Commando: Campaign achievement in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Commando: Campaign

Kill 4 enemies in a mission using a Knife.

Commando: Campaign0
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How to unlock the Commando: Campaign achievement

  • The GerbilThe Gerbil207,709
    19 Jul 2011 19 Jul 2011 19 Jul 2011
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    This can easily be done on the map Burning Bridges. Only the Special Ops class is equipped with the knife, and most of your reinforcements are Spec Ops on this mission.

    When the level starts, quickly switch to the Sniper on the ridge. Use his laser designator to take out the helicopter, and then shoot the enemies posted in the two guard towers in front of the bridge.

    Now switch back to one of the Special Ops guys, and take cover by the machine gun nest next to the debris. A lot of enemies will be rushing you from the bridge, so just wait behind this cover until they get close. When they get near, just pop out and rush the closest guy with your knife, then take cover again behind the debris once you start taking fire. Just repeat this process until you've knifed 4 enemies.

    You'll keep getting Spec Ops reinforcements, so you'll have more people to switch to if you die. They should be helpful in drawing enemy fire as you run out with your knife as well.

    The other option is to go onto the bridge, set the first bomb and then wait by the corner of one of the downed trucks. Setting the bomb will trigger a large enemy spawn from further down the bridge, so if you just wait they will continue to rush you.
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  • Guds SkyfallGuds Skyfall219,995
    13 Sep 2011 13 Sep 2011 01 Nov 2017
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    In my opinion, there is a vastly superior method to doing this. Play on the map Burning Bridges. Start by taking out the soldiers in the towers and helicopter with your sniper. Then utilize the glitch where enemies hardly harm you when you are not looking at them by aiming into the ground, and run up to the left of the bridge (left tower). Ther is a mounted gun behind the tower, with enemies constantly running for it. Wait for an enemy to take it and approach him (while still looking into the ground) to knife him. Run back behind the wall to hide once again, popping out whenever an enemy has taken the mounted gun.

    This method is superior since mounted enemies won't get off their turret when you are rearing them, making them harmless targets.

    With this method you will have no trouble getting the Achievement. Now go out there and get it!

    Edit: What the hell is up with people downvoting a legit solution – trolling?
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