All Gold (Endurance) achievement in Forza Motorsport 2

All Gold (Endurance)

Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Endurance Race Type.

All Gold (Endurance)0
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How to unlock the All Gold (Endurance) achievement

  • Sir VegemiteSir Vegemite726,069
    02 Sep 2008 02 Sep 2008
    37 2 10
    This may seem difficult but it really isn't.Make sure the difficulty is set to easy, Pick the best possible car you have and hire a driver 60% or above and they should always win, if you want to win quick hire the 100% driver he will never lose but he will take all the winnings but it is worth it saving you over 5+ hours of driving.(you may leave to do something else but you must leave your controller on and you may need to check to see if it has turned itself off after a while if it is wireless)

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    NicolaM1985it is not cheating and the people who claim it is are the 1's who use that tactic themselves!! also this is an achievement site so why are these idiots using website with guides/soloutions on getting achievements then claim it cheatin!!!
    Posted by NicolaM1985 on 20 May 11 at 12:09
    Becker SWEHiring a driver aint cheating. Each player plays their game the way they want.

    I'm good at driving and like endurance races while my FPS knowledge is...let's just say that I can snipe but nothing else; FPS play after objective? No.
    Assault or engineer in for example BF? No.
    Making a 1km shot? Yes.
    Compete and finish a 2h race? Yes.

    And some of the explanations on how/what to do to get some achievements are a bit confusing so using some of these guides are helping out how/what to do. Specially for the Secret ones.
    Posted by Becker SWE on 17 Jun 12 at 10:06
    Will The 22Hiring a driver is NOT cheating! I really like to play driving games but on some of them like this one are too long. There's so many races (and not enough tracks) that's a good idea to hire a driver for some races, specially when you're an achievements hunter just like us because we've got no time to waste with stupid races like endurance!!!
    Posted by Will The 22 on 30 Jan 18 at 17:40
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  • Dark ConfusedDark Confused339,644
    01 Oct 2010 19 Feb 2013
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    For the endurance races, all I did was put it on easy with a driver at 55% pay. A race will take you about an hour so this a perfect time to have a shower, do chores, get dinner etc. As previously stated don't forget to plug in the charge cable into your controller otherwise your game will pause and no progress will be gained.
  • Galarzaa90Galarzaa90102,218
    01 Apr 2013 01 Mar 2013 21 Apr 2013
    6 1 0
    For this achievement, you have to win on 10 really long races, taking about an hour each.

    There are two ways to do this: Driving yourself, hiring a driver

    Driving yourself
    I actually suggest you drive these races by yourself, they are not that bad, and the feeling you get after completing one of these races is priceless.
    If you play on easy, you will usually complete these races 3 or 4 laps ahead of your oponents, giving you more than enough spare time to use boxes when needed.
    Make sure you keep an eye on your gas tank (bottom right corner of the screen), and your tire wear (press LB), specially if your car has racing tires, as they wear faster.
    Winning these races will give you a big load of credits, enough to max a car's level.

    Extra tips:
    -Make sure you have time to do the race, you don't want to quit the race in the middle of it because you have to do something else.
    -Listen to your favorite music, believe me, this helps a lot.
    -Try not looking at the lap counter, if you're constantly checking your laps, the race will feel endless. If you need to, cover that part of the screen.
    -If you want to do more than just steering and braking, select manual transmission, this will help you practice, plus you will get extra credits.
    -Don't use the boxes unless you know your tires or tank won't make it for another lap, but becareful, you don't want to get an empty tank on your last lap.
    -If you have a wireless controller, make sure it has enough charge, or plug your charger to play.
    -You might want to use a level 0 car, the discounts obtained from leveling it might be useful.

    Hiring a driver
    This is the easiest way, but you won't get as much credits. All you have to do is select a driver. I personally suggest at least a 65% driver, but if you feel insecure about it, choose a better driver, but keep in mind that your earnings will be lower. Once you selected the driver, just start the race. Now watch a movie, do excersice, take out the trash, play with your pets.

    Start the race, and then do whatever you want while you wait. If you have a wireless controller with charge-n-play cable, I would suggest taking out the batteries and using the cable, so the controller won't turn off due to inactivity.
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