All Cars from Japan achievement in Forza Motorsport 2

All Cars from Japan

Collect all of the cars from Japan in your Career garage.

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How to unlock the All Cars from Japan achievement

  • BeanpotterBeanpotter1,647,693
    04 Jul 2009 23 Jun 2009
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    You'll need to buy 95 cars to get this achievement which could cost a maximum of 10,470,500 credits if you were to buy them all at full price. However, you can win quite a few from various races, you'll be gifted a few from levelling up and you'll earn a 50% discount on all cars in your current region after reaching level 30. So, that huge bill could come down to 3,181,500 credits. Don't forget to look for bargains in the auction house too. Cars required: -

    # 8 ARTA NSX (2005)
    #16 G'ZOX NSX (2003)
    #18 TAKATA DOME NSX (2005)
    Aerogear Integra Type-R (2000)
    Civic 1.5 VTi (1994)
    Civic Si Coupe (1999)
    Civic Type-R (2004)
    CR-X Del Sol SiR (1995)
    CR-X SiR (1991)
    Do-Luck NSX (1994)
    Integra Type-R (2000)
    Integra Type-R (2002)
    Mugen Civic Type-R (2004)
    Mugen Integra Type-R (2002)
    Mugen S2000 (2003)
    NSX-R (1992)
    NSX-R (2005)
    NSX-R GT (2005)
    Prelude SiR (2000)
    S2000 (2003)
    Wings West Civic Si (2004)

    AB Flug RX-7 (1995)
    Axela Sport 23S (2005)
    INGS RX-7 (1995)
    MAZDASPEED Familia (2001)
    MAZDASPEED Roadster (2001)
    RE-Amemiya RX-7 (1995)
    RX-7 (1997)
    RX-7 Spirit R Type-A (2002)
    RX-8 MAZDASPEED (2004)
    Savanna RX-7 (1990)

    Eclipse GSX (1995)
    Eclipse GT (2006)
    Eclipse GTS (2003)
    FTO GP Version R [1998]
    GTO (1997)
    HKS Racing Performer CT230R Evolution (2006)
    Lancer Evolution IX GT (2006)
    Lancer Evolution VI GSR (1999)
    Lancer Evolution VIII GSR (2004)
    Lancer Evolution VIII MR (2004)
    MINE'S CP9A Lancer Evolution VI RS (1999)
    Sparco Lancer Evolution VIII (2003

    #12 CALSONIC SKYLINE (2003)
    #23 XANAVI NISMO GT-R (2003)
    #32 Nissan Motorsport R390 GT1 [1998]
    #46 Team MOLA Dream Cube's ADVAN FAIRLADY Z (2005)
    Fairlady Z (Z33) (2003)
    Fairlady Z 432 (PS30) (1969)
    Fairlady Z 432-R (PS30SB) (1969)
    Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo (Z32) (1994)
    MINE'S R32 Skyline GT-R (1993)
    MINE'S R34 Skyline GT-R (2002)
    R390 GT1 Road Car [1998]
    Silvia K's (S14) (1994)
    Silvia K's CLUB Selection (S13) (1992)
    Silvia Spec-R (S15) (2000)
    Skyline Coupe 350GT (V35) (2003)
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R32) (1993)
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R34) (2002)
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nür (R34) (2002)
    Tommy Kaira Skyline GT-R R34 (2002)
    Top Secret Silvia D1-Spec S15 (2000)

    #77 Cusco Subaru ADVAN Impreza (2003)
    Impreza 22B STi [1998]
    Impreza WRX STi (J-Spec) (2004)
    Impreza WRX STi (J-Spec) (2005)
    Legacy B4 2.0 GT (2005)
    Tommy Kaira Impreza M20b [1998]

    # 3 Toyota Motorsports GT-ONE TS020 (1999)
    # 6 EXXON Superflo Supra (2005)
    #25 Eclipse Advan Supra (2006)
    #35 Yellow Hat YMS Supra (2004)
    2000GT (1969)
    AB Flug S900 Supra Turbo [1998]
    AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex (1985)
    Altezza RS200 (2004)
    APR Performance Celica GTS (2003)
    Border MR2 Turbo T-bar (1995)
    Celica SS-I (2003)
    Do-Luck Supra (1992)
    MR2 GT (1995)
    MR-S (2002)
    Soarer 430SCV (2002)
    Supra 2.0 GT Twin Turbo (1992)
    Supra RZ [1998]
    Tom's T020 MR2 (1995)
    Tom's W123 MR-S (2002)
    Tom's Z382 Soarer (2002)
    Top Secret 0-300 Toyota Supra (1998)
    VeilSide Supra Fortune 03 [1998]
    VeilSide Supra Fortune 99 [1998]
    VIS Racing MR2 Turbo T-bar (1995)
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    Spilnerdont forget that if your going to buy some of the more expensive cars you'll need to be level 45-50
    Posted by Spilner on 23 Jun 09 at 21:16
    BeanpotterFair point Spilner and you really should aim to get to level 50 as you're given a few of the more expensive cars as you go if you've selected Asia as your region eg: - level 40 = Toyota #25, level 45 = Nissan #32 & level 50 = Toyota #3.
    Posted by Beanpotter on 23 Jun 09 at 22:47
    SpilnerI need that dam nissan #32 im at level 42 and out of cash after getting the rest of the japan cars
    Posted by Spilner on 24 Jun 09 at 10:36
    BeanpotterHire a driver to do an endurance race for you while you're away from your xbox, it's money for nothing :)
    Posted by Beanpotter on 24 Jun 09 at 12:01
    SpilnerI already do that + i race them too, got it now though someone sold one for 50k bargin
    Posted by Spilner on 24 Jun 09 at 12:31
    drabikWell, this was a pain .... finally got it though - yay!
    Posted by drabik on 05 Mar 10 at 15:07
    leej11Can I ask, I am currently level 42 in the Europe Region, and on some of the Japanese Cars It says that they are unlocked 'at level 40 in Asian Region'... does that mean I will have to go through the career again in Asian Region!?!
    Posted by leej11 on 23 Jul 12 at 15:22
    BeanpotterNo, all the cars will be available to you. It doesn't matter which region you chose, you just get different gifts/discounts. I can't remember exactly but I think once you've got all the cars from your own region, you can pay to change to another.
    Posted by Beanpotter on 23 Jul 12 at 15:38
    SpoontossYou can pay 100,000CR to change your region. I'm not sure when you can do it. I waited until I had all the cars from my current region to switch. You have to change your region to be able to buy all the cars, AFAIK. I was already at level fifty, so I'm not sure if that matters?
    Posted by Spoontoss on 09 Oct 12 at 18:35
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