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Okay, so a LOT of the achievements on this game are not quite properly solved on TA, and it made my single player campaign a bit of a beeyotch, like with finding the 10 Flak Guns on Mission 11 and such.

Lord Satorious has made a guide for much of the game's miscellaneous achievements. The below walkthrough is mostly for beating the missions, however.

What Le Lone Wolf failed to add in his redirecting everyone to the XboxAchievement's guide, is that their official guide is absolute s**t for once. The guide did not help me at all. This is the link you should use for nearly all of the single player secondary objectives:

Now, here is Lord Satorious' walkthrough for mission one through twelve:
=Single Player Walkthrough= [009.]

Author's notes:

For the most part, the level design in "The Outfit" is very linear, so I
will not be giving out exact directions as so much what to expect and
recommended courses of action, as well as how to gain all the achievements
during the campaign.

-Mission 1: Beachhead= [009a]

Start by ordering some reinforcements, and immediately head to the Armory and
capture it. Some Nazi paratroopers will attack, kill them and make sure the
Armory is still yours, you'll need it later. Head down the road and defend a
roadblock. Capture a strategic objective from the Nazis, and call for some
anti-tank guns. One Gun Car and two Cannon Cars will attack. Call down a 4x4
and head east towards a small group of Nazis with a machine gun emplacement.
Continue east and capture the Motor Pool, resistance will be a few enemy
machine guns. You'll be ordered to defend an area, place a few machine guns
and maybe an AT gun. Once the group of Nazis is dead, head down the road to
the next objective. Kill the Germans guarding it and order a Halftrack, then
proceed to the next objective. There's a large basecamp ahead, and you'll be
asked to place a 40mm AA Gun.

* Medal Opportunity: man the AA Gun yourself and shoot down five enemy planes

Once done, capture the Radio Tower up ahead and call an Air Strike on the
barricade. Now you can request a tank, and you'll need one for the combat up
ahead. Enter the enemy camp, and destroy the Wirblewind tank. Capture the
strategic objective in the area. Proceed down the road into town. Blow up
the Cannon Cars that come at you.

* Medal Opportunity: protect at least five Allied paratroopers. The first
group will parachute down, destroy the machine gun on the left first, then the
soldiers on the right. Let the paratroopers capture the strategic objective,
unless they all died, then do it yourself. Continue down the path, and
destroy the incoming Cannon Car. The second group will parachute down near
the second strategic objective. Destroy the enemy machine gun first, and let
the paratroopers capture the second objective. Near the third strategic
objective is a Gun Car and a Wagen, destroy them both. Take out any infantry
in the area and the paratroopers will capture the third strategic objective.

Now repair the bridge, and head to the church. Two Pumas will attack you, and
once they are destroyed, set up a few cannons to defend the roads. Two Cannon
Cars should be on the left, and two more Pumas will show up. Once they are
all destroyed, the mission is completed.

-Mission 2: Into the Fray- [009b]

Your first objective is to kill the Nazis guarding the monument. Move into
the town square, and a building ahead of you will be blown up. Two Pumas will
appear on the hill, drop some AT guns to deal with them. Another Puma
followed by Nazi paratroopers will attack; kill them all, or hijack the Puma
for yourself. Head under the bridge on the right, and blow up the searchlight
(#1) for a medal opportunity.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy all eight searchlights in the mission

Go straight and capture the strategic objective and steal a Puma. The next
objective is to destroy the Nazi outpost. There will be two Wirblewind AA
Guns on the right, destroy them both first. You have to destroy all the tents
in the area, and the easiest method is just to run them over. There is
another searchlight (#2) in the area you can destroy as well. Once the
outpost is flattened, drop a bridge and a train will enter the ruined outpost.
Nazis infantry will exit the train car, kill them all. You can even destroy
the rear car of the train. Now hijack the train, and chug along the track.
Smash through the enemy Wagens, then capture the Armory. You're going to have
to recapture it later, so place some machine guns on the corners. Continue
along the track to the second outpost. Do the same as you did to the first,
and destroy both searchlights in the area (#3 & #4). Capture the Motor Pool,
and order a Halftrack or steal one of the two Pumas sitting at the rear of the
outpost. You'll have to defend and possibly recapture both the Armory and the
Motor Pool. Once secured, a barricade will be blown up, and you should head
into this new area. Another train will roll down the track.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy the troop car on the second train

