Committed (Multiplayer) achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Committed (Multiplayer)

Play for 8 hours straight in multiplayer

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How to unlock the Committed (Multiplayer) achievement

  • knight0fkh0nshuknight0fkh0nshu729,353
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    The easiest way to do this (if you have no problem with leaving your console on while you sleep) is to go make a Co-Op Elimination game. Set the Auto-Launch timer to 30 seconds, and turn on infinite respawns.

    After that, just turn off you tv or watch a few movies or go to sleep. Be sure to watch your time and when it gets close to the 8 hour mark, turn you tv on and see if you got it. If needed...set a timer to 8 hours so you'll when exactly to check. Simple as that.

    Update 2/18/18:

    As stated in the comments below, due to the auto time counting seconds it's best to leave it on about 9 hours and 30 minutes to be safe.

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    kabobles23 hours straight without touching my box, got my 1000 hosted matches, but not this. Any suggestions?
    Posted by kabobles on 18 Feb 18 at 08:38
    knight0fkh0nshuHonestly it's been years. I'm sorry, I don't really know what is going on. It's been so long since I've played this. Did you go to the menu ot anything like that while in game?
    Posted by knight0fkh0nshu on 18 Feb 18 at 23:30
    kaboblesNo, according to all of my friends, I just need to do 1 hour matches for better results, so maybe just make that note on the solution :)
    Posted by kabobles on 20 Feb 18 at 00:09
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    Considering that the other two solutions did not fully explain how to set up all of the details for this achievement, I decided to create one explaining exactly how I got it. I tried knight0fkh0nshu's solution above and it did not work. While I did follow his idea of Co-Op Elimination with infinite spawns on, I did not get the achievement after waiting for over nine hours. So I tried again but with the settings listed below.
    Several comments were wondering about such things as number of controllers,being connected to XBOX Live, and controllers turning off, so I will explain all of these things. So, this is how I got the achievement:

    From the main menu, go to the multiplayer menu, then to local play. Have two controllers join the Identity Setup screen. I had the profile that I wanted to get the achievement join in the first slot (I do not know if it matters what slot they are in in the Identity Setup screen but that is how I got the achievement). The second controller does not have to be signed in to a profile, just joined to play the game (turn on the controller and join as the second player on the Identity Setup screen).

    Next, for the Mode, choose Co-Op Elimination.

    For Type, choose Create Custom Type. For Respawns, choose Infinite. I do not think the Enemy Density matters, but I had mine set to High. Hit the A Button to save the Custom Game Type. The slot you choose to save it in does not matter.

    I doubt that the Map matters, but I chose Desert Gulch.

    For Time, choose 60 Minutes.

    You can leave the Kit settings alone, I had mine set to No Restrictions.

    For Advanced Settings: the Number of Players should be 2.
    Method for Player Assignment: Player Control
    Team Start Location: Standard
    The Team Camos do not matter.
    Set the Auto Launch Timer to its lowest possible positive setting, which is 30 seconds.
    I had my Game Start Timer set to 10 seconds, but I do not think it matters.
    I had my Force Respawn Timer set to 10 seconds, but I also doubt that it matters.
    I hade my Respawn Wait Timer set to Off.
    I had my Respawn Invulnerability set to Yes.
    Force Camera: Off
    Kill Camera: Yes
    Drones: 60 seconds
    ID Friendly/Foe: Friendlies and Enemies
    Lock Room: No
    Class Modifiers: Yes
    Show Enemies on Intel Map: Yes
    Allow Weapon Pickup: Yes
    Map Rotation: Same
    Map Plays: 1
    Voice Channel: Everyone
    Allow Night Vision: Yes
    After you have set the settings, hit the A Button to accept the currently applied settings.

    You do not have to worry about any of the Player Options.

    Now you can just wait for the Auto Launch Timer to start the match. After the match started, I disconnected both of my controllers and turned off my T.V. I was not connected to XBOX Live before or during the game (in case getting disconnected would not allow me to get the achievement). Let the game continue to play through 8 matches (because the matches are set to one hour each). I went to sleep and woke up to some easy Gamerscore.
    I also did this after I had already downloaded the Title Update, for those of you who are wondering.
    I know that some of the Advanced Settings did not need to be listed, but I decided to just go ahead and list all of them, to help limit confusion. I would rather be too specific than not specific enough. If you have any questions either leave a comment or PM me.
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    vzr326Great! Followed this guide step-by-step and earned the achievement after the 8th matches when dropped back to the lobby. Thanks!
    Posted by vzr326 on 12 Feb 15 at 15:31
    MasterTimosWorked like a charm! +1
    Posted by MasterTimos on 07 Aug 17 at 03:45
    MushaConvoyWorked like a charm, just to add though, I started out connected to Live but still playing a Local game. Sometime during the 8 hours Live dropped but the game kept playing. After 12 hours no achievement.

    Redid it again with Live disconnected from the beginning, worked exactly as you describe. There must be something that causes an issue when Live is interrupted.
    Posted by MushaConvoy on 14 Jan 21 at 17:14
  • Fists of SteeleFists of Steele236,743
    28 Mar 2011 28 Mar 2011
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    I don't think the auto-launch time, the 5 second game start countdown or the map loading count toward the 8 hours.

    Settings: Co-Op Elimination, 5 minutes (for more matches toward Master of Ceremonies), Infinite Respawns and 30 Second Auto-Launch, rotating through all 10 maps.

    There are 8 hours x 60 minutes/hour = 480 minutes, divided by 5 minutes/match = 96 matches x 40 seconds (30 second auto-launch + 5 second match start timer + ~5 seconds for map load) = 3840 seconds divided by 60 seconds/minute = 64 minutes. Add that to the 8 hours and you have 9 hours, 4 minutes. Now, I didn't time my session to the minute, but 9 hours, 4 minutes sounds about right for how long it took for the achievement to pop up because it definitely didn't after only 8 hours.

    Bearing this in mind, I would recommend setting your match time limit to 60 minutes, so you're only going through 8 matches total. If my assumptions are correct, you should get the achievement after 8 hours and 5 to 10 minutes, shaving almost an hour off the time it took with the settings I used. If someone verifies this, let me know!

    Credit goes to TM5K... I thought it better to have an alternate solution as the one above didnt work
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    sm182I can also confirm that after setting the matches to 60mins it popped the instant I returned to the lobby screen after my 8th game.
    Posted by sm182 on 21 May 11 at 11:44
    Mobius EvalonThis solution is correct, anything that is not you standing in the game does not accrue toward the 8 hour requirement. I was running Territory matches toward Master of Ceremonies and getting killed in about 40 seconds, then a couple hours into that changed my mind and set it to 60 minute Elimination matches. I received the Committed achievement around the 10 hour mark.

    As such, it's more beneficial (as Fists of Steele has noted) to set your match time as high as possible. At 5 minute matches it'll take 9 hours for the achievement, while at 60 minute matches it'll take just a tiny bit over 8 hours. The longer you're staying alive while in the match, the less lobby/loading time you're enduring an the faster you're getting the achievement.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 01 May 13 at 18:44
    BudgetBallin360I followed your guide before I went to work and hit the "request update" button on the TA website 9 hours later while at work and saw that the achievement unlocked. Thumbs up!
    Posted by BudgetBallin360 on 06 Aug 13 at 22:06
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