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Surfacing achievement in Lost Odyssey


Complete Disc 3.

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How to unlock the Surfacing achievement

  • snake42069snake420691,420,344
    23 Dec 2008 25 Dec 2008
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    Despite being a story based achievement, this achievement is actually quite hard to achieve (just look at the percentage of people that have it). The enemy you must defeat in order to get this achievement is quite hard. Here is a strategy for the boss you must defeat at the end of disc 3. The tips are taken straight from lost-odyssey.net, which is a great site with guides on everything lost odyssey, from seeds to quests.
    Boss Battle : Ice Magic Beast
    HP: 10360

    Before the battle, make sure to equip one your party with Warm Vest(s) to avoid the boss' freeze attacks. Just in case you didnt know, you can buy the warm vest back in the Refugee camp.

    Now this is another hard battle. The boss can freeze your party members, as well cast All Aquarus just like the previous boss. And you can't attack the boss with any magic attacks, or it'll be reflected back to you. That means only one member can actually do decent damage to the boss : Mack with his Combo attack. Just use Powerus on him, and let him do the damage, while the rest of the party keep healing each other up, and casting support magic like Cover for the entire party. And if your Cover magics wears out, keep re-casting them again to reduce the damage. Just keep using Mack's Combo magic to damage the boss, this should take a while but it's the only way.

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    GirthshakesGood job
    Posted by Girthshakes on 07 Jan 10 at 14:45
    deutschZuidUse bombs..... People keep forgeting that you can use items.. that's what they are for. For this fight, ground-variety bombs are the most suitable (ground, grounda, groundus). Cast powerus on Mack, use Power Drink on him and just order him to combo hit the beast. Get one person to buff/zephyra the party while the rest chuck bombs at it. Should only need 5-6 turns to kill it. Anti-freeze skill is useful here. If anyone is frozen, get someone to use Cure-All on him/her the very next turn. Item usage is usually the first one to be carried out in a turn, so take advantage of it.
    Posted by deutschZuid on 26 Jun 10 at 04:06
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  • Leo AscendentLeo Ascendent667,026
    02 Apr 2013 02 Apr 2013 03 Apr 2013
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    People keep saying how hard this is, I got it quite easily on my first try.

    Party Members: Not Optional
    Suggested Level: 35 - 37
    Equipment: Strongest weapon and armor, any anti-freezing skills, MP replenishing skills

    Now, as you may know, this boss reflects ALL magic back at you, so don't even try. This means physical attacks are your only option, obviously Mack will be doing all the damage dealing.

    When the battle starts, have someone cast the strongest form of Powerus you have on Mack, All-Shield and All-Barricade on the party, Any speed up move can help too. Mack should just use 'Combo', this should, if you're at the suggested level, between 1200-1500 total damage.

    The IMB usually attacks in a pattern, so you can easily predict what move will come next after a few cycles. Be sure to heal as much as possible before it uses Absolute Zero, this will almost always freeze someone if you don't have anti-freezing equipment, freezing usually wears off in a few turns. It's also wise to have Ming and Cooke alternating Zephyra, or at least Zephyr.

    I only had to revive Ming and Cooke once each, it's a pretty straightforward and simple fight.
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