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How to unlock the Elite achievement

  • KloxiconKloxicon683,535
    18 Jul 2012 06 Aug 2012 22 Oct 2012
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    This is not a solution as much as it is a helpful tip and the only variable that made it possible for me to complete this game. If you have the Big Surf Island DLC and you have access to the dust storm buggy you can do the burning route for that vehicle which unlocks a dust storm super turbo. This vehicle is absolutely amazing, the stats don't look that impressive but it handles great and it is somewhat sturdy.

    Also when you do the races in this vehicle the game pits you against regular dust storms which I found gave me an advantage. This vehicle I found was also perfect to do the stunt runs with. Once again, not a solution, just a helpful hint. Note: Thanks to BadTriangle it should be noted that in the marked man events it will pit you against the normal enemys.

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    KloxiconGlad to hear it helped BadTriangle. I will make a note about the marked man, thanks for the heads up.
    Posted by Kloxicon on 22 Oct 12 at 04:22
    Very nice guide thanks!
    Posted on 29 May at 14:08
    KloxiconAwesome, thank you Luentrix! Glad too see it's still helping the community.
    Posted by Kloxicon on 30 May at 00:39
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  • EnkiduV3EnkiduV3143,911
    24 Aug 2008 06 Nov 2008
    30 14 6
    Achieved by completing every race, road rage, stunt run, wanted man, and burning route. There are several, but with time and practice it is very achievable. Use of the in-game map is very helpful in finding the events you may have missed.
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    VenomSlayer88I won 109 events, and the car did not appear x12 turbo
    Posted by VenomSlayer88 on 17 Feb 15 at 17:39
    wanderer1877Do you have to beat them all again after you get the main Burnout License or do you just have to beat the ones you've not previously done?
    Posted by wanderer1877 on 12 Feb 17 at 21:07
    ClockKingRMOnly Burning Routes remain completed between licenses. Everything else has to be completed again so it's smart to do the Burning Routes as soon as possible.
    Posted by ClockKingRM on 26 Feb 17 at 05:52
  • darkavenger786darkavenger786397,910
    20 Apr 2012 09 Apr 2012 06 Dec 2016
    14 1 5
    Seeing as this game is going Games With Gold in late December 2016, I thought I'd re-write my guide for this achievement. My original guide will still be here too.

    This is the final licence you get from the game. For this, you'll need to win every event in the game. If you have completed an event, the event will show up on the map with a tick. There are 5 types of events in the game:

    1. Races
    2. Road Rage
    3. Stunt Run
    4. Wanted Man
    5. Burning Routes

    Best way to tackle this would be to go through each type of event one at a time. It's been a while since I've played the game so, I am unsure if you can filter by type of event, someone please confirm in the comments below as I do not have the game on disc any more. It helps if you have found all the races, they're mainly located at intersections across the city:

    Burnout ParadiseExplorerThe Explorer achievement in Burnout Paradise worth 24 pointsFind all Events

    Quick note, burning routes can be done as they are unlocked. When I got this achievement, I had been doing this. By the time I went for my elite licence, I had already done 25 out 35 burning routes so, instead of doing all 120 events for my elite licence, I only had to do 95 events.

    As Kloxicon says in his solution, if you have the Big Surf Island DLC, do the burning route for the buggy to unlock the Dust Storm Super Turbo. Using this vehicle will pit you against the normal version in any event you enter giving you a significant advantage.

    Any negative votes, please state in the comments below on how I can improve the guide. Thanks.


    For this achievement, you do NOT have to leave the burning routes for the license. You can do them whenever you want to, it will not affect the achievement. I've completed 25/35* burning routes and for my Elite License, it says that I only need to win 95 events.

    So what I would recommend for this achievement is to get the burning routes done and dusted as you take down the cars roaming around the city, this will leave you with less work to do for your Elite License.

    (*correct number of burning routes completed for me on 09/04/2012)

    EDIT: As a little side note, I recommend that you do all events for each type of event before moving on to the next type of event. I did the races first, stunt runs next, road rages after and then finished off with the marked man events. I completed the burning routes as I unlocked the cars.
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    FuzzedUpCookiei didnt do any burning routes untill now for the last license.. still need to finish every event though for the 100% achievement:P
    Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 03 Jul 12 at 00:45
    darkavenger786Yeah. If you did the burning routes as you were unlocking the cars, you would've only had to do 95 events for your elite licence. Seeing as you haven't done this, you have to go through all 120 events for your elite licence and 100% achievement. Best of luck
    Posted by darkavenger786 on 03 Jul 12 at 11:29
    J4CKA1how long does this game take to 100%?
    Posted by J4CKA1 on 28 Dec 16 at 21:24
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