The Phantom Menace achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

The Phantom Menace

Finish Episode I in story mode.

The Phantom Menace0
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How to unlock the The Phantom Menace achievement

  • Vermin360Vermin360603,518
    25 Oct 2008 27 Oct 2008
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    This is an inevitable Achievement that you will obtain by playing through Story Mode. Simply complete all six levels in Episode I: The Phantom Menace that are listed below to earn the Achievement.

    Chapter 1 - Negotiation
    Chapter 2 - Invasion
    Chapter 3 - Escape from Naboo
    Chapter 4 - Mos Espa Pod Race
    Chapter 5 - Retake Theed Palace
    Chapter 6 - Darth Maul

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    skittlebizThis would NOT unlock for me (no matter how many times I played it and/or turned off and on my Xbox.) (Might be a problem because this is a 360 game technically, and I'm playing on Xbox One.) So I figured ok maybe it's just not realizing Xbox One for achievements, so let's pick an easy one to get and see if it pops. So I tried getting Crowd Pleaser first (Break Jar Jar 20 times). If you're having this same unlock problem, try what I did. I went into The Phantom Menace level 1 (Negotiations). Pick Jar Jar as your main player in Free Play. Then once in, switch to the other player and swap to Padmé (Battle) or someone who mainly punches and/or shoots, so you can basically and easily beat up Jar Jar. Start to beat him up and count as you're going, until you get to 20 breaks. Hopefully the achievement pops. Mine popped old school 360 style. I then went into Official Club and ensured it actually popped for my Xbox One account. It did! I then quit the level to Mos Eisley Cantina and proceeded to level 6 (Darth Maul). Go in here and select Story Mode. Play mainly as usual, until you get to the part where you have to chase Darth Maul up and around all the platforms. I switched to Qui-Gon here. I proceeded until the part where the droids appear on both sides. Towards the end of finishing off the second set of droids I popped Droid Slayer (Destroy 300 droids). This was a good sign as it meant achievements were still popping. So you might want to drag out this scene until you pop this one to be safe. I then proceeded to kill the guard twosome in the middle and move on to Darth Maul. I didn't waste any time here - on the final path to beat him, don't force power anything but the buttons necessary to unlock the forcefields in front of Darth. Then proceed to the final stage. Again, don't waste most of your time force powering the lifts on the wall - just kind of beat up Darth as much as you can, and force power the lifts while he's leaving you alone. Finally I popped "Who needs Obi-Wan" for defeating Darth with Qui-Gon. I immediately set down the controller and just before the ceremony with Jar Jar's family this achievement popped! Yay, now I can continue playing with less fear. Good luck!
    Posted by skittlebiz on 08 Dec 20 at 23:10
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  • ValarrianValarrian37,814
    10 Jul 2010 09 Jul 2010
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    this is more of a tip

    I am unsure if this happens every time, but my brother and I were playing he was first player(of course) and we spent atleast an hour or 2 beating episode 1 and 2 and only he was getting the achievements for beating it, but i was still unlocking achievements like slam dunk and fire in the hole.
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    Sindarin EagleThis is true of all of the story progress achievements in this game. As near as I've been able to tell, what happens is that the game does track story progress for the second player, but it doesn't remember it across sessions. Therefore, if you play through every part of an Episode in one session as the second player, the achievement will pop, but if you ever exit out of the game, do something else, turn off the Xbox for the night and come back in, etc., your participation in the level will be lost. So if you'd partly done a level and pick up where you left off, you won't, as the second player, get the achievement.

    This only affects player two; player one gets the achievement as normal.

    I suspect this is because of how the game save system works. As player two, you don't get your own save; you're effectively a guest on player one's save, which doesn't store your progress or participation.
    Posted by Sindarin Eagle on 14 Jan 13 at 05:26
    Onza^^^ Good info! Thanks
    Posted by Onza on 07 Jun 17 at 18:43
    MrSerrano1105That explains why I never unlocked story achievements when I would play with my sister. Thanks for explaining.
    Posted by MrSerrano1105 on 19 Jun 17 at 23:02
  • Coolclam98Coolclam9855,701
    06 Feb 2020 26 Jun 2020 26 Jun 2020
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    This achievement will pop when all the levels in The Phantom Menace have been completed in Story Mode.
    The levels are:
    Chapter 1: Negotiations
    Chapter 2: Invasion of Naboo
    Chapter 3: Escape from Naboo
    Chapter 4: Mos Espa Pod Race
    Chapter 5: Retake Theed Palace
    Chapter 6: Darth Maul
    The Achievement should unlock at the end of Darth Maul.
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