeat once more.
    Back upstairs to use the blender;
    1 Orange Juice + 1 Pie = Untouchable

    2.Fill inventory with 'Untouchable'

    3. Knee Drop the shit out 'em, lol.
    You'll notice they try to spawn the zombies "randomly" with code,
    you will see patterns of scattered groups.
    Find a group, go stand in the middle, drink 1 untouchable and Jump then Knee Drop, or Lariat or whatever.
    They can't touch you (occasional punches don't do shit)

    4 Every time Untouchable runs out drink another and repeat.

    By Far the quickest way!

    1hr or so if ur good :)

    Have Fun!
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