Navy Cross: Campaign achievement in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Navy Cross: Campaign

Kill 5 enemies using water based vehicles without losing the multiplier.

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How to unlock the Navy Cross: Campaign achievement

  • The GerbilThe Gerbil207,920
    21 Jul 2011 27 Jul 2011
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    This one can be tricky, but your best bet is probably the mission Submerged as there is a (glitchy) boat early in the mission and lots of enemies. You may have to restart a few times because the boat you need tends to get stuck.

    The mission starts with you parachuting towards an enemy encampment. Clear this area out and then set the first charge in the first bunker. Stand on the cliffside and you'll see a dock below, along with a large group of enemies approaching from the road. Don't shoot these guys, as these are the ones you need to kill when your boat arrives.

    Now here's the tricky part. An enemy boat is supposed to come land at the dock, but it tends to get stuck on a patch of land on its approach. This delay can cause the enemies to run out of your range and possibly get killed by the rest of your squad.

    If you see the boat get badly stuck on its way to the dock, your best bet is to restart the mission and hope it takes a better route next time. Try standing in several different spots after blowing up the bunker; such as on the cliffside or down beside the dock.

    Once the boat does actually land, just shoot a lot to draw the enemies towards your boat, and then pick them off along with the other enemy patrol boat. When the boat does arrive in a timely fashion, you'll have more than enough enemies to get this achievement.

    Remember, while you'll unlock the achievement immediately, make sure you DON'T QUIT once it unlocks; either finish the mission or just fail...if you quit, it won't save the medal towards your campaign progression!
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    adraedinJust pulled this off today - many thanks to The Gerbil & his solution!

    Here's how I pulled it off (+some tips that might help):
    Orient yourself. As you fall, find the bunker. Just to the right is the cliff-side that The Gerbil mentions, with a dock on the far left and far right. The action happens at the right dock. Between the docks there is a hill in the water, the boat will get stuck on the right side of that hill. I noticed that the boat would un-stick itself 1/10 times so any time it did get stuck, I spent 5 seconds to see if it was making any small movements before I restarted.

    Definitely clear the camp before you set the charge. Don't try anything fancy like trying to kite more units to the boat in a minute. Just clear the camp. When you do set the charge (at around the 1 minute mark) keep that unit inside the bunker and let him blow up. The game will move you to a remaining unit - now run to the turrets at the top of the hillside before the enemy units spawn and when your other 2 teammates take the turrets, line them both up and shoot them in the face quickly. Your units will respawn immediately in this mission but they paratroop in and it takes about 10s. The idea here is to a) stop them from taking out enemies you'll need with these turrets in about 10s and b) to distance your teammates from the fight so you'll get more of the enemy aggression. If you time it right, it will be just you at the top of the hill at the front line as the enemies spawn and approach. Now, just keep that stupid boat in your sight-line while you linger at the top of the cliff dodging the enemy shots. When it goes in to dock, walk down the cliff and hop in quickly. Pressing Y will allow you to change seats fyi.

    While in the boat as the driver, you can back the boat up a little bit with LB for a wider range on your turret - it might take a few seconds to start moving, but it will move & it might be worth it if you continue to have enemies just out of range in your peripherals. I think this is the most helpful tip I can suggest as I got it on my second attempt after backing up for the wider range.

    It might take about 30 minutes or 10-15 attempts to really understand the process to get this done but you'll get it eventually. That boat glitch really makes this take WAY longer than it should take.
    Posted by adraedin on 27 Jan 16 at 19:38
    el gerberoHas anyone completed this since last post? I'm playing xbox one and I'm starting to think it's impossible.

    Edit: After few hours of trying, finally made it. Thanks Gerbil and adraedin for you tips!
    Posted by el gerbero on 01 Sep 21 at 17:09
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