On the left, near what looks to be a fuel depot, is another searchlight (#5),
and another is just a little further ahead on a hill (#6). On the right,
capture the Radio Tower and repair an Allied Crocodile, and get inside. Now
head into town, where you must destroy three Nazi headquarters. There's some
resistance in the form of infantry, machine guns and AT guns. Have gun
toasting the Nazis with the Crocodile's flamethrower. The first HQ is on your
first right turn, on the left side of the street. Air strikes work well in
demolishing the buildings. If you continue down this street, you'll see a
strategic objective ahead, and the second HQ is down the left side of the
hill. Now back up, and head down the new street, and take the first right you
can. Take a left and go over the bridge. You'll enter a new area and there's
another searchlight to be destroyed (#7), as well as Nazi infantry and several
emplacements. If you keep going you'll find the third HQ, but first destroy
the last searchlight (#8) to the right for the achievement. Bring down the
final HQ and complete the mission.

-Mission 3: Yo Adrienne- [009c]

You'll have to capture the Armory first, so run down the road to it. There
will be infantry and a single machine gun defending it. Next you'll have to
defeat a Nazi blockade. Head west (or to the right if looking at the Armory),
and you'll find a good-sized group of Nazi soldiers with an AT Gun. Up ahead,
an enemy Gun Car will show up to defend a strategic objective, along with a
machine gun emplacement. Once they they take enough losses, the enemy will
pull back. Capture the objective, and take the Gun Car for yourself. Take
the road left, and capture the Radio Tower. Try to kill the gunner of the
Wirblewind AA gun, it will be helpful if you can reinforce it with your own
man. The enemy will attempt to take the Radio Tower back, with paratroopers
and a Cannon Car. If you want, try to hijack the Cannon Car, otherwise, blow
it up and kill all the paratroopers. Now go back the way you came until you
reach a barricade. Call an airstrike down on it. Move into the docks, and
kill the enemy machine gunner and infantry.

* Medal Opportunity: stop the enemy convoy. Immediately upon entering the
area, take the strategic objective and reinforce the empty Nazi AT guns with
your own men. Drop a few more 57mm AT Guns of your own, on both sides of the
large crane facing the road on the opposite side of the river. I use between
four and six. Now sit back and watch the mayhem, or help out if you're using
Deuce with his bazooka.

Once finished there, continue along the road and you'll eventually hit another
blockade, with a group of infantry, two machine guns and a cannon. Once you
clear the area, air strike the barricade and move into town. Capture the
Motor Pool up ahead and order up a Tank. On the other side of the wall (you
can blow it up), there will be numerous enemy forces, including infantry, a
machine gun, a Wagen that will drive past to drop off more troops, and a
Wirblewind tank will attack.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy all the Nazi propaganda in the city, which is in
the form of golden eagles atop marble pillars. There are three in the
immediate area. The first (#1) is directly to your left just as you pass the
wall, the second (#2) is on the right past the wall, behind a destroyable wall
itself. The third (#3) is up the road a bit, in front of a brick building.
There are two more in the city, which I will point out a little later.

Continue on the road, past the arch where there will be an enemy machine gun.
A Puma will appear after a building is demolishing from the left. I find it
fun to ram the Puma into the machine gun position and destroy them both. In
this area, on the right, there is another eagle pillar (#4) past a destroyable
wall. Keep going on the road, take a right, and there will be a strategic
objective with a machine gun in front of it. Capture the objective and look
right. The final eagle (#5) is a short distance away.

