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Unlock all characters.

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How to unlock the Collector achievement

  • MahegusMahegus59,176
    25 Apr 2009
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    one thing that he forgot is that to unlock the final character 'indiana jones' u have to watch the movie clip for the game, its in the ? room from the cantena then the first room on the right

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    If you are looking at the player select screen then it is Naboo Starfighter.
    This is unlocked by going into the Bonus room marked with the ? and then playing and completing 'Anakin's Flight'
    Posted by geordiedeviant on 04 Jul 17 at 12:29
    skittlebizIf you're just looking at the characters purchase list, the second ship is Zam's Air speeder, right after Sebula's Pod. Dunno where to unlock it but just figured I'd help with the list.
    Posted by skittlebiz on 25 Dec 20 at 05:56
    skittlebizTurP Tacticz, if you're looking for the final ship in the empty space in the bottom right when you play a ship level Free Play, it's called "Slave 1." I just scored it by collecting all minikits in "Into the Death Star" (Episode VI, level 6). This was also my final minikit to complete, so this was me collecting ALL minikits, so maybe that's why I scored Slave 1? Not sure, you might need to get all minikits collect this guy. Good luck!
    Posted by skittlebiz on 02 Jan 21 at 22:15
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  • KingEwanoKingEwano463,361
    23 Sep 2015 05 Sep 2015 03 Mar 2018
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    Okay so the guides I've read so far aren't the most useful, here's the best way to get this achievement I've found.

    - Step 1: Play through all 6 Episodes as normal, unlocking the campaign characters and achievements along the way.
    - Step 2: Buy a Bounty Hunter Character, Droid Character, Empire Character and Ewok Character.
    - Step 3: Hunt up the red bricks that provide the stud multipliers (x2, x4, x6, x8 and x10 all stack to make a x3850 multiplier)
    - Step 4: Go to Episode 1 Chapter 4: "Mos Espa Pod Race"
    - Step 5: Play through that mission multiple times, it's a 3 lap race and each time you play it you'll get 50,000 studs minimum without multipliers, with all multipliers you're looking at somewhere in the range of 192000000 - 192500000 each time you play it.
    - Step 6: Buy all the characters
    - Step 6.5: Don't forget to go to the Extras room and watch the Indiana Jones LEGO trailer so you can purchase him also. I believe he's 50,000 studs.
    - Step 7: Enjoy you're 60G


    You can also use Step 3 - 5 for the "Gopher" achievement.
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    TruthTwoYou also need to watch the movie clip of Lego Indiana Jones from the Cantina "?" room to make Indiana Jones available for unlock. Your solution as it stands now is incomplete. Thanks.
    Posted by TruthTwo on 05 Jul 17 at 10:55
    KingEwanoVery true! I'll add that to my solution, thank you.
    Posted by KingEwano on 06 Jul 17 at 20:40
    k3lt0nWhat is the total cost of all the characters?
    Posted by k3lt0n on 15 Jan 19 at 04:07
    23 Apr 2011 12 Apr 2011 27 May 2012
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    Here are some codes for uunlockable charactors. Just in put the codes in the coder over at the cantina bar its the symbol with the question mark
    Admiral Ackbar ACK646
    Battle Droid Commander KPF958
    Boba Fett (Boy) GGF539
    Boss Nass HHY697
    Captain Tarpals QRN714
    Count Dooku DDD748
    Darth Maul EUK421
    Disguise BRJ437
    Droid Tri-Fighter AAB123
    Ewok EWK785
    General Grievous PMN576
    Greedo ZZR636
    Imperial Guard GUA850
    Imperial Shuttle HUT845
    Jedi grapple move CLZ738
    Ki Adi Mundi MUN486
    Luminara LUM521
    Padme VBJ322
    Recolored r2d2 EVILR2
    Taun We PRX482
    Tie Interceptor INT729
    TieFighter DBH897
    Unlock Stormtrooper NBN431
    Unlock the emporer EMP666
    Unlocks IG88 GIJ989
    Unlocks Jango Fett KLJ897
    Unlocks the Vulture Droid BDC866
    Watto PLL967
    Zam Wesell 584HJF
    Zam's Speeder UUU875
    found on
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    KennyannydennyI've entered all codes perfectly fine and got the messages from the certain characters. But none of them unlocked cry
    Posted by Kennyannydenny on 09 Dec 16 at 16:11
    CrippleThreat8You have to still actually go buy the characters, everyone. These codes unlock the ability to purchase them.
    Posted by CrippleThreat8 on 12 Dec 17 at 18:57
    ZoZombifyDidn't work. Everyone is still locked.
    Posted by ZoZombify on 16 Apr 19 at 12:24
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