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Burnout Skills

In 8 Player online Freeburn lead 6 of the Today's Best Scores

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How to unlock the Burnout Skills achievement

  • DramaticSAnTADramaticSAnTA444,507
    29 Apr 2009 30 Apr 2009 04 May 2009
    60 4 11
    Easiest way is to host a game, set the game to private then get all the stats as high as you can. Do this in each of the category's mentioned above. When your happy with your stats make the party open and let people join. As someone enters start a challenge. People cant break your scores whilst in a challenge so just make sure that everyone in the party is in a challenge. If someone joins half way through stop the current challenge and start a new one. once 8 people are in the party you should get the achievement.

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    candy cowboyi can't find my stats to find out on how many i win,can someone help find it plz
    Posted by candy cowboy on 06 Feb 13 at 12:49
    Doomsday1974It worked perfectly first time, thanks!
    Posted by Doomsday1974 on 27 Apr 13 at 23:42
    GammutsI tried it 2 times by bike. I had exactly 6 both times with 8 players. But no cheevo.

    Retried with car: success. You may want to avoid bikes for this achievement.
    Posted by Gammuts on 05 Jan 17 at 10:41
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  • TurdukenTurduken287,851
    31 Mar 2009 09 Feb 2009
    50 2 0
    It bears noting that the "top scores" mentioned are 6 our of the 8 following categories:

    Air Time
    Barrel Rolls
    Flat Spins
    Jump Distance
    Near Miss
    Power Parking

    ParanoidPunk's strat probably works, I haven't tried it yet. I just wasted an hour getting top times on 6 streets and waiting for 8 people to join the match.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    34 1 0
    Either boost with 7 other players, or start a private game while you top the challenges.

    Any 6 challenges can be: Drifting distance, Air Time, Jump Distance, Power Parking Percentage, Quantity of Barrell Rolls, Oncoming Traffic distance, Quantity of Takedowns, Quantity of Burnouts, Degree of Flatspin (in one shot), Quantity of Road Rules set by you.

    If you boost, just take turns setting the minimum required to lead, top 6, and pop the achievement. Then as you take turns the following player just has to beat the lead by "1". Sometimes if you try to set these while you have less than 8 (like, while you wait for everyone to join the game), the achievement has trouble unlocking. I advise to organize all players to not drive or move their vehicles until all 8 players are in the game. Besides that, you can also simply set another "today's best" AFTER YOU HAVE 8 PLAYERS IN THE GAME, or begin a race once 8 players are in the game.

    If you're not boosting, just initiate challenges to prevent other players from beating your leads (thank you DramaticSAnTA), and cancel as necessary as more players join, until 8 players are in the game.
  • GunnerOnTheRunGunnerOnTheRun134,876
    15 Jan 2011 21 Feb 2011
    29 0 0
    Everyone's solution is pretty good; it really is a mix of luck and timing. I did want to mention one thing that affected me - the achievement only pops up if you're leading in 6 of the scores; it's really silly, but the achievement is for 6 leading scores only, no less, (and surprisingly) no more. I was leading in 8, but it only showed up when people beat 2 of my scores. Hope this helps with anyone who's having trouble.
  • PaRan0id PunkPaRan0id PunkThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    21 Sep 2008
    32 7 4
    you can open a private match and improve your records until you think they're good enough. then open the game and let 7 people join and hope your scores will last.
  • Archer SpenseArcher Spense1,360,107
    17 Jul 2019 18 Jul 2019 21 Jul 2019
    7 0 0
    servers close August 1st 2019 which is in 2 weeks. Not sure if anyone will find this solution helpful in this short of time.

    I don't know if EA messed with the game since these solutions were written, but all of these solutions are unhelpful on WTF scores the achievement is talking about

    this achievement is also really stupid and temperamental.

    so here's the helpful information the other solutions are lacking:

    best "scores"

    to even know what the scores are in a freeburn match:
    - press cn_right
    - tab down to "road rules", press cn_right
    - press cn_right again to turn them on

    now in the upper right corner of the screen, you will notice a whole bunch of new tabs. These tabs give a rundown of the scores that count towards the achievement, what they are, and who is leading. Press cn_down to tab through them all. The interface is really stupid. If you press cn_up at any time, the road rules will turn back off.

    You need to be the highest scorer in 6 of the following:

    air time
    barrel rolls
    flat spins
    jump distance
    near miss
    power parking
    road rules
    freeburn games
    road rules

    what you need to do to get the achievement
    - you need 6 top scores EXACTLY
    - you must get the 6th top score WHILE THERE ARE 8 PLAYERS IN GAME

    you won't get the achievement if
    you have 6 or more top scores BEFORE 8 players join (this didn't work with the group I was in)

    useful info
    if you're boosting with a group and someone is screwing around getting top scores when they shouldn't, kicking them and reinviting them will reset their score to 0.

    quick and easy boosting guide

    - really good place to get 6 top scores quickly is on the beach in the north east part of the map
    - get 8 boosters into your game
    - tell the 7 who are not going for achievement to not even touch their controllers
    - use the jumps on the beach to get
    jump distance
    flat spin
    barrel rolls
    (if having trouble getting a barrel roll, beach is big enough to drive in a circle and get drift)
    - leave beach and use road to get
    near misses

    you can get up to 5 scores done while waiting for the 8th player to join.

    Again, if you have 6 and an 8th joins, the achievement won't unlock. 8 players must be present when you get your 6th high score to get the achievement.
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