Go straight, over the bridge to another strategic objective. There is a lot
of enemy resistance in the area, including infantry, machine guns, cannons,
and Cannon Cars that will attack. Your objective is to destroy all five heavy
artillery pieces in the area. I find it easisst to ram them rather than blow
them up with the tank cannon. A Puma and a Wirblewind tank will attack you.
If you follow the dirt road, you'll eventually come to another bridge. Be
careful crossing it, as the enemy might destroy it when you're over it. Once
across, there will be an enemy Puma, Wirblewind AA Gun, and an AT Gun, as well
as many infantry. Kill them or rush past, to the final objective at the end
of the road. The mission will end.

-Mission 4: Mortain- [009d]

This mission is more open than the others, but we'll do it in the way the
orders come in. The first thing is to capture the Radio Tower. There's a
strategic objective on the way. You'll encounter some infantry resistance.
Once there, reinforce the empty machine gun positions, and capture the enemy
Wagen. Follow the road north to another strategic objective, then head east
to the Armory. Enemy paratroopers will harass you, so set up some machine gun
emplacements around the Armory. You'll see a train on the tracks, it will
continue to deliver troops to the battlefield until the bridge is destroyed.
We'll get to that later. For now, follow the tracks south to the Motor Pool,
and capture it. Make sure to set up defenses. Order a tank, and head south
towards the bridge. A machine gun and cannon will drop on the other side when
you approach. Destroy them and the bridge and the troops will stop coming in.
Head southwest to the strategic objective.

* Medal Opportunity: rescue the Allied tank crew. If you head further south-
west, you'll find an Allied tank crew that needs to be escorted. Kill the
enemy paratroopers that attack, and take out the machine gun near the
strategic objective northwest of your position. Once the crew makes it to the
objective, you'll have saved them.

Now head north into the town. Reinforce the empty machine guns, and drop more
of your own, facing all corners of the town square. Drop AT guns as well.
Overdoing it a bit is a good thing here. Paratroopers will attack from all
sides, make sure to keep the defenses up. You may want to leave the square
and put up defenses outside the town as well. Put AT guns and machine guns on
the hills. After paratroopers will come Cannon Cars. AT guns around the
perimeter should help in controlling them.

* Medal Opportunity: defend Allied reinforcements. After the Cannon Cars
attack, a squad of Allied paratroopers will parachute down west of the town
square. Some AA Guns will drop outside the town as well. Reinforce the AA
Guns and assist the paratroopers in making their way west. Once they arrive
at their destination, you'll get the achievement.

Now get back to the town square, Pumas will attack shortly. Just keep the AT
guns repaired and assist in destroying the attacking Pumas. Once they are all
destroyed, you will win the mission.

=Mission 5: Assault on Rochereau- [009e]

Head south to the first three strategic objectives and capture them. When you
get to the third objective, you'll find two abandoned Pumas there. You'll
have to rush across an artillery bombarded twisty and turny road to get to the
fourth objective. The Pumas may be too slow, but if you fail, try using a
4x4. Don't stop to destroy the enemy emplacements, just drive past them.
Once you get to the fourth objective, you'll need to head north to the Armory.

* Medal Opportunity: rescue Allies at the Armory. Once you get to the fourth
strategic objective, immediately take the right road north to the Armory.
Kill the enemy that attacks there. Capture the Armory after the enemy is dead.

Now head back and take the left road to the Motor Pool. There's a good amount
of resistance here, so use machine gun and AT gun emplacements to soften up
the enemy forces. On the right before the Motor Pool is a destroyable wall.
Blow through it and you'll find an Allied Tank. Use it to break through the
second destroyable wall to assist in the capture of the Motor Pool. Once the
Motor Pool is yours, head north to the strategic objective, then northeast to
the Radio Tower. You'll have to destroy six AT guns there. Now head back and
take the road to the Nazi chateau. There will be some enemy AT guns here.
Destroy them, and a Panther tank will attack.

