Secret Master achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Secret Master

Collect all available red bricks.

Secret Master0
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How to unlock the Secret Master achievement

  • SpilnerSpilner957,017
    08 Nov 2008 11 Sep 2011 12 Sep 2011
    158 4 24
    There are codes available for all 36 Red Bricks, they can be inputted from the Mos Eisley Cantina hub, you will not need to purchase the extra after inputting the code and to get the achievement to unlock load up a level in freeplay, collect a few studs until you can save and exit.

    The codes are:
    Super Gonk SPRGNK
    Poo Money PMN904
    Walkie Talkie Disable JKJ589
    Power Brick Detector FBM834
    Super Slap 294NMB
    Force Grapple Leap CLZ738
    Stud Magnet VXZ193
    Disarm Troopers HJU848
    Character Studs DHY782
    Perfect Deflect PER894
    Exploding Blaster Bolts EXP912
    Force Pull PUL966
    Vehicle Smart Bomb SMA293
    Super Astromech R2D222
    Super Jedi Slam SLM768
    Super Thermal Detonator THE931
    Deflect Bolts BNL435
    Dark Side DRK328
    Super Blasters HHD647
    Fast Force BYY492
    Super Lightsabers GHL978
    Tractor Beam 53NKH3
    Invincibility HS9K44
    Score x2 HBF899
    Self Destruct DRX444
    Fast Build KJU233
    Score x4 DQY857
    Regenerate Hearts 528HBB
    Minikit Detector FBM152
    Score x6 NMP499
    Super Zapper DFY111
    Bounty Hunter Rockets BKJ462
    Score x8 XXY99G
    Super Ewok Catapult ERF893
    Infinite Torpedoes NUJ866
    Score x10 VXZ123

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    Divinefury21790Thanks for the list
    Posted by Divinefury21790 on 17 Jan 18 at 15:22
    PCHASKEYIn Episode I Chapter IV, the power brick gives the ability to see other power bricks, and when i was obtaining them, this made it easier
    Posted by PCHASKEY on 27 Feb 20 at 20:18
    Rooner 1codes still work, super easy!
    Posted by Rooner 1 on 15 Feb 21 at 22:56
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  • HoffmanHoffman156,869
    01 Mar 2009 01 Mar 2009 23 Mar 2009
    29 5 3
    There are two ways to do this achievement. 1 - You can go through the levels until you find them all. Here is a guide from cheatcc that tells you where to find all of them.

    OR 2 - Once you have found all 160 GOLD bricks, go to the junkyard outside the bar and build the giant gold fountain. As soon as it is built you will unlock all 36 red bricks, and get the achievement. If you stand under the fountain long enough, you will also unlock the gopher achievement which is gotten at 4 billion studs.
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    xxx iFIGHT xxxI have gotten all 36 red bricks and still no cheevo!! Any advice??
    Posted by xxx iFIGHT xxx on 12 Jan 10 at 20:00
    HoffmanWhen I completed the 100% achievement it didn't unlock for me either. I had to complete a free play mission for it to unlock.
    Posted by Hoffman on 13 Jan 10 at 00:27
    SashamorningI'll confirm this... if you don't get the achievement after getting the last red brick, try doing one more Free Play. Battle Over Coruscant is a pretty short one.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 19 Oct 10 at 09:38
  • CinnyisCinnyis58,657
    28 Sep 2008 06 Jan 2009
    20 5 2
    There are 36 of these to find, one in each chapter.

    One way of doing this is by first finding the "power brick detector" red power brick in the Ep1 Chapter: "Mos Espa Pod Race" then buying it at the Cantina for 125k studs and switching it on in the extras menu.

    An easier way is to use this guide:
    It is written for the Wii version, but I used it to help me get my missing power bricks and minikits.
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    TheCleanHippieHow is it easier to use a guide off the internet? You have to refer back every few minutes. It's better to use a combination, use the detector and refer to that guide only when you are at the end of your rope.
    Posted by TheCleanHippie on 17 May 09 at 23:28
    CinnyisI've listed two options so it's up to the reader which way they want to go about it. I personally found the guide easier. And you really don't need to refer back to the guide every few mins... the levels in this game really aren't that complicated, just read the guide and it's pretty easy to work out where the brick is.
    But really.. who cares if I preferred the guide and you preferred the detector? I mentioned both so the reader could choose what they prefer. That's no reason to trash my solution because you prefer the detector.
    Posted by Cinnyis on 18 May 09 at 01:46
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