Zombie Genocider achievement in Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

Zombie Genocider

TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Defeat at least 53,594 zombies.

Zombie Genocider0
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How to unlock the Zombie Genocider achievement

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    Start up the 72 hour mode.

    While trying to achieve this goal do not try and do the cases meanwhile. They are wasting your valuable time.

    If you want to gain some prestige points while you are going for this achievement I suggest you grab the book “Horror Novel 2” (found inside Bachman’s Bookporium, Paradise Plaza), and if you can also “Horror Novel 1” (found inside The Sinister Read, Entrance Plaza). These books will give you a +25% PP bonus from killing zombies, each.

    Bring some kind of food (OJ, Wine, whatever) if you feel the need for it. I did this achievement with absolutely no need for any kind of healing (when you level you’ll get full health).

    Head to the tunnel and use red car to white truck tactic:
    You go to the parking lot get in the red car, drive into the tunnels, make a left, follow the way until a dead end, reverse spin around (killing zombies more efficient), get out of the car, get into the white truck, drive out of the tunnels back into the parking lot, get out of the truck, get into the red car and repeat (until you have 53,594 zombie kills).

    Some guides say that you have to be careful and not hit the zombies walking around with gas canisters, because it will damage your car/truck. I say “fuck that”. The car/truck is durable enough for you to hit quite a few gas canisters and still ram some zombies with no problems. Besides hitting a gas canister will make it explode, killing the by standing zombies, in other words killing even more zombies.

    Sometimes you will be unlucky and the car/truck will break down or get stuck. Don’t worry it should be easy enough getting into another car or getting out of the tunnels. If there is another car/truck go to it, fast. If not grab one of them trolleys and run for it, when it breaks grab another one. Repeat until you are in the parking lot.

    And here is some inspirational music should you have to run the whole way out of the tunnels.

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    ClaytThaGreatIf low on health, you can go to the nearby meat processing plant and grab milk. There's 3 cartons in there.
    Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 18 Nov 13 at 11:21
    I Xevious I xPExellent the video :)
    Posted by I Xevious I xP on 20 Nov 13 at 21:40
    PrettyColt21109The Sinister Read is locked...
    Posted by PrettyColt21109 on 21 May 16 at 09:06
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  • Jayzilla636Jayzilla636289,314
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    Dead Rising: Zombie Genocider

    First of all, head to Paradise Plaza and go up the stairs and locate Columbian Roastmasters.
    Stock up on orange juice. If you run into large groups of zombies find gaps and jump alot.
    Go back down the stairs and near them are restrooms where you can save and a locked door.

    Next go across from the restrooms head outside of the mall to Leisure Park.
    Locate the Maintenance Tunnels and then use the red car to go into the tunnels.
    From the loading screen, go right, left, then right again to get to the location of the key.
    The key will unlock doors back to the surface so you can save again,etc.
    Jump to avoid zombies as you backtrack out of the tunnels back to the red car.

    Once back to the red car go back down the tunnels and refer to the vehicle paths to take.
    At the white car there is a door where you can go in. Head left for an elevator for safety.
    Once youre on the upper level you can go through the now unlocked door to restrooms.
    Feel free to get more orange juice or anything else you may think is useful upstairs if needed.

    Remember to save often and be prepared for vehicle breakdowns or stalls.
    But most of all, REMEMBER TO COMPLETE ALL 3 DAYS! Meaning get some sort of ending.

    If done correctly you will get a confirmation of Real Mega Buster in the security room.
    This is for all future playthroughs btw and although it only has 300 rounds it respawns.

    Below are visuals that can better help you. Good Luck!

    Location of Maintenance Tunnels/Map for rest of locations:
    External image

    Location of Maintenance Tunnels Key:

    Maintenance Tunnel Vehicle Paths:

    Sources: tty.wanfear.com, dead-rising.wikia.com, faqs.ign.com
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    DelithThe vehicle path is a dead link.
    Posted by Delith on 17 Nov 13 at 23:05
  • PapaTheHutPapaTheHut243,995
    21 Dec 2009 21 Dec 2009
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    Here are some tips for the red car/truck method

    -If you get bored while playing, stop around every 10,000 kills by either pausing the game, or finding a place to save (I used the bathrooms in North Place). This will keep the game fresh by the next time you play it

    -If you want, go into a party with some people to help pass the time. The repetitiveness of driving will wear you down in about an hour of playing

    -And last, when you first start of in Paradise Plaza, stock up on OJ. Sometimes when driving around underground, your car will break down too early, and you're forced to walk the rest of the way to another vehicle. You need health for times like these.
    Happy Hunting
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