* Medal Opportunity: capture the enemy Panther tank. This isn't easy, but you
can try to rush it with your own tank, hop out and hijack the Panther. If you
fail, it's going to take several tries on foot to run close enough where you
can hijack the vehicle. Finish off any remaining enemy forces with the
Panther and the mission will end.

-Mission 6: See the Light- [009f]

This mission is full of SS soldiers, and they are more dangerous than the
Wehrmacht you've been fighting up until now. Head south towards the first
strategic objective. Once captured, keep going towards the second. A few
machine guns and SS you will have to engage on the way. A Cannon Car will
attack on before you reach the third strategic objective. Take either the
left or right path towards the Armory. Once you capture it, you'll have to
defend it from a group of SS. Set up some .50 cal machine guns facing the
road you came from.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy the Axis cargo vessels. North of the Armory is a
large AT gun. Man the gun yourself and use it to sink the three transport
ships out on the ocean heading left to right.

Now head to the Motor Pool, a Puma will attack on the road leading to it.
Capture the Motor Pool after taking out the SS and two machine gun positions.
Request a tank. The road northwest will have several AT guns and SS infantry.
Head that in that direction and capture the strategic objective. SS
paratroopers will come down and attempt to reclaim it. Keep going northwest
to another strategic objective. The SS paratroopers will try to take it back.
Now you must defend the lighthouse to the north. A Panzer tank willbe in your
way, as will a single machine gun emplacement and AT gun. Once you get close
to the lighthouse, it will activate.

* Medal Opportunity: sink the submarines. If you down from the lighthouse
hill, you'll see docks with two submarines docked there. Order an AT gun and
sink them both. While you're at it, you can also destroy some Nazi equipment,
like an AT gun and pillbox inside the complex.

You'll be asked to destroy some coastal guns on a hill, but you can ignore
this if you wish. If you decide to destroy them, head towards the docks.
There is a strategic objective there, capture it. The SS will try to stop
you. The right path you will have to travel on foot, because your tank will
get caught on the tank traps. At the top of the hill is an AT gun. Get to
the summit, and destroy both large AT guns. There are several SS soldiers
present as well. Now go back down the hill and climb back inside your tank.
Head left into the complex. A Panzer tank will attack, and there will be
three pillboxes: one directly in front and one to either side. Turn left and
capture the Radio Tower. Set up some machine guns to deal with the rain of
SS paratroopers that will come down every so often. Follow the road down and
destroy the AT gun on the left. Keep going and you'll see a Panther tank.
Destroy it and a little further you'll reach the docks. There are three
Wirblewind AA guns mounted on the docks themselves. Now turn left and kill
the SS officer to end the mission.

-Mission 7: Sole Survivor- [009g]

Head south to the first strategic objective. Keep going south and board the
large armored train on the tracks. Use it to destroy all enemies in the area.
There are a lot of enemy forces here, so it may take a few lives to kill them

* Medal Opportunity: destroy the enemy armored train. To your left, on a hill
above you, you'll see another armored train. Use your train to attack it. If
it rolls out of view, don't worry, it'll come back around. If your train is
destroyed, still no worries, you'll get another.

When you can, capture the Armory. Then head south to the Motor Pool and
capture it as well. Now order a tank and follow the road to a strategic
objective. Then go north to capture the Radio Tower.

* Medal Opportunity: save the Wehrmacht prisoners from being executed by the
SS. If you head north from the Radio Tower, you'll see some Wehrmacht
soldiers (grey uniforms) about to be shot by the SS (black uniforms). Kill
the SS and save at least one Wehrmacht to get the achievement.

After the Radio Tower, if you follow the road you'll find another strategic
objective. Keep going north to capture the other two objectives, and if you
rush past the enemy at the factory, you can reach the end point and win the

-Mission 8: Vengeance- [009h]

Deuce is no longer available, so pick another hero of your choice, I like
Tommy Mac myself. Go east and take both checkpoints on the way to the Motor
Pool. Capture the Motor Pool and defend it from attacking enemies.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy all twenty-five fuel barrels in the mission. The
first five (#1-#5) are near the Motor pool. I will point out the others as
they appear in the mission.

