Orb Hunter achievement in Crackdown

Orb Hunter

Collect 300 Hidden Orbs

Orb Hunter0
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How to unlock the Orb Hunter achievement

  • Ginn0rzGinn0rz261,121
    05 Feb 2013 05 Feb 2013 28 Dec 2019
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    EDIT 27/12/19: ilMaTic BUTCH3R has managed to locate the Hidden Orb map and screenshots! Huzzah! Please refer to his solution for the weblink.

    The rest of my solution is here for posterity in case any of the other points or comments help you.

    [Edited on 13/12/14: The hidden orb map is no longer available so I have deleted the link. However another map is included in the screenshots. As I said before, download the images!]

    If like me you started collecting the Hidden Orbs a long time ago using the Candied Skull source, but never finished this tedious job, you'll be worried to find that the website no longer exists. I was going through each of the orbs in the numbered order, which the YouTube solution cannot help you with unfortunately.

    Thankfully someone else is now hosting the original map and Hidden Orb screenshots.

    Hidden Orb map & screenshots (Google+ user 'Frode Knutsen'):

    Frode is very kindly public sharing the screenshots, however I would suggest that you download the album on to your own computer because it takes at least six hours to get all the Orbs and this album may not be available indefinitely.

    This might seem obvious, however I strongly suggest you attempt this achievement, the Agility Orbs and the Stunt Markers when all gangs have been eliminated. Do not resurrect the gangs, it will make your life hell.

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    OptionalOwlStruggled finding the last few .....
    So turn on Small Speaker Mode under audio settings!!
    Also, with the last few I went around the edge of every island and found a few there and check under and above all bridges.
    Posted by OptionalOwl on 04 Jul 19 at 12:57
    ConcreteShark92Hey, does anyone have a complete map of the Hidden Orbs? I'm on 297/300 and every map I can find is either too difficult to read or only lists around 250 orbs
    Posted by ConcreteShark92 on 14 Mar at 04:48
    Pirate Llama224Does anyone know where Orb 16 is? I see it on the map but cannot get to it at all
    Posted by Pirate Llama224 on 29 Apr at 05:55
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  • Elliot PiersonElliot Pierson336,571
    02 Jan 2020 02 Jan 2020 19 Apr 2020
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    Here is the original Hidden Orb map in HIGH RESOLUTION!

    External image

    And here is the site that hosts the low res map, BUT, it has usable reference pictures for each Orb.

    BE AWARE, at least 2 of the Hidden Orbs in the Crackdown Walkthrough here on TA are WRONG. This map has everyone correctly laid out.

    If this link goes down, tell me, I have the image saved
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    UrchyBoldTime saver, thank you!
    Posted by UrchyBold on 19 Apr at 02:41
    pezza888Thanks for the map, but did you forget to include the links to the reference pictures?
    Posted by pezza888 on 21 Apr at 13:58
    Incredible MattThank God🥵 i completed this today i went one by one exactly by this map and the photos of the locations (guide below) i finished the whole map and had 299/300 i was so pissed, i turned it off and i thought that the map isnt correct. After 2 hours i went back on and i randomly traveled to number 54 because i knew i wasnt sure if i got them all in this location cause the orbs are underground (entrance to the underground at 53) and the number 54 was the last one i needed!!!! So everyone please be aware and make sure that you search through every hole in the underground section, its pretty chaotic in there! Thank you all for the guides once again!
    Posted by Incredible Matt on 03 May at 18:49
  • ilMaTic BUTCH3RilMaTic BUTCH3R406,157
    16 Jul 2019 14 Jul 2019 14 Jul 2019
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    As Ginn0rz mentioned the Candied Skull source containing the numbered map of hidden orbs is no longer available; however, it can still be accessed using a web archive site such as waybackmachine.com. These websites take a snapshot of a webpage at a certain point in time so that it can be accessed in that state at a later time. I have included two waybackmachine.com links, one for the Candied Skull numbered hidden orb map and one for a Picasa web album containing individual pictures of each orbs location in-game. I did not create these maps or guides, I am simply providing a means to access webpages that have since been taken down. Please let me know how I can improve or clarify this solution.

    Hidden Orb Numbered Map:

    Hidden Orb Photo Gallery:
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    MAJIN BOOSHThanks dude. I didn’t think I was gonna be able to get this achievement anymore.
    Posted by MAJIN BOOSH on 28 Sep 19 at 04:39
    ilMaTic BUTCH3RHappy to help!
    Posted by ilMaTic BUTCH3R on 28 Sep 19 at 13:22
    Ginn0rzGreat work Butcher.
    Posted by Ginn0rz on 06 Dec 19 at 09:54
  • Pirate Llama224Pirate Llama224202,622 202,622 GamerScore
    03 May 2020 03 May 2020
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    Very rarely do I post a guide when I don't have the achievement, but I figured I would add my input.

    Here is a video of the hidden orbs in Los Muertos. In addition to this I was using the hidden orbs location map.

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