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Slam Dunk

Destroy 5 people with one attack (Jedi super slam).

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Achievement Guide for Slam Dunk

  • Vermin360Vermin360495,553
    25 Oct 2008 27 Oct 2008
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    A Jedi Super Slam is performed by tapping A twice to double-jump, followed by the X button to attack while in the air. Any character with a lightsaber can perform this move, driving it straight down and damaging any enemies in the immediate vicinity below you.

    In Episode I, Chapter 6 "Darth Maul", there is a phase in which two battle droid commanders, located on platforms on either side of the arena, summon in about ten droids each. Allow them to gather in a pack and double-jump over them so that you can Jedi Super Slam into the pack. You should easily be able to destroy five of them in one attack.
  • xXxBENxFTWxXxxXxBENxFTWxXx82,688
    27 Jul 2009 10 Aug 2009
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    same description as above but u can make it a lot easier with the super jedi slam extra its the power brick on episode 3 chapter 3 general grievous
  • Greggie SmallzzGreggie Smallzz115,108
    28 Jan 2010 28 Jan 2010
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    I was able to get this on my first try in Episode III Chapter 2 (the level when you are on the cruiser above coruscant, where the emperor is being held captive). Theres a section of the level right before you get R2-D2 where you're in a narrow hallway. There will be two droidkas (the battle droids with the spherical shields) at the end of the hallway. Destroy the two droidkas and a wave of regular battle droids will come around the corner from the right. Jedi Slam them (double jump and press X) right in the middle of the pack, and it should unlock rather easily.
  • NickTheNutNickTheNut46,644
    27 Jul 2010 27 Jul 2010
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    You can also get this achievement in Episode I Chapter I.

    At the very end of the level there is the final confrontation with the two droidikas. There are at least two groups of droids that march out to attack. Just stand on the higher portion of the level and wait for them to march towards you.
  • Templar PunkTemplar Punk126,203
    30 May 2011 15 Jul 2011
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    Positive votes for the other solutions! But I found this method the easiest so far!

    -Play Episode III, Chapter 4 - Defense of Kashyyyk in Free Play (also possible in Story).
    -Pass the beach area when you lower the tall wooden door. Enter the area with the downed ARC fighter in the mud.
    -DO NOT KILL THE TWO BATTLE DROID COMMANDERS ON THE LEDGES. They will keep calling in for and endless supply of Battle Droid Reinforcements. I'm pretty sure there's is around 10 or more Battle Droids that try to surround you.
    -Do your Jedi slam. Cheevo unlocked! If you mess up, you can just wait for the commanders to call in for reinforcements again and again.
    -*Bonus Tip* I would suggest to use a ghost character or use invincibility so that your character won't take damage while your trying to get the cheev. If you don't have those just switch to a droid (the Battle Droids won't attack you and will surround you), then quickly change to a lightsaber character. Slam and EZ Cheevy!

    (Credits to risseless' Fire in the hole! solution! Positive votes!) clap
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