Now head north and destroy the four barrels (#6-#9) when you come to a T-
intersection. Take the road right to a strategic objective. Four more
barrels (#10-#13) are nearby. Now go back and westwards towards another
strategic objective. On the way to the Armory are three more barrels (#14-
#16). Take the Armory and continue along the road to a strategic objective
and finally the Radio Tower. Nearby is a damaged Calliope tank. Repair it
and around a bend to the north is a strategic objective and several AT guns.

* Medal Opportunity: protect the Allied Anti-Tank Guns. Make sure the guns
are manned and repaired, then head down to the field below. Set up some of
your own AT guns along the edge facing inwards towards the field. All sorts
of Axis armored vehicles will attack the field, use the Calliope's rockets to
assist in destroying them. After they stop attacking, you will get the

On the field itself are four barrels (#17-20). Follow the road to a final
strategic objective, and continue onwards. Repair the bridge and enter the
town. In the town are the last five barrels (#21-25). Locate the chapel and
destroy it to complete the mission.

-Mission 9: Crossing Over- [009i]

The Armory is straight ahead, capture it and defend the base.

* Medal Opportunity: protect at least five anti-tank guns. First run around
and reinforce all the emplacements. You may want to drop a few more AA guns
around to defend against infantry and Axis aircraft. During the attack,
repair the guns as necessary. Once the attack is over, you acquire the

If you want to make things easier on yourself later, destroy all the friendly
base defenses. Now go west and capture a strategic objective. If you can,
hijack an enemy Panzer tank. Take the airfield and destroy a radar dish on a
hill at the opposite end. Keep going and you'll need to capture a strategic
objective before moving to the Motor Pool. Once you're able to capture the
Motor Pool, defend it with AA and AT gun emplacements. Now head into the city
and go right to capture the Radio Tower. Set up at least half a dozen machine
gun emplacements to defend it later. Use your tank and destroy all the
enemies before going to the train station. After a cutscene, Von Beck is now
selectable, but all your objectives are now in the enemy's hands except the
Radio Tower. Go and defend it from any remaining infantry. If you have a
tank, use it to destroy the enemies guarding the Motor Pool. If not, use air
and artillery strikes to kill the enemy armor and emplacements.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy all the enemy tanks. On the way back from the
train station, destroy all the enemy tanks; do not hijack them for yourself.
Before you reach the Armory, destroy the enemy Panther in front of it.

Use whatever means necessary to backtrack the way you came, destroying all
enemy resistance along the way. Once you reach the Armory, the mission is

-Mission 10: Iron Zeppelin- [009j]

If you weren't aware before, Von Beck now replaces Deuce. Use whatever hero
you like to move along the beach south, capturing two strategic objectives.
There's a lot of resistance from SS. You'll make a U around the edge of the
beach until you come to the third strategic objective.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy the enemy prototype jet. Before you reach the
third strategic objective, you'll see a path going left. Take it and you'll
enter an area with several emplacements and a Panther tank. I recommend
hijacking the tank, but it's not easy to do. Destroy the prototype jet and
get the achievement.

Head north and capture a strategic objective, then head into the base.
There's another strategic objective, and then secure the airfield.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy the V1 rockets. There are two groups of V1
rockets at the base, along the east side. Destroy both groups.

I recommend taking the Armory first, then the Motor Pool. Defend these areas
with AT and machine gun emplacements. Use AA and AT Guns to defend the
airfield, the enemy will come down in the same area near the Motor Pool. Set
up heavy AT Guns and a few machine guns to destroy the armor and infantry that
drops every so often. Then capture the Radio Tower and set up some defenses
around it. You'll need to defend the tow cables around the Zeppelin. Be
careful where you place defenses because the emplacement operators will shoot
through them to shoot at the enemy. Once the entire airfield is secured, the
enemy will attack with armored vehicles, then aircraft, then more tanks.
Protect at least one mooring line to the Zeppelin and you will win the mission.

