Master of Ceremonies achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Master of Ceremonies

Host at least 1000 matches

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How to unlock the Master of Ceremonies achievement

  • Tm5kTm5k409,743
    08 Mar 2010 04 Mar 2010 04 Mar 2010
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    I'm currently using a slight variation of the above solutions and I see matches ending in 30-40 seconds. Doing Xbox Live Private matches.

    Map = Desert Gulch
    Co-Op Territory - Defend
    Respawns = Off
    Enemy Density = Infinite
    Time Limit = 5 mins
    Base Zones = 5
    Mission Failure = 1 Zone
    Auto-Launch = 30 secs

    They seem to enter one or two of the base zones and begin capturing around 20 seconds into the match and capturing takes 10 seconds, I think, so you're hosting a match just about every minute. You can speed up the process if you can keep half an eye on the game while reading a book, or something. Press X in the lobby to bypass most of the 30 secs of Auto-Launch.

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    BasanakinI actively boosted this achievement by babysitting most of the games, meaning that I ran up to the enemies and pressed X at the lobby. By doing this, a game doesn't take 70 seconds, but jsut 30 seconds.

    In other words, if you want to spare time, spare power costs or just want this achievement quick, than it's definitely feasible by sitting with the game while watching a movie on your laptop. It shortens the time by almost 60%! (8 hours babysitting VS 19,5 hours of just leaving the xbox on...)
    Posted by Basanakin on 28 Jan 13 at 23:14
    Is there any way to check progress?
    Posted on 31 Mar 13 at 23:56
    Chimera Tail 88No way to check sorry Devioua this one is just guesstemation
    Posted by Chimera Tail 88 on 03 Apr 13 at 00:30
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  • Commander MasonCommander Mason110,736
    15 Aug 2009 15 Aug 2009
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    This takes time, but no effort. You can get it in about thirteen and a half hours and can take no effort if you just do what I did and leave your xbox on whilst your sleeping/working/at school or whatever you do. :-)

    Create and host a public private match and play with the following settings:

    Co-op territory.
    Auto start timer at thirty seconds.
    Game time limit on five minutes.
    No respawns.
    Enemy density at infinite.
    Set defending zone at base and set zone failure to all.

    The best map I have found is "Nowhere" as they usually kill you within thirty seconds or there about.

    The above settings will make sure that your game lasts approximately one minute and ten seconds. Thirty seconds for them to find and kill you, thirty seconds auto start timer and the other ten seconds because every now and then they kill you quicker and sometimes they take a bit longer.

    You do NOT have to have a wired controller as I done it with a wireless controller and turned the controller off and left my xbox on overnight and for some extra time during the day to finish it off.

    I hope I helped.
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    BasanakinMason, if somebody says its NOT 13,5 hours but 19,5 you can EDIT that in your solution. You replied to and agreed with the guy above about the duration, yet you didn't edit your solution. This makes me think that your just begging for some thumbs up...
    Posted by Basanakin on 28 Jan 13 at 23:09
    PrimeBigTimewhy would you put failure to all bases? wouldn't it go faster to fail one base? also it takes them over 40 seconds to get to my position and they suck at shooting so can take over a minute before they kill me
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 28 Feb 13 at 07:25
    erod550Took about 28-29 hours but it eventually got there.
    Posted by erod550 on 25 Nov 17 at 01:46
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    One of my favorite easy achievements!

    Create a private LIVE match. Co-op defending base, auto-starting at 30 seconds between matches, and just let the game play while you are sleeping or at work.

    Just make sure you have a wired controller so it won't shut off and change the setting on your xbox if it powers off after too much idle time.

    *EDIT* I forgot to mention (and it was brought to my attention) to make the game length as short as possible. The shorter the game the less minutes needed!
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    ItsNismoAceThis works out really good considering the enemies usually kill you or take the base within a minute or less
    Posted by ItsNismoAce on 15 Jun 09 at 05:55
    lord maideni tested this method and it works, they usually kill you within a mintue and the auto launch is 30 seconds, so every 1 and a half minutes, a match has been done.
    Posted by lord maiden on 20 Jul 09 at 22:07
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