All Time Trials Set achievement in Forza Motorsport 2

All Time Trials Set

Beat the target time in every Time Trial race.

All Time Trials Set0
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How to unlock the All Time Trials Set achievement

  • ZeroDesolationZeroDesolation399,416
    02 Jul 2009 02 Jul 2009
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    There are a few time trails that can be pretty hard but most are easy to complete. I'm sure the last nurnburg one will be the hardest as you need to go wide open as much as possible without going off the road. You can some but it depends on how fast you can get through the turns.

    If you are running into problems though, before going into the time trail, you can click Y to bring up the leaderboards and see the top overall time on that track. Daveyskills is the gamertag that is on top of every leaderboard and you can download his car setup. It's tuned to help you drive the car better and faster. So download his setup, then before you start the race, load that setup and give it another try. It should help you out. I know it helped me and I was getting most of the time trails down in the 1st lap if not by the 2nd lap for sure.

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    PoddieI have to agree that this tip is GOLD... with Davey's setups (which are all still there 08/14/2018 except for Maple Valley) I was able to finish the last half of trials (minus Nürburgring) in a couple hours. I had already completed the first 15 or so on my own. I'm going to attempt Nürburgring a bit later after my hand relaxes... these old 360 controllers are much harder on my hands than the One controllers.

    FastExtiction, you have to download the setup. Then click into the race and the next couple screens until the track loading screen comes up. Instead of "Start Race", pick "Load Setup". I'm sure you're trying to use the setup to early... it's on the same screen as the Start Race.
    Posted by Poddie on 15 Aug 18 at 04:10
    The S bot 9000Thanks for the guide! I've only been missing the Sebring and Tsukuba trials for the past 10 or so years but after downloading the tune ups I got them done within 10 minutes! All hail Davey!!laugh
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 07 Apr 19 at 23:17
    Sipuli91If people are still struggling with this here's a tip: the racing line lies a lot. In many turns it'll be yellow or even red and you'll still be fine at the speed you're going. You can't blindly follow the colors or else you'll lose a lot of valuable time. For example Nürnburing is full of minor turns you can make at full speed even when the line tells you otherwise but if you actually slow down you'll notice you won't ever hit the target.
    Posted by Sipuli91 on 09 May 20 at 21:16
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  • Bert2731Bert2731131,526
    10 Oct 2009 08 Feb 2010 08 Feb 2010
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    Last track is worst. I downloaded a ghost car from a friend with a slightly faster time and use his car setup too. His ghost car guided me on the track. After few laps i did it.
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    FLYN NE WEATHERBest way. I did most of them 1st lap.
    Posted by FLYN NE WEATHER on 13 Jul 12 at 17:18
    Harlequin GodI honestly think the ghost is a waste if you get a good setup, all the top times are a minute plus a head so you will probably never see the ghost once the race starts, however the setups are clutch, you can always get a ghost closer to the target time

    one other tip , due to the breaks of the Porsche being good, you can go into the read, and still break and make the turn with little effort, racing like what I thought was a mad man, I just got 7 09 082, barely made it
    Posted by Harlequin God on 26 Feb 13 at 14:00
    AirNathNo help here!People who say they got most of these done on 1st lap are LAIRS!
    Posted by AirNath on 19 Apr 14 at 21:57
  • shocellistshocellist72,513
    05 May 2012 04 May 2012 14 May 2012
    14 2 1
    Take a look at ZeroDesolation's solution above. This is essentially what got me through the time trials.

    However, there are a couple of things I would like to add. There are no penalties for using assists (traction, stability, ABS, etc.). So, if you need them, you should be using them! I went ahead and turned on ABS, traction control, and (sometimes) stability control. Additionally, if the race line is off or on "braking only", turn it on to "full". The racing line helps immensely, and there's little reason not to use it here (no penalty!). Although the brake points (yellow-red sections) aren't 100% efficient (you can often brake less or later), at least you'll have a good race line to follow in general.

    Assists overview:
    Because many of the cars in Time Trials are fast, powerful, and unfamiliar, it takes a lot more concentration and skill to beat the listed time without assists. TCS (traction control) cuts power to the engine when your tires lose traction (usually during acceleration), preventing you from going nowhere or skidding into a wall. ESC (stability control) applies the brakes to individual wheels during a skid, helping you to keep going in the right direction. ABS (antilock brakes) maximize braking effectiveness by automatically hitting the brakes in rapid succession to prevent a long lockup. Not only does this increase the effectiveness of braking, but it also prevents an out of control skid that may result from locking the brakes. The racing line provides an "optimal" line that would give you the fastest time possible. As I said above, it isn't perfect, but since there is no penalty for using it (or any other assist), you might as well use it!

    Essentially, the Time Trials are a set of hot laps that push you to become proficient at driving many different cars on many different tracks. While following ZeroDesolation's solution and by using all the help you can get, these time trials become much easier. Keep your foot on the gas (or finger on the trigger?), hit the corners hard, stay on the track, and drive your way to victory!
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    AirNathAnd again no help here,Three solutions and they are all useless to help get the achievement!
    Posted by AirNath on 19 Apr 14 at 22:00
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