-Mission 11: The Gates Of Hell- [009k]

Start by heading east to the Motor Pool, where it would be recommended to
order the heaviest tank you can. You'll want a Calliope / Panther for this
mission, there's a ton of enemy vehicles and AT guns scattered all over the
map. Once you have your vehicle, take the right road into a new area. There
should be a heavy artillery piece here.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy all ten heavy artillery pieces. The first (#1)
is in the new area you just entered. The rest will be pointed out as you
play the mission. You'll need to destroy at least five to call in air strikes.

If you head north you'll find a strategic objective. To the left is another
artillery piece (#2). Head north towards the Armory. Blow up the artillery
piece (#3) in front of the Armory. Capture the Armory, then prepare to defend
it. Take the road south, and you'll find a path to the left. Another piece
of artillery (#4) is there. Keep going south to enter a new area. Two
artillery pieces (#5 & #6) are in the vicinity. Capture the strategic
objective in the center and continue on southwards towards another strategic
objective. Behind it should be another artillery piece (#7). Head west
towards the hill.

* Medal Opportunity: keep the SS from entering the bunker. From the hill, if
you look down, you'll see the top of a building. Build some machine guns or
AA guns, as you'll need to stop the SS from entering the bunker. If you
stop enough of them, you'll gain the achievement.

Go north and you'll enter a large area. There are two artillery pieces, the
first is in a pocket to the south (#8), and the other is in a pocket to the
northeast (#9). In the northwest corner is a strategic objective. Capture it
and follow the road around to a large structure. You must make your way to
the top to capture the Radio Tower. The final artillery piece (#10) is there
as well. Capture the radio tower, and set up AT guns and machine guns to
defend it. The enemy will attack with infantry and armored vehicles. Repel
them, then drive back down to the gates and call an airstrike on them. The
mission should be completed.

-Mission 12: The Fortress- [009l]

There's no easy way to do this, you'll encounter heavy resistance from the
first strategic objective you capture to the Armory. I use Tommy Mac for his
high health and stamina. You'll have to fight past infantry, machine gun
nests, pillboxes and Pumas. Once you capture the Armory, reinforcements will
drop, including some free tanks. Use the tank to drive up the road. More
heavy resistance will attack you on the way to the Motor Pool, including
Panzer tanks.

* Medal Opportunity: destroy the enemy communications dish. When you enter
the area with the Motor Pool, there's a road leading back east, into a new
area. Destroy the communications dish here, but be prepared to fight or
hijack a Panther tank.

Once the Motor Pool is captured, follow the road north towards the Radio
Tower. Capture it and destroy all the enemy emplacements in the area. Before
you continue on, leave a dozen Anti-Tank Guns facing the entrance from the
Motor pool. You'll need to defend the airfield later. Go to the end of the
airfield and follow the road east. Capture the strategic objective, and
hijack the armored train. Proceed along the track, smashing through the enemy
vehicles you encounter.

* Medal Opportunity: defend the radio tower. Once you make the bend around
the track overlooking the airfield, enemy Panther tanks will attack,
attempting to take back the Radio Tower. If you set up enough defenses, it
should be enough, but use the armored train's cannons to assist if necessary.
When the enemy forces are destroyed, you'll have saved the airfield.

Keep the train moving along the track, until you're facing the fortress.
Destroy all the Panther tanks in the courtyard area. You'll have pushed a
gigantic siege cannon this far, so get out of the armored train and get inside
the cannon. Aim it up and destroy the fortress.

Congratulations, you've completed the entire single player campaign.


ALL credit goes to Lord Satorious for the FAQ walkthrough and to Messiadbunny for the Single Player Secondary Objects Guide
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