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Cloud Cover

Finish Cloud City still wearing a Helmet.

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How to unlock the Cloud Cover achievement

  • Vermin360Vermin360606,055
    11 Nov 2008 11 Nov 2008 21 Jun 2018
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    This Achievement can be easier than it sounds to unlock. If you were unable to complete the level (Cloud City Trap - Episode 5, Chapter 5) and keep your helmet the first time you played it, re-enter it in Free Play mode. Play up to the first Stormtrooper helmet dispenser that you find. Once you put on the helmet, press START and exit the level by first selecting Mos Eisley Cantina, and then choosing to Save and Exit. The Achievement will unlock since you are wearing the helmet.

    NOTE: You must be in Free Play to have the option to Save and Exit. You must also complete the level once in Story Mode in order to unlock Free Play.

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    Christopher2123Idk how people do this legit, it's like so hard
    Posted by Christopher2123 on 26 Jan 20 at 01:13
    UdvarihuyeIt's easy actually.
    Buy every character. Now you can play as ghost kenobi or anakin. I think yoda is to small for a helmet. Noone will attack the ghosts. At one part you will need two players, or controllers.
    With a second controller you can navigate with an astromech, when you need to close the hatches of the troopers. With one player the computer will swap ti an astromech to follow you, and thus youll lose the helmet. At any other parts you can switch between the two characters, the computer will remain in ghost form. The second character is usually an astromech, so it wont get attacked either.
    Your biggest enemy will be falling down, and loosing the helmet.
    Note that you cannot go back to the helmet machine after some progress into the level. I think. But anyways, you should be able to do it this way, without going back ;)
    Posted by Udvarihuye on 28 Apr 20 at 11:49
    skittlebizMajor problem here is it you don't select someone in free play that can wear a helmet. My first try at this I selected Boba Fett, who for some reason (because he's a Mandolorean?) won't wear a helmet. Instead, the machine pops off his head and puts it back on with no stormtrooper helmet. I also had many dark side characters with me, who will not wear a helmet, I guess because they are already dark side. Of course, the robots will not work either. And General Grievous didn't work either as he just refuses to help with anything. anakin (boy) refuses to wear one as well. Jar Jar won't even pull the lever. I just popped it with Ham Solo (Hoth), so give him a shot. Popped as soon as I selected Save & Exit.
    Posted by skittlebiz on 23 Dec 20 at 19:58
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  • XystraXystra167,784
    11 Jan 2010 21 Jan 2010 20 Jul 2010
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    To get this achievement you need to finish level 5 (Cloud City Trap) of Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back, still wearing a Stormtrooper helmet from the helmet dispenser. This can be hard, because after a point you can no longer go back to get a new helmet, and you'll lose it any time you get hit.

    In addition to the methods above, another easy way to get it is to free-play as the Ghost of Obi-Wan (you could choose another ghost if you want). Bad guys won't attack you then, and you can keep the helmet on for the whole level, provided you don't fall. You just need a second controller to make the other character float across to the platform where Vader and the two stormtroopers are when he's Force throwing things at you. Without the second controller, when you switch and float over, the character with the helmet will try to follow you, and in so doing will change characters and lose the helmet.

    I believe the *intention* of the achievement was to fight your way through the whole level without losing it, or at least from the furthest point from which you can't go back to get a replacement. Avoiding all combat by quitting immediately after getting the helmet, or playing as a stormtrooper to begin with, seems kind of like a shortcut to me. But they work, and if that's okay with you, that's okay.

    That said, I must admit I feel like I cheated myself this way too... though I did finish the level. I knew how I wanted to win it, but without a second player I wasn't able to, so I was curious if this way would work too, and it did.
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    Octobot Super(We need a solution that names the correct level!)
    Posted by Octobot Super on 06 Jul 10 at 19:34
    XystraEpisode V, The Empire Strikes Back, level 5: Cloud City Trap.
    Posted by Xystra on 20 Jul 10 at 03:35
  • Anum HunrramaAnum Hunrrama552,396
    17 Mar 2020 20 Mar 2020 20 Mar 2020
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    I leave you a video of the guide already added, just for more help.

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