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How to unlock the Rank 1 achievement

  • Uncle ManwichUncle Manwich222,578
    02 Mar 2010 02 Mar 2010
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    You climb the ranks by earning Kudos which will earn you the Rank 10,5 and Rank 1 achievement.

    Rank 10 - 1,000 Kudos
    Rank 5 - 160,000 Kudos
    Rank 1 - 475,000 Kudos
    (from xbox360achievements.org)

    There are multiple ways of getting this.

    -Complete offline events (Gotham Career). The harder the difficulty, the more Kudos you earn after each race. Try linking drifts together, avoiding collisions and remember to draft your opponents, you get Kudos for winning in style. Remember that you MUST finish the races for your Kudos to be counted.

    -Complete online events (Online Career). This method is harder than offline races since it is easier to lose and you get roughly the same amount of Kudos.

    -If you are used to playing racing games, try the cone challenge events on the Hardcore (Platinum) difficulty. Avoid collisions, keep your combo and string the cone gates with drifts! Using the Ultima GTR, it possible to make 10,000 to 50,000 Kudos per event.

    Just keep improving your skills and keep playing!
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    09 Jan 2010 05 Jan 2010 01 Sep 2012
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    Well if you want to just reach rank 1 then you have to gain kudos. The easiest way is to start races at easy difficulty when the requirements are very doable and starting drift and string combos all the time. I prefer the cone challenge events as they give kudos for every cone you pass succesfully. Also i recommend easy difficulty because the game credits you the kudos only if you have passed the challenge. So if you choose hard (for example) and lose the challenge there are no kudos for your rank.
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    KOSTAS A M GRok thanks
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  • ajgoesUNLUCKYajgoesUNLUCKY553,524
    07 Jul 2018 05 Jul 2018
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    Disclosure: I beat the game on medium, a couple “Hard & Hardcore” wins sprinkled throughout
    I used the RUF RGT car my entire time.
    When I beat the game I had about 200,000ish kudos so spent a lot of time bouncing around races trying to figure out the best way

    Go to World Tyreburn Tournament
    Event #7 Cone Challenge on Park Row

    The key to this is to go in between EVER cone in one combo
    The lowest i ever got was 11,000 playing on Hard when I completed the race in one long combo
    Play through on medium (or easy) to get feel for where all the cones are
    Once you have the speeds figured out (in the starting area where you go under the bridge I was going 80ish, that was the hardest part for me. It will depend on the car you use though)
    **Up the difficulty to earn more KUDOS**
    again- the key is to go in between all the cones in one long combo
    A CLEAN RACE is key, you get a big bonus for that, so no needing new paint jobs.
    Also, I wouldn’t worry about drifting until the very last right corner
    It’s wide & gvies you plenty of room for error
    The other corners aren’t forgiving at all.

    Throw on some good music & have fun out there racers
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