Lightsaber defender achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Lightsaber defender

Perform 200 perfect lightsaber deflections.

Lightsaber defender0
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How to unlock the Lightsaber defender achievement

  • Ashen SeraphAshen Seraph983,611
    02 Dec 2007 28 Oct 2008
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    To do a perfect lightsaber deflection, first, you must obviously be using a character that uses lightsabers, and second, need to tap X as a blaster bolt is traveling towards your character. If done right, the blaster bolt should be deflected straight back at the person who fired it. The timing on the press of X is very generous. Usually after any point that the bolt was fired you can press it and it will deflect. The only exception is when the bolt was fired at extreme ranges.
    Rinse and repeat 199 more times and the achievement is yours.

    Unlike what some others have suggested, this is ability does not require the use of the left stick at all.

    Holding X does not produce a perfect deflection, and therefore doesn't count to the achievement, though it does at least deflect the bolt to the side.

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    I don’t get it, I did it 200-400 times but it will not unlock.
    Posted on 07 Feb 20 at 12:45
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  • Basser182Basser18266,299
    19 May 2011 19 May 2011
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    The achievment is easiest done in Episode II, when you fight Jango Fett with the Slave 1 in the background. After you hit Jango a few times, he will start to fly around with his Jetpack, and the Slave 1 will start shooting at you. Just stand still and hold X, the ship will continue to shoot at you at an extremely fast pace, so you'll get the achievment in no time. Also, if you've played up to that point, you should already have a good amount of deflected shots already, so it's perfect for just getting the last of them in a few seconds.
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    Multip1eSarcasmMake sure if you use the Red Bricks for this, that Deflect Bolts is OFF, and Perfect Deflects is ON. Deflect bolts brick does it for you, and these don't count towards the achievement
    Posted by Multip1eSarcasm on 13 Jun 14 at 12:42
    MassinityIdk why your guide is far down. This works perfectly! The fight is at the end of Episode II Chapter 2 (Discovery on Kamino). And like the other commenter said, you can totally have the Perfect Deflect ON and it will work. Thank you two!
    Posted by Massinity on 03 Dec 20 at 14:12
  • gazhibsgazhibs435,931
    26 Sep 2010 09 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010
    28 1 4
    One of the red bricks is perfect deflection all the time so you just have hold X and it will do perfectly every time. Then all you have to do is a find a point in one of the levels where there is an infinite supply of enemies, for example any that require you to kill droid commanders (the ones with walkie talkies), one of the death star missions and the beach of kashyyyk, then just stand there holding X till it pops.
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    I don’t get it, I did it I swear over 200-300 times, haven’t got it
    Posted on 07 Feb 20 at 12:03
    I don’t get it, I did it I swear over 200-300 times, haven’t got it
    Posted on 07 Feb 20 at 12:11
    gazhibsHave you got the red brick on? Not sure if that would help or block.

    And it's the tapping X and it travelling back to the droid that shot and hitting them, not ricocheting off randomly
    Posted by gazhibs on 07 Feb 20 at 19:06
  • Templar PunkTemplar Punk133,919
    21 Jun 2011 12 Jul 2011 13 Jul 2011
    16 0 0
    For those of you playing a 2 gamertag local co-op and need to do a single playthrough to get this cheev. I would go with Basser182's solution (positive vote) on this one but I suggest to do this cheev while you get
    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete SagaStormtrooper SlayerThe Stormtrooper Slayer achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga worth 27 pointsDestroy 300 stormtroopers.

    at Episode IV, Chapter 5 towards the end of the level with the two endless stormtrooper doors first. You kill two cheev's with one stone! (Credits to Nighthawk205's Stormtrooper Slayer solution.)
  • FA Aras CadeFA Aras Cade94,987
    03 Jan 2012 03 Jan 2012 17 Jan 2012
    15 0 0
    This is easiest done by far in Episode II level 2 (aka Discovery on Kamino), where you fight Jango Fett. In one of the rooms, you are accosted by an infinite stream of 4 robots bent on killing you. Normally you would have your R4 unit seal up the hatches to stop them from spawning, but this is a great place to rack up deflections quickly. Got it within 7-10 min, might have been less. Also got the Dodger achievement here within 5 min using Jango Fett and the invincibility red brick extra.
  • MeticulousMightMeticulousMight776,405
    24 Apr 2014 24 Apr 2014 06 Nov 2014
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    Another good location to go along with the other solutions is episode 1 level 6 The Phantom Menance - Darth Maul when you face Darth Maul (level 6 in order). At one point there a spot where two yellow droids send in reinforcements after maul lowers a bridge. If you stand in the middle of the ring, with both droids on your sides, the generals will call in 6 reinforcements at a time for a total of 12 from both sides together. They will keep spawning until the generals are taken care of. Time your deflections (holding x but not continuously since it won't perfectly deflect back after the first initial few) and you'll have the achievement in no time.
  • mgs3snakebeatermgs3snakebeater380,272
    19 May 2017 19 May 2017
    9 0 1
    The easiest way to get this is have the always perfect deflect extra on but make sure to have the DEFLECT DOLTS extra OFF as this effects the achievement. I found out the hard way. Go to episode 2 chapter 2 at the end where you first encounter Jango Fett. Bubba Fett will shoot you from his ship. Just stand still and hold X and you should get it in about 15 seconds.

    Good luck
  • PREGNANT bananaPREGNANT banana139,660
    05 May 2016 05 May 2016
    4 1 2
    The darth maul level when your chasing him youl get to a part with lifts and droids who endlessly spawn, simply hold x or time your x to use while a shot is about to hit you, goodluck
  • LlightyyyLlightyyy155,074
    18 Sep 2020 16 Sep 2021 16 Sep 2021
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    Achievement Name - Lightsaber defender

    Firstly, you should get the perfect deflect red brick. Now go in to Episode II, Chapter II (Discovery on Kamino). In the last part where you fight the Slave ship you should be able to use your Perfect deflect on the bullets that are shot out of the ship.
    Sit and deflect 200 times and your achievement should unlock.

    A 100% video guide can be found here:
    (Credit to HappyThumbsGaming)
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