COMMANDER achievement in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent


Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 95%

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How to unlock the COMMANDER achievement

  • White ShadowsWhite Shadows139,553
    27 Nov 2008 06 Dec 2008 19 Dec 2008
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    I gained this achievement after much grievance and confusion, after all, there is little documentation written on how to be a commander. It wasn't until after I unlocked it that I realized why it happened. Be sure to read the very bottom of the post because it ties everything together. Without further ado, I present THE way to get COMMANDER.

    First of all, both teams (spy's and merc's) have 3 threads of stats.


    -Direct Action

    Allow me to break each of these down.

    -Climbing poles, ladders
    -Diving (through window) (RB)
    -Zip lines
    -Jumping through ceiling (RB)
    -Sliding through crevices (RB) (MOST LIKELY MISSING THIS)

    -Disabling ECC
    -Breaking glass
    -Neutralizing Merc
    -Jumping on Merc
    -Turning off lights
    -Stealing and securing files
    -Using night and thermal vision
    -Throwing Merc off of a ledge (Hang on ledge then hit "A" when he gets close) (MOST LIKELY MISSING THIS)

    Gadgets (Must use them on enemies)
    -Heal self with Syringe
    -Heal teammate with Syringe

    Direct Action
    -Killing someone while they are downloading
    -Killing someone who has a full file
    -Killing someone after knocking them down

    -Using blue vision while killing a spy
    -Having spy's in your sight and shooting at them
    -Use hook function over ledges

    -Killing with the drone
    -Killing with grenades
    -Restarting Generators

    You can only get so many points for doing a certain thing. If you stop going up with grenade kills, go for drone kills, etc. In other words, to get %100 in everything you MUST perform every move in the game at least a few times. Also, it's good to note that if you zoom in and get a head shot as a mercenary then you will give an extra boost to that stat you were working on. Ex: If you get a head shot will in blue vision, you will up a little extra in Recon/Tracking. This achievement can be boosted painlessly with one other friend in the game.

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    Woodster 86Stuck on 84% spy gadgets and 80% direct force. Boosted every action multiple times but never go up. Stuck on 94% overall :(
    Posted by Woodster 86 on 10 Sep 14 at 07:53
    xTMx VoytekUsing the drone in EMF for a full 20 minute match works like a charm for Upsilon gadget. Couldn't get it to budge from 83 with 94% overall and one match boosted it to 100%. Effortless if you're in a bind for gadget.
    Posted by xTMx Voytek on 31 Aug 16 at 04:10
    matdanGetting this with Upsilon for the final percentage is far easier, could not work out how to do stealth or gadgets. But for Upsilon having my team-mate spy as hostage to the bots and knocking my team-mate bots down worked for 100% direct action. AFKing with a drone finished off the Gadgets for me both great tips.
    Posted by matdan on 23 Dec 16 at 07:57
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  • Games MasterGames Master950,674
    28 Feb 2014 28 Feb 2014 05 Oct 2014
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    Successfully fulfilling this whole list via co-op/online play will earn you almost 100%. Enjoy!


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    Direct Action:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    All credit goes to phiona at Xbox Achievements.

    Hope this helps :)
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    Fixter2Can you work on some of these by yourself in a custom game?
    Posted by Fixter2 on 10 Nov 19 at 08:31
    GoyetteQCFinally managed to get it. Been stuck on direct action at 84-88% and spy gadget at 84% for a few hours and they wouldn't budge so I randomly decided to start one of the coop missions, got lamentably killed 3 times then managed to flashbang the bot before being grenade'd from across the spy hideout. Pretty random considering I did boost flash grenades well over 20 times an hour before. So yeah the requirements seem to be a bit random, but here's a few thing that helped me get the last % of some characteristics:

    - Idled the drone with the EMF vision for a full match, mercs gadget went up 20%
    - Had a spy hold another merc hostage and then killed the spy (did it 4 times, went up 12% direct action)
    - Used the merc hook over a ledge to drop on a spy, direct action stat went up 4-8% but could've been some other action I did before that
    Posted by GoyetteQC on 25 Apr 20 at 23:58
    Mittens2317Can confirm that landing on a spy by using a grapple increases Direct Action, as does killing a spy WHILST they're hacking (as opposed to killing one that has a full hack)

    It also seems to me that the kills by gunfire either stacks, or is nullified, though I haven't tested it.

    To clarify, by nullified I mean that the game May only count the first fifty times a spy is killed by gunfire. However, if it's a headshot, it will count it as a headshot rather than standard gunfire death, potentially leading to a large chunk of standard gunfire kills "not counting".

    To be on the safe side, I'd recommend going for standard gunfire kills first before moving onto headshots, mid-hack, and post-hack kills.
    Posted by Mittens2317 on 18 May 20 at 03:50
  • ZigsterLVZigsterLV598,098
    10 Nov 2018 10 Nov 2018 10 Nov 2018
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    Folov GamesMasters guide, its realy relayible but not fully complete thou.
    You still need to do for:

    #direct action-free upsilon bot when spy has holding him hostadge atleast 4 times (+12%). Will need 1 more real player being a spy.

    #stealth-on map terminus turn on/on light swiches, found all over the map. Or just look room by green terminal. (+4%)
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