All Gold All Race Types achievement in Forza Motorsport 2

All Gold All Race Types

Achieve a gold medal in every Career Race Type.

All Gold All Race Types0
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How to unlock the All Gold All Race Types achievement

  • DeathDriver86DeathDriver86326,763
    01 May 2009 13 Jun 2009
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    This is unlocked upon earning the final Gold Trophy in the last available race completed in Career Mode.

    For quicker results, have a fast tuned car and hire a driver to complete the race. If the Performance Index is higher then the rest of the opponents, then hire the LEAST skilled driver. Despite his unimpressive report card, he will win the race. This way you can still gain about half of the winnings and in less time.

    Rinse and repeat if necessary, but this is mostly effective for the Endurance races.

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    JakeythedudeCan you idle all the gold medals in this game? Do I actually have to put in any time actually driving?
    Posted by Jakeythedude on 08 Mar 13 at 17:41
    DeathDriver86You need a Gold in all races in the given event. If the race is giving you issues, try lowering the difficulty and turning on an assist or two. If all else fails use the Hire a Driver tactic explained in the solution.

    Yes, you can Hire a Driver for all events. Keep in mind that you will not get all the winnings, as the driver hired will take most of them as a fee, but it will save you time. As I mentioned, the Endurance events are perfect to hire a driver as the races a quite long; and even with the driver fee, the winnings are still fairly decent.
    Posted by DeathDriver86 on 09 Mar 13 at 15:49

    A friend *just* got this achievement and was met with a message saying something along the lines of 'You have run out of garage space. You will receive credits, instead of the final car.'

    This is a missable bonus, if you want to bring your cars across to Forza 3.
    Posted by pawncrackers on 04 Aug 17 at 17:44
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  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,564,031
    12 Feb 2010 12 Feb 2010
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    Since the other solutions were unclear or incorrect on this point, I did want to note that the achievement is for winning gold in all events, not all races. I simply could not do anything on the Professional series, Legends event, Nurburgring race -- I finished 6th, but had enough points to win the event (golded the other 5 races) and both this achievement and the All Gold (Professional) achievements popped.

    In terms of simply winning races, some obvious tips, and then some less obvious ones:

    First, the game is much easier with all assists on and with the difficulty set to Easy. I did alright on default settings, winning a few races, but once I went to easy, almost all races were a breeze.

    Winning or buying a few specific cars as soon as possible will help you on a large number of races. Some cars that were used to death:

    * Lotus Exige Cup - all of the Lotus cars are solid performers at low HP, making them ideal for the Semi-Pro events
    * Dodge Viper - many versions of this car, they are surprising solid at handling and braking, and can be used in a lot of races
    * McLaren F1 - the production and race models are outstanding
    * Lamborghini Murcielago - fast, and can be made a lot faster
    * Porche R3 cars - obtainable fairly early and will do some damage on R3-caliber races
    * Ferrari F333 - the best R1 car
    * Konigsegg - a beast when upgraded

    Generally, if you have the highest PI in the field, and you've gotten used to the game, you'll win most races without upgrades. If you need to upgrade, I suggest a few key improvements:

    * Brakes. The key to keeping your speed up is to be able to handle turns, and crisp braking is key.
    * Weight reduction. This improves most of your car's categories significantly, and is usually fairly modestly priced.
    * Support Bars. Helps to keep the car from flying all over the place when turning at high speeds.

    Other solid upgrades to improve handling include wider tires, better tire compounds, bumpers/wings, and shocks/struts. I didn't find that I needed to upgrade my speed/acceleration too much, but when I did, it was pretty straightforward (cost/HP analysis). Generally, intake/exhaust/fuel system are easy improvements.

    As others have noted, you can hire drivers for this, but you win less money (making your car collecting take a lot longer) and it's just not any fun, either